Hotels in Rome

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Hotels in Rome

Can anyone recommend where to stay in Rome? Good location is a must, as well as atmosphere and character.I've never been there, so I don't really know how much I should expect to pay for this kind of place, but I was thinking about 180 euro/night max. for a double room. How does that sound?
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It should like you shouldn't be so azy and look for the other ten thousand threads where this has already been discussed over and over and over.
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1.Type Rome hotels in the search box.
2.Spend several hours reading.
3. Go to for even more information.
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Steps 1 and 2, by themselves, would actually make for a fairly inefficient process, since what gets posted here - - while quite valuable - - tends to be anecdotal, gives incomplete information, and intrinsically gives NO information on availability for dates that "bro" wants/needs, and rarely (current) info on rates.

I recommend 3 or 4 windows open simultaneously:

2. Fodors "rants'n'raves" (click on "hotels" above)

and last - - perhaps least important, even, when you are just getting started...

4. this forum.

By starting with Venere, you will quickly focus on hotels with availability for your dates, in a known price range, and you can start to get familiar with the leading locations. Then start making a candidate list, and use windows 2, 3 and 4 to add or subtract candidates. This forum is probably more useful for getting info on where NOT to stay (recent bad experiences, for one reason or another, despite a good reputation - - but you do have to be careful of sourpusses or a fluke occurrence).

The best comments received by hotels fall into three general categories:

a) the top 10% of hotels - - out of your price league by at least 100% or way more - - they actually don't get mentioned a lot here, but almost all have some info on this forum or on Rants'n'Raves.

b) the next 30% - - a few, but not many, will fit your budget - - and almost all the frequently mentioned (here) hotels fall into this category. In fact, the most commonly mentioned hotels make up only a small handful of this category: del Senato, Cesari, Santa Chiara, Minerva - - it will take a lucky break for you to be able to get into these for 180 euro, but it could happen. Like anything good, they have been able to raise their prices quite a bit in recent years, and there is always the risk they might start sitting on their laurels.

c) all the others - - with something like 500 hotels in Rome, the vast majority WILL be in your budget range. Picking the "best" fit for you is the challenge. It always boils down to "how much" atmosphere and character (and only you can make a guess at whether it will make you smile) - - versus - - "how good" a location do you require - - versus - - what features do you value you most or least? elevator? AC? (when are you going?) restaurant (few good values have one, but virtually all have a breakfast room).

Unless you are leaving in the next several days, this process can consume one hour or as many dozen as you let it. Make a short list... tell us why you picked them, and seek "our" feedback and "we" will give you more.

The curt and unfriendly replies you received first... are the exception, rather than the rule here.

By the way - - oddly enough, I don't find any posts here from you - - not even THIS one when I click on your name. I wonder why - - I hope you have't already gotten fed up, and asked Fodors to delete your screen name!

Hopefully some other explanation...

Welcome to the forum.

Best wishes,

Rex Bickers
Floyds Knobs, Indiana
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Fodor's is about 6 days behind on updating that's why you can't find the name! I was looking for a post from yesterday under my name and it looked like I hadn't posted since the 6th!

Too busy deleting threads to keep up with other things, I suppose!
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I've done quite a bit of research on Rome hotels and my first reaction to your question was that you are going to have to give a little on your "musts" to keep it under your price limit.

On the other hand, atmosphere & character mean different things to different people so maybe you should decide what amenities mean the most to you. By location do you mean near tourist sites, public transportation, restaurants?

By narrowing down your criteria you might have an easier time getting a recommendation.

I also second (And the advice to ignore the nasty comments. Schools are still in summer break.)
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<<I was looking for a post from yesterday under my name and it looked like I hadn't posted since the 6th!>>

This seems to be realted to something like "caching" on their servers. Use F5 ("refresh") liberally, and/or click on your name at the top of the left hand column (more than once, too) after it appears there, from click on it in the upper left hand corner.

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I agree with Rex totally on this subject and his recommendations as to how to go about it, in particular, giving this forum the last place priority...why?

Well, if you want to start World War III simply ask where is the "best" place to stay in Rome...believe me, we have ALL chosen up sides on this issue, and more importantly, all of us are correct!

Have a great trip.
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Rex is right on with describing the hotel process. I tend to look at recommended hotels on this forum then cross reference with tripadvisor. is great for Italy.

The Hotel San Carlo near the Spanish Steps is mentioned here and may be in your price range depending on what month you are traveling.
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