Help with Rome apartment location choice

Jul 30th, 2007, 05:45 AM
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Help with Rome apartment location choice

I'm considering three apartments in Rome in late September for my wife and I. We've never been to Rome, and I was hoping to get some advice on the three locations. The apartments are all through Roman Reference. We'll be there four nights, and hope to see the Vatican, ancient Rome, the Bhorgese museum, and whatever else we can get in.

In order of expense, highest to lowest, here are our choices:

1. Via Mariano Fortuny, near Villa Bhorgese, 5 min.walk north of Piazza del Popolo.

2. Via del Corso, about 5 min. south of Piazza del Popolo and west Piazza di Spagna.

3. Via Famagosta, north of the Vatican, about two blocks north of the Ottaviano metro station.

Since we're only going to be there four nights, we'd like it to be accessible, which they all seem to be, but I think a somewhat more quiet location would be nice, too. Expense is not a huge issue, but the difference in total cost between #1 and #3 is E400, which I'd also like to have in my pocket. # 2 is in the middle.
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Jul 30th, 2007, 06:16 AM
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I would say #3 is the most quiet location, but a bit far away from the general tourist zone, however close to the Vatican. You'll have to rely on the metro to come to the general tourist zone.
#2 is in the heart of the city, close to everything, or to a lot of things to see, but probably, I fear, the noisiest.
I can understand #1 is the most expensive; it offers probably the best of both; close to the important piazza del popolo area, but in a minor street offering a certain degree of silence.
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Jul 30th, 2007, 07:03 AM
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Hi, do you have any links to the apartments you are referring to?
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Jul 30th, 2007, 07:27 AM
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Thanks for your help. On their website, they would be listings 152, 110, and 236, in order.
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Jul 30th, 2007, 07:42 AM
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Here are the links:

Also, correction - difference is E300 from 1 to 3, I was figuring about $400.

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Jul 30th, 2007, 10:11 AM
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baldrick, the description of #2 says that it's windows are on a courtyard, evidently not on the street. Would that make a difference?
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Jul 30th, 2007, 11:20 AM
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#1 is obviously the best choice for going to the Borghese and Etruscan museums. It's about three fourths of a mile to Piazza Navona, about a mile to the Pantheon, two miles to the Vatican and to Piazza Venezia, and a little farther to the Coliseum. If you don't mind doing a lot of walking or taking taxis or taking buses, it sounds like a good bet.
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Jul 30th, 2007, 11:37 AM
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Most people (myself included) prefer to stay in the Historical Center (only Navona or Pantheon on the Roman Reference map). I would especially recommend this for a first visit even though it cost a few Euros more. All three of your apartments are outside of the Historical Center. Just curious why you chose these areas??
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Jul 30th, 2007, 11:58 AM
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bardo1 - it was mainly a combination of the quality of the apartment as it appeared in the pictures and price. It seemed, from maps, guidebooks, etc., that most of these locations are relatively convenient to the main tourist destinations. But since I've not been to Rome before, I really don't know which are the nicer locations for a short visit, or, for example, how much of a pain it is to get from the area around the Vatican to somewhere like the Pantheon. So your input is really helpful - could you tell me what it is about the Navona & Pantheon areas that you like?
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Jul 30th, 2007, 12:21 PM
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<<could you tell me what it is about the Navona & Pantheon areas that you like?>>

First, location: From this area you can easily walk to any of the tourists sights.

Second, ambience: Much of the area is pedestrian only - quiet and utterly charming. By far the most charming area.

Third, architecture: Mostly renaissance and pre-renaissance. Michalangelo and his contemporaries designed many of the buildings.

Fourth, dining: the highest concentration of restauranbts, cafes, etc.

Fifth, churches: the highest concentration of art filled churches dating from 200 AD to the 1600's.

The only downside is price: A 500 sq ft. apartment that would cost 250E in other areas would run more like 275E in the Navona/Pantheon area - worth every extra penny.
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Jul 30th, 2007, 12:32 PM
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bardo1, those are great answers. Could you tell me how the immediately surrounding areas would compare, eg Spagna, Trevi, Campo de Fiori & Collosseo? Thanks so much for your help.
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Jul 30th, 2007, 01:43 PM
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First off the real Campo dei Fiori area is similar to the Piazza Navona and Pantheon areas.

The thing is, Campo dei Fiori is actually located in the "Pantheon" zone on the Roman Refernce map and what the Roman Refernce map calls "Campo dei Fiori" is outside the area! So, if you are sticking with Roman Referece and choose "Pantheon" area, you could actually get a place close to Campo dei Fiori! Clear as mud??

Ironically, the Colloseo area is actually more modern. There is also a VERY busy major road that circles the Coloseum. The Coloseum and the Roman Forum are, of course, "must see" - I just wouldn't want to be based there.

The Trevi area is also quite central but
not as charming. There are a lot of government buildings in the area. It is also a rather commercial with a wide range of shopping. I think it has more of a "downtown" feel. It is also crowded.

The Spagna area is also very busy. There is also a lot of modern shopping, inclding all the big designer name boutiques (Gucci, Versace, etc.).

Both the Spaga and Colloseo areas have a subway nearby allowing you to subway between them or to the Vatican. The
subway was never built into the Historic Center - all the archeological ruins made that impossible.

Again, if you are near Piazza Navona/Pantheon/Campo dei Fiori, then you'll never need a subway or bus you can walk most anywhere, including old Trastevere (exceptions include the Borghese museum). If you didn't want to walk, a cab ride from the center to all the important spots is 5Euro or less.

If you are curious, here are regular folks reviews of many differnt apatments and apartment agencies. Ignore the "no" and "neutral" reviews - "yes" indicates a good review.
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Jul 30th, 2007, 03:39 PM
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I second the recommendation to stay in the historical center - Pantheon/Navona areas.

The quieter pedestrian areas let you stroll any time of day. Early in the am for coffee or just to beat the crowds, mid day for a gelato, and evenings before or after dinner.

To me Rome is a place where you do whatever you can to escape the hustle and bustle, bus traffic, etc. It's not just a place to check off 'been there / done that' in re Trevi, Navona, etc.

It's a place where you grab a seat at a cafe and observe when the mood grabs you, without needing to trek to and from your lodging.

By staying further away you will simply 'stop by' those areas once, and miss the opportunity to soak in Rome.
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Jul 30th, 2007, 03:53 PM
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Great information, thanks to everyone.
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Jul 30th, 2007, 04:08 PM
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I think the apartment on Via del Corso is in a very good location. Yes, the street is very busy, but if the apartment is facing an inner courtyard (a part of the description I didn't see), then I think you'd be happy. It is fairly equidistant from all the sights, not too far from the Spagna metro station and immediately accessible to buses on del Corso if you get tired of walking. For a first trip to Rome for 4/5 days, this would be a very convenient location.

We stay in a hotel not too far from this apartment, and we pass through Piazza di San Lorenzo in Laterna to reach Via del Corso to walk toward the Colisseum. This piazza (just a block or two from the apartment) is one of my favorites in Rome. It has a pharmacy, a newsstand, restaurants, shops, a police station and an ancient church. Gelato is nearby. Because it is traffic-free, parents (locals and visitors) let their kids run around a bit. It sometimes feels very slightly like a small town piazza plunked down in Rome. All that's missing is a fountain.
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Jul 30th, 2007, 04:09 PM
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smetz, I just finished shopping for our Rome apartment today. We stayed by the Vatican in 2005 & felt it was too far away from everything.

We stayed next to P.Navona in 2006 & thought it was a good location for old Rome flavor; really liked the neighborhood - except - since we spend all day on our feet, we thought the longer walk to the Ancient City (Colosseum, Roman Forum, etc) & the Villa Borghese/Barberini/Via Veneto area was too energy wasting for walking. Also, there is not a metro stop in the P.Navona area, although they were building one while we were there?? So, since we were there for 2 weeks, we used the bus system a lot. We did not find a direct bus from P.Navona area to the Ancient City, requiring a bus transfer at Termini (main bus station).

So, this year (Nov) we are staying near Via Veneto at 11 apartments in 1 building with a front desk staff (for questions & help) & steps from a Metro stop & bus stop. Now we can go west & east without transferring. If you are interested, I got a 20 euro per night deduction by calling with my AT&T international calling card ($10 at Walmart). When I got the quote, I acted downcast, "Oh no, I really wanted to stay there, but that is outside our budget!" It gets great reviews on (I don't book anything without checking there!)

After checking the apartment reviews on, I don't trust the agencies. Here are some owner apartments that got great reviews.

1. Dolce Roma (; owner; my 1st choice, but booked. Really like her Colosseum View 1 apt. Will get it next year.

2. Residenza Giubbonari (; owner; 4 apts. 1 building, Campo dei Fiori area but just steps from P.Navona.

3. Navona Suites Rome (; so close to P.Navona. No sec. dep; all utilities included. We stayed there last year. I think the prices are higher than others & don't get as much (no microwave for leftovers!, no phone, sitting furniture not the most comfortable). But for 4 days, you probably won't be sitting much! If you can't find anything else, or you want this area, I can assure you that this owner is trustworthy & his apartments are clean, safe, no bugs - that counts for a lot!

Watch out for those agencies - seen lots of satisfied customers, but lots of horror stories!

Did find lots great reviews & no bad reviews for this small rental agency - Domas International (

Good luck, Julie

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Jul 30th, 2007, 04:17 PM
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Julie H, I think you have a good choice there. I really liked that location when I was in Rome. My only slight concern is that while via Rasella is quite quiet (and I stayed a bit further down), you are at the corner of the intersection with a busy street.
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Jul 30th, 2007, 04:47 PM
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Hi there. My husband and I rented an apartment in Rome last February. We stayed in the Trestevere area, and walked everywhere, and I mean everywhere. It was a great location and a great apartment. Also very affordable. Here's the link:

Good luck!
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