Germany Oktoberfest


Jul 9th, 2011, 10:02 AM
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Germany Oktoberfest

Hi everyone. Im looking for a bit of help in trying to find a hotel in Munich for Sept 23-27th. I know i will be paying quite a bit for a hotel for 3 but im confused about all the different areas. Does anyone know of specific places i should try, or decent areas to be able to access the city (other than marienplatz b/c that is the most expensive)?

THank you for any help!
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Jul 9th, 2011, 10:13 AM
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We've stayed at Pension Westfalia, which is very near the Oktoberfest grounds, and also Uhland Garni. It's been a while since we were there, but we found both to be acceptable. I especially liked the Westfalia. Neither was expensive. You might check Trip Advisor to get more up-to-date reviews.

I don't know about rooms for three, but I've stayed at Westfalia alone and also with my sister.
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Jul 9th, 2011, 01:33 PM
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You'll have to take whatever you get hold of because most places have already been booked solid months ago. Triple rooms are rare anyway. Make sure you are somewhere near an S-Bahn or U-Bahn line. Another, perhaps better and definitely cheaper option is staying in a different city/town in the surroundings with good train connections into Munich.
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Jul 9th, 2011, 03:38 PM
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What is your budget?
If it's less than €200/night, don't bother about districts in Munich as you will hardly find anything within the city limits. And chance are, that most that you will find for 200 will be extremely overpriced places that usually go for €60-80.
You can check availabilities at , also by setting a defined search radius around Munich to see where the prices start to drop (appr. 40kms away from Munich city center).
As said before, triples are not the norm, so you may have to rent a double and a single.
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Jul 10th, 2011, 05:52 AM
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An alternative is to stay outside Munich and train it to the grounds. A couple of years ago, I and 3 friends stayed about an hour north in Ingolstadt. Hotel rooms were much more reasonably priced. The ride from Munich to Ingolstadt with locals was as much fun as my time at Oktoberfest.

Ingolstadt itself is a very nice city with good hotels and restaurants.
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Jul 11th, 2011, 11:39 PM
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Here's a hotel near where I live and not in town where the prices will be sky-high as others have warned. I don't work for the hotel nor have I been inside but it looks decent enough from the website. You can walk to the U-Bahn and take it to the Oktoberfest (U3 to Poccistrasse). It does say however that prices could differ from those quoted on the website during the Oktoberfest period.
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Jul 12th, 2011, 09:40 AM
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There are not many cheap hotels in munich during the octoberfest. And it is not important where you stay in the city, because the public transportation system is very good. Many privat people rent a bed to tourist during the octoberfest. Is that an option for you?
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Jul 18th, 2011, 05:14 AM
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Have a look at the map for the u-bahn (subway) and s-bahn (commuter trains) and find something within that is not to far away from a station. But most is booked by now.

I you have a direct connection to the fest it is the easiest. Stations close to the Theresienwiese where the fest is held are:

- Theresienwiese
- Hackerbrücke
- Goetheplatz
- Poccistrasse

Here you can find advertisements from people offering private accomodation
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