Itinerary advice

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Itinerary advice

We are planning a trip September 17 - October 31st using trains for transportation. As this is our first trip to Europe we are not sure if the order is the most suitable. I would appreciate advice on the itinerary I have tentatively planned.

3 nights Vienna
3 nights Salzberg
3 nights Innsbruck
1 night Oberammergau (to see Neuschwanstein Castle)
3 nights Lucerne
4 nights Lake Como
3 nights Venice
4 nights Amalfi Coast (maybe Sorrento)
3 nights Rome
2 nights Florence
4 nights Cinque Terre (SML)

2 nights Villefranc
2 nights Avignon
1 night Lyon
3 nights Paris

We have left 7 nights free in the event we get a great vacation deal during our time in Europe or in case we love some place so much we want to stay longer.

We always have everything booked ahead but want to be more flexible on this trip so we can stay longer or cut our visit short depending on our impressions. We have been told there will be no problem booking hotels as we go, maybe a day or two in advance.
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Hi Senga,
Just an initial thought... I'd suggest rather than 1 night in Oberammergau to visit Neuschwanstein, stay 2 nights in Fuessen to see Neuschwanstein and if needed take a night off of Innsbruck to do this. Not only is Fuessen a very nice old town (especially off season w/o so many tourists) it's just 10 minutes away from Neuschwanstein/Hohenschwangau castles.

We stayed in Fuessen Oct. '01 and Oct. '03 at the Hotel zum Hechten and can highly recommend a stay there.

Hope this helps.

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I wouldn't count on being to book hotels in all those places just a day or two in advance unless you are VERY flexible - in terms of




It's unlikely you will be completely shut out anywhere - assuming you are a couple looking for a double room, more people is another story. But you may end up in a place you don;t like - or spending more than you planned - since that's all that's left. (September and even early October are still high season for tourism - although not as mobbed as Aug.)

If you want to get a feeling for availability (and I assume you would go with comprehensive contact lists for places you would like to stay in your price range) check availability now for a couple of the first cities. If some places are already showing full you will know waiting may not be a good choice.
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Sorry - as far as our itinerary I think you have 2 few days almost everywhere - since 3 nights is actually only 2 days. But that's your choice as to style of travel - way too much sitting on trains for me. (For Rome or Paris I would never do less than 5 days each with 3 for Vienna and Florence.) And to me i night is just too much trouble finding a place unpacking, repacking, checking out etc.
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Sounds like a "whale" of a trip to me.....and you will see and experience a LOT.
SIX weeks is a big trip but if you have the stamina then go for it.
Sept. and Oct are beautiful months to travel in Europe, but any more it seems many people are choosing that time...and it has almost become "high season".
If you have ideas on what hotels you want to stay in the various places, you could perhaps call ahead a couple of days and see what they have. I would ,however, have SOME of the hotels arranged before you leave home. It often eats up a lot of time arriving in a town/city and trying to find a place,,,even with the help of the tourism office.

We always have a car so I'm way far from being an expert on train travel (have done a little occasionally..Austria, Germany , Hungary area). When you arrive at a train station what is the proceedure. does one WALK to their hotel with their bags, or take a taxi? and then while there use public transportation or WALK. We are not as good walkers as we use to be....but I guess(?) there are certain advantages to the train.

Your trip sounds wonderful (though I still think 6 weeks is a little long , and stopping in so many places)
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I would definitely factor in some time to spend in the lakes area around Salzburg -- the Salzkammergut. Towns such as Hallstatt or St. Gilgen on Wolfgangsee are absolutely gorgeous. You could probably do daytrips from Salzburg if you didn't want to change hotels again. If so, I'd add another day at least to your time in Salzburg.

I also agree that you should stay in Fuessen for a couple of days.

You definitely are packing in a lot in 6 weeks, especially when you consider the time to travel from place to place.
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Sorry - but me personally - I'd HATE that itinerary. Not that you won't see a lot of great places -- but after about city #4 or #5 it will start to be one big blur.

Granted, it isn't one and two day stops - but it is awfully awfully hectic. Every single time you move you lose between 1/2 and 1 full day.

Instead of dashing around like that - stay 5 days or a week in fewer places so you actually can stop and smell the roses.

You have the luxury of time - take advantage of it.
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Agree with other posters, I also would give at least 4/5 days to Rome and 4/5 to Paris and at least 3/4 to Florence and Tuscany area. You could then do some day trips from all three places. Unless you really want some hiking, I would cut the CT down to 2 days or skip it altogether since you are also going to the AC, where there is so much do and you could even add a day there. Consider an extra day in Venice to visit the islands. Cut Insbruck to 2 nights and use that time somewhere else.
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Personally, I'd rather stay home and armchair travel than follow your itinerary, but it's your trip. Enjoy.
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Also not my kind of trip. Just a couple of comments:

I don't see the free 7 nights you mention. I count only 3 free nights.

By a quick estimate, your itinerary involves more than 50 hours on trains plus about 28 hours of checking in/out of hotels and making your way to/from train stations. That's an average of 13 hours every week for 6 weeks just spent moving around.

In a trip of 6 weeks, I figure you're going to have to do laundry almost once a week. Unless you pay to have laundry done by your hotel, you're going to need to find time in your itinerary for this. If you choose to do simple in-sink washing, make sure you do it on your first night in a hotel in case it takes extra time to dry.
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Slow down! We don't know how fit you are and what kind of a life-style you follow at home. I think a week at each of six sites might be really enjoyable. Use a map and spread sheet to plot your trip. Add up the time for transfers, check-ins and check-outs...With so many items you ought plan for missed connections.
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Exhausted just reading it! Anyway, it's your trip.
I'd also cut CT down to max. 2 nights and add an extra night or two in Venice.
Buon viaggio!
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I agree with other posters who say you are trying to fit in too many destinations.

I am especially struck by the fact that you are only allocating 3 nights to Rome, 2 to Florence, 3 to Paris but are giving much smaller cities like Innsbruck 3 nights. I would definitely give Rome, Florence and Paris more time--5 nights/4 days in Paris and Rome would make your stays in these amazing cities much more enjoyable. Another night in Vienna would also be good--you could easily subtract from Innsbruck

In contrast to those advocating 2 nights in Füssen, I would skip the Neuschwanstein stop completely. You will be spending time in the Alps (Salzburg and Innsbruck) and I just don't think N. is worth the detour.
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