How can i spend 14 days in Europe?

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How can i spend 14 days in Europe?

Help me guys , i will travel to Europe at 14 june for 14 days , the frist destination Munich,
which another countries i have to visit ?
i am a solo traveller.
and how many days i have to stay in each country?
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It all depends on how you travel and what you might want to see. From Munich, you can easily explore other parts of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy, among others. Europe is relatively small and transportation (rail and air) is affordable and plentiful. Many posters here will suggest 3 or 4 days per city; some countries have many cities worth exploring. Obviously you have to factor in some travel time between locations and getting settled in a new hotel or apartment. Depending on how many places you want to go, you should google the city and one, two and three day itineraries. These are often provided by travelers who have done it, and it might give you an idea of how much you can see and do in a certain period. Three years ago, we set out to show a family member at least one city in 16 countries in a month. Our blog can be found at For us, it was successful. We travel hard, walk a lot and have only carry-on luggage. So, this type of travel is not for everyone, but it will give you an idea of one of the extreme possibilities.

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You don't have to visit any other countries, and you don't have to stay a certain number of days anywhere. It's your trip and you should do what appeals to YOU. Start poring through guidebooks, studying maps and transportation systems, and reading the websites of places that draw you. What other people have done and enjoy doing is really not relevant until you have a preliminary plan - when you do, their experience can help you refine your ideas.
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Trains are great for going anywhere you want - you could combine Munich with Austria, Prague, Switzerland, France and just about anywhere - but the list is endless - for a fix on trains and where to go with them check BETS-European Rail Experts (online European Planning & Rail Guide has lots of rail itineraries around Munich and Europe); and

Fly open jaw - into Munch and out of another city like Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, etc and plan a journey between them.
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Why out of all of Europe are you starting in Munich? There is obviously some story behind that which might make a difference (especially if it indicates where you must leave from). No one just decides to fly into Munich for no reason.

okay, I'll play the game, presuming you have to leave from Germany also, I'd do Germany, the Czech Republic, and then throw in maybe Austria or Switzerland or Netherlands, depending on interests. But if you are like most people who haven't been to Europe and you do NOT have to leave from Germany, I'd go to maybe Switzerland, then France. I'm trying to figure out what would be logical by train. Or you could go to Austria and then even end up in Italy.
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I agree with whitehall as long as you replace "and" with "or" oh and Europe is not small it just relatively northern and the maps make it look small, the trouble is there is hoggins to do in it.
Germany could consume your short (very short) trip but seeing as you are down in Munich look at northern Switerland, Austria and Czech republic as options
read up on how to use trains
dig out rome2rio to get an idea of how to get about but use something like to book an actual tickets.

If this was the only time I was coming here I'd look at Munich/Vienna and Prague with maybe a side order of Dresden
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Or you can go straight south from München through the Austrian and Italian Tyrols onto Bolzano, Venice and Trieste. Sooner or later you're going to have to check out maps and guidebooks.
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In any case with 14 days visit at most 4 places - figure a day of travel between them - 3 would be better.
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and how many days i have to stay in each country?>

none you 'have to stay' only what you want.

With 14 days - chose a direction - north into Germany and maybe Netherlands
east to Prague and down to Vienna

south Switzerland and on to Italy

west to France and Paris

maybe flip a coin?
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I’m guessing the OP’s first language is not English. Thus the phrasing. No need to call it out.

In Munich, the Hotel Uhland is a very nice boutique B&B style hotel. It has free bikes to borrow, and is in a good neighborhood for bike rides.

You have plenty of options for cities to visit from Munich. Depends on what you want. And if you need to return to Munich for your flight home.
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makok- what do you think?
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