Italy July 2013 HELP!


Oct 15th, 2012, 08:18 AM
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Italy July 2013 HELP!

Dear Fodorites:
Hoping for some suggestions, am open to all!
First trip to Italy for me and my girls (10-12), dad has been before as a teen!

At first he was planning multiple stops (Rome, Naples, Venice, Florence) which sounded a bit too much in one trip. Now he has invited some friends from Brazil who have small kids I am thinking a more focused trip will be a better solution.

So given the following what would you recommend, please?

We arrive from DFW in FCO late pm July 4, 2013 for approx 12 days (some flex)

I assume we see
-ROME (which sites to prioritize? Hotel or apartment (need 5 bedrooms))
-MUST SEE? POMPEII (my 12 year is fascinated and has done much research on this!)
-I wondered about dividing time (about 12 days) in 2 with second half perhaps on Almafi coast in rental home with pool just to soak in the culture food etc

What are your thoughts, please? - The other 2 families have 2 * 2 year olds and a 6 year old, so obviously we will not try to do sightseeing together all the time but want to enjoy the conviviality of time in Italy together hence thoughts of renting homes in 2 locations. (they may bring a nanny in which case this would be less of an issue)

Of course I would love to see Venice & Florence and this may be possible from one of our set locations for a day or overnight, but with several different restrictions I realize this may not be possible.
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Oct 15th, 2012, 08:49 AM
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I think your idea of splitting your time in two between Rome and Amalfi Coast is a good one. With so many people traveling together I wouldn't want to move around too much. I would definitely look into getting an apartment in Rome, though not sure how easy it would be to get one that would have 5 bedrooms. I think you might have to try having more people sleep in the same room and shoot for 4 bedrooms.

Our first trip to Rome our kids were 9 and 12 and we had a ball. That was a great age, they were excited about everything. And although they did often get a little bored, nothing a little gelato didn't help perk up!

With the two 2 year olds. I would definitely recommend trying to have them bring a nanny. I am a HUGE advocate for traveling with kids, but Rome with two 2 year olds, might be a bit much with naps, strollers, etc. A nanny would provide an opportunity for the little ones to nap and have some free time in the park, while the older kids and adults saw some sites.

Also, at this time of year air conditioning is going to be really important. I wouldn't consider staying anywhere that didn't have it.

Here is a link to my trip report of our first trip to Rome.
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Oct 15th, 2012, 09:15 AM
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Yes to a pool as you describe or up in Umbria/Tuscany. July 4 will be hot. If you stay here then Florence becomes a day trip, while a day trip from Rome hits Pompeii (though I'd do Herculaneum myself, same volcano, better buildings)

In Rome I'd get an appartment rather than a hotel. The city has a finne tram system and a poorer underground but both are pleasant and reasonably clean, while car traffic is a nightmare. We stayed in the Vatican quarter (which is more little local shops rather than tourist focused) but others may advise dif..

It is worth surfing this site on Rome and Tuscany to see what others have written to get a good overview of what to do.
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Oct 15th, 2012, 09:16 AM
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Three families, 11-12 people.

The first thing to determine is exactly how much time you have. If you want to see Rome, Amalfi Coast, Florence and Venice in summer, you'll want more than 12 days.

Then, find out how much time you will all be together. I don't mean on individual days but of the entire itinerary. Doing things as a large group requires more time, more research, more planning and different advice than we'd give a single family.

Are the other families providing input as to their interests and wants for this trip, or are you the planner for the entire group?

I wouldn't contemplate day trips or even single overnight trips to Venice and Florence from Rome, especially if the entire group would be going.

It sounds like your arriving flight is booked. If your return flight could be out of Venice or Florence (or Pisa), your family (without the others) could spend a couple of days seeing Venice or Florence before heading home.

But until you know how much time you have both with and without the other families, you can't figure out the rest.
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Oct 15th, 2012, 09:21 AM
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OMG I think you need at least 2 apartments in Rome. Please be aware that an apartment that is promoted as sleeping 6 may be pretty tight - try to look at the square footage.

I do like your idea of splitting the time between Rome and the Amalfi coast - hopefully you can find a good sized house in that area where you can all be together.
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Oct 15th, 2012, 09:41 AM
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For the Amalfi Coast we used and they were fantastic and very quick to respond. You can just email them your requirements and they should be able to give you some ideas.

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Oct 15th, 2012, 10:02 AM
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I have a memory that there are several companies in rome renting adjacent apartments - which might work better than trying to get one large apartment there.

then whether you go to the Amalfi or Tuscany/Umbria, I'd look for a large property with a pool, and possibly a cook, [depending on your budget] so that no-one gets lumbered with doing all the catering.

whatever you choose, this is one time when I'd be starting to look now as your requirements are quite specific.
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Oct 15th, 2012, 06:33 PM
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I think your family would be better off getting their own apartment. Three families in one apartment is just too crowded. Dont expect to find very large apartments with multiple bathrooms. While your family will sleep through the night, a couple of jet lagged two year olds may be up during the night or very early in the morning, and may also need nap time, or early bed times.

have all 3 families discussed their travel budgets? will you be pooling some funds for meals or other expenses?

You are most unlikely to find a rental vehicle that will accommodate all of you and your luggage. The two year olds and the 6 year old will need baby or booster seats in a car. which will take up more room.

a week in two different places sounds great .. air conditioning is a necessity at that time of year and place with a pool would be great for your family... the younger children will need a lot of supervision though... another consideration is the Tuscan coast.. Viareggio has beaches and resorts and lots of Italian families summer there.
you could also do a day trip to Lucca or Pisa from Viareggio.
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