Ignorant airplane question!

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Ignorant airplane question!

I have flown to Europe numerous times but always non-stop. I will be flying to Italy in the Spring and it is my first international connection. I will be connecting through Munich. My question is this: How does it work?? Will I get my boarding passes for both flights when I check in for my tansatlantic flight? (I booked them both through United, but it's United to Munich and Lufthansa to Italy) or will I have to check-in again and get my Italy boarding passes in Munich. Also, will I have to go through security again? I can't envision how an international connection works! Thanks to all who answer!!
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Hi Ivy,

Your sign on name looks familar. If you are on the same airline everything is done for you. If you are changing airlines than I think it is a good idea to confirm with both before you depart. Main issue is allowing enough time in between connections to get from one end of the airport to the other.

I am doing a similar run in one week. I have Jfk to Paris then Paris to Florence.
Both you and I have one thing going for our tickets. THEY ARE NOT BOOKED ON ALITALIA!!!! They were bumping a lot youths when I took them in 2000. Lufthansa has a great rep, I am sure you will be fine. I will be on Airfrance (BETTER DUTY FREE SHOPPING, I HOPE). Always fun to pick up goodies at those unexpected airports.

No Sweat Ivy you get boarding passes for all flights. It is similar to a domestic run. I will tell you how it goes next week.
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Thanks Sarah! I look forward to hearing your report! Have a GREAT time!! Anyone changed in Munich lately who can describe the process first-hand?
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You are in luck. You happen to be landing at one of europes newest terminals! It just opened this year and this is how it is described:

"Terminal 2 is the first terminal building ever to be specifically and systematically conceived as a hub from the drawing board to the conclusion of the project. With a minimum connect time of 30 minutes, the new Terminal is the fastest and best transfer terminal in Europe. Clients will find all Lufthansa German Airlines and Star Alliance partners under the same roof"

I assume you are flying from Washington? I haven't been thru the new terminal yet but I have been thru Munich airport and it is very efficient and easy to navigate. Since you are connecting on a Star Alliance partner your connection should be seamless. Although it is policy to get your boarding pass for both flights at check in there have been 2 times I flew this route and had to get my boarding pass at the transfer desk in Germany. It's no big deal. Regardless your luggage will be checked thru to Italy. The few times I did not get my connecting boarding pass was because I purchased my transatlantic and inter-Europe ticket separately. If you do this they cannot give you a boarding pass at initial check in since it is a separate ticket.

You will have to pass thru European immigrations in Germany (but not in Italy) but not thru secutity again (as long as you don't leave the "secure" area).
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I was going to say that this is pretty cool terminal Ivy but I know you were looking for more posters. Check out the hotel airport on sight for an idea. Is it soifotel? Can't recall. Although I remember this airport being interesting a few years ago.
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Here is Lufthansa info about the new Terminal.

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This traveler was not so fond of Munich's airport...
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Thanks guys, this is great information! I appreciate your help and I am so psyched for this trip! Spring can't come soon enough!
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We recently flew Dallas-Chicago-Frankfurt-Madrid (it was a really cheap ticket!). We were given boarding passes for the entire trip and our luggage was sent through to Frankfurt. Coming back, following the same path, we went through passport control in Madrid, then in Chicago. We had to pick up our luggage for inspection in Chicago, then recheck and go through security again for Dallas. However, O'Hare had a facility right outside of customs for rechecking both luggage and us. Again, boarding passes were for the entire trip.
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Ivy, we just did a similar flight, Chicago-Munich-Florence. We got both boarding passes when we initially checked in and didn't have to go through security again BUT we had a very tight connection time and had to run a la OJ through Munich's airport to a hidden (in my opinion) gate to get the bus to the tarmack for the flight. That being said, all our luggage made it. Just make sure you ask where the gate is when you land in Munich.
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I flew Dulles to Munich to Florence this summer. UAL to Lufthansa

We had a long walk from one flight to the other...some of the older passengers thought that they wouldn't make the connecting flight.

It is, however, a nice new terminal
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