Hilton Cavalieri - Ironing Dilemma

Aug 25th, 2007, 08:32 PM
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Hilton Cavalieri - Ironing Dilemma

I've exchanged some odd emails about ironing with customer service at the Hilton Cavalieri in Rome prior to our upcoming trip. They do not provide ironing boards and I was told today that they have a policy prohibiting ironing in the rooms. I've also been unable to get information on what pressing service they have or what it costs. Can anyone who has stayed there shed some light on how a weary traveler can get the wrinkles out of their clothes on arrival?
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Aug 25th, 2007, 08:44 PM
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Don't worry about the wrinkles-everyone in Rome has wrinkle clothing too!
The hotel that I stay at everyweek for work near the Via Veneto does not have ironing boards or irons either-they say its a fire hazard and do not allow them.
By the time you sit on your Hilton bus to get into the city-the wrinkles will be gone. Chill out and enjoy Roma instead!
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Aug 25th, 2007, 08:53 PM
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for real?
1. I hang my stuff in the bathroom and steam up the place
2. only take travel clothes (knit)
3. Use my curling iron while dressed (requires finesse)
4.dampen the fabric and use the blow dryer
5 use my iron ( dont ask, dont tell)
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Aug 25th, 2007, 08:54 PM
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also I bought some wrinkle out spray from the travel store
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Aug 25th, 2007, 09:06 PM
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Buy a small travel steamer. It works as well as an iron on most fabrics and is not a fire hazard.
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Aug 26th, 2007, 12:34 AM
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I stayed at the Hilton Cavalieri last year and can confirm what they are saying. We normally carry a small, compact travelling iron with us, which works quite nicely. The Hilton rooms (at least the club level rooms) had the steam iron press, which is great for trousers.
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Aug 26th, 2007, 08:45 AM
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Wow - these are some quick, and helpful responses. Looks like I'm not the only one up late last night! The no ironing policy does seem to be Italian regulations. I know that you're supposed to kick back and not worry about wrinkles, even in Rome. However, every once in a while we want to present a "bella figura." We have reservations one night at La Pergoa, and would like our clothes to be wrinkle free. We've thought about a steamer, we've hung clothes in the bathroom, and we take the most wrinkle resistant clothes we own. The way we stuff suitcases there's not enough time for wrinkles to hang out of our clothes. I had not heard or read about the steam press in any of the rooms. I don't think they are listed under amenities on the web site. We're hoping to get upgraded to the executive level. Thanks again for the help!
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Aug 26th, 2007, 08:50 AM
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We'll be staying there again for our 4th time (6 nights each)this Oct.
If you can afford to eat at La Pergoa,you can splurge on valet service.
I've always been upgraded to the exec. floor. If you're a diamond you probably will also.
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Aug 26th, 2007, 08:28 PM
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Jabez - another way to look at it is, if we're eating at La Pergola, we need to economize in other areas. :-} I did receive email from a Cavalieri customer service person, with a schedule of their laundry/valet services and charges. We may just splurge on it. I must add that every one of the Cavalieri staff with whom I've spoken or communicated has been terrific - very helpful. We're really looking forward to our stay.
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Aug 27th, 2007, 10:20 AM
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I have heard that it is illegal to have an iron in the rooms due to fire hazards. As many travelers will tell you some hotels ignore this rule.
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Aug 27th, 2007, 11:15 AM
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Whenever we will not have access to an iron, I pack a dual voltage steamer, which does a wonderful job. It's small, doesn't weigh very much, heats up quickly (while you're brushing your teeth).

But, don't get the Franzus with the double handles. I sent that one back because it was too awkward to hang onto and maneuver.

I also pack a swivel hanger with skirt hooks for steaming clothes on. Often the hotel hangers are not suitable.
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