Easter Sunday in Dublin?


Nov 3rd, 2015, 09:38 PM
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Easter Sunday in Dublin?

Our group of 4 adventurous seniors arrives in Ireland on Good Friday staying at a hotel 30 minutes south of Dublin for a week before starting a road trip. Wondering if you all think it is a good idea to come back into the city to attend services at one of the big cathedrals on Easter Sunday? We would prefer to go by train or bus to get into town but that could be tricky as I get from reading forums that transit is slim on Sundays. So what do you think--worth the hassle of getting into town for services? We are seniors who travel to Europe a lot but this is our first time to Ireland. All suggestions greatly appreciated!
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Nov 3rd, 2015, 10:57 PM
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Why do you want to go into town?

Dublin's got, in effect, three cathedrals. The two Church of Ireland ones (Christ Church and St Patrick's) play slightly different roles from each other. But both are typical medieval English cathedrals, with typical English cathedral choirs performing (generally outstandingly) the traditional Anglican liturgy, slightly Hibernianised.

The de-facto Catholic one (St Mary's: technically a pro-Cathedral as a result of the Irish Catholic hierarchy's absurd posturing) is a 19th century building, with a decent choir which (as is the norm in the British Isles' major Catholic cathedrals, but sadly rare elsewhere in Europe) sings the Latin liturgy at the main Sunday 11 am Mass.

If you want to go to Mass and want to hear it properly sung much as it's been sung in major churches for the past thousand years, St Mary's is the easiest place in the Dublin area to find it. If you'd like to hear the unsurpassable music of the Anglican liturgy, Dublin's two Church or Ireland cathedrals do it better than anywhere outside the main English ecclesiastical centres.

But Easter's not a particularly huge festival in these islands: if you simply want to go to church, Ireland's got thousands and there's little point trekking into town. All three cathedrals offer outstanding music, though, and if that's what you want the Dublin area's public transport system works fine on Sundays: it just runs at a slightly reduced frequency (every 12-15 mins on the main trams offpeak, for example, compared to every 6-15 mins on weekdays).

If you want to take part in Ireland's major Easteride liturgy, it's the (sung) Easter Vigil at the Catholic cathedral, which usually starts at 9 pm on the Saturday night and can attract significant crowds. Not all trains and trams run after Saturday midnight (some do), so - depending on where you're staying - you do need to check the practicalities if this.

You may be unfamiliar with how public transport works. From hotels in suburbs, it often takes much longer to get to the local train, tube or tram stop from a hotel than into town once you're on. You might find - "a hotel 30 minutes south of Dublin" gives us no useful information in helping you - getting to a central Dublin church for an 11 am service and back to the suburbs writes off an unacceptable part of the day.

As a matter of interest, why do you think your age is relevant in this question? If, sadly, you're unable to walk, or are mentally impaired, you should say so. But how can being (say) 75 affect your ability to plan something as simple as a train journey into town?
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Nov 4th, 2015, 01:41 AM
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This is next year? 2016?

If so Dublin will be busy. Not only is it Easter but it's the Centenary of the Easter Rising which will have a significant impact.

Where are you staying? 30 minutes south of Dublin extends a long way so that knowledge might help the relevancy of my advice.

Good Friday is "Dry Friday" there will be no bars open and many restaurants will be closed, no alcohol is allowed to be served unless you are the resident of a hotel with a bar or for some quirk on a train with a bar.

Be careful which forums you read or how much notice you take of them.

One week in Dublin and then a Road trip?
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Nov 4th, 2015, 04:30 AM
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I would find a local church and go there on Easter Sunday. Where are you staying? Google the area and churches.
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Nov 4th, 2015, 07:49 AM
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Posts: 986 is a good resource for finding information on local Catholic churches. If you don't want Catholic, I can't help!
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Nov 4th, 2015, 08:11 AM
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As a matter of interest, why do you think your age is relevant in this question?>>

As a matter of interest, why do you care? I see this repeatedly on this forum, chastising people just for mentioning facts that they thought might be of use in the question. Obviously, the OP doesn't feel any shame in this. What is ironic is that the responders chastising them for mentioning it or using the term "senior" (heavens) are obviously the ones with an age bias or they wouldn't view this so negatively or think it is horrible to mention it. To many on Fodors, you are middle aged until 100, I guess , and are supposed to be ashamed of your age and never mention it. I've seen people chastise people for using the term senior which is just a neutral term. Everyone if they are lucky grows older and older, an saying you are a senior is nothing more to be ashamed of than saying you are a college student, etc.
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Nov 4th, 2015, 08:43 AM
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". . . saying you are a senior is nothing more to be ashamed of than saying you are a college student, etc."


Where did anyone say they should be ashamed? As I see it their situation/questions are not age dependent in any way.

But to grankath's main question -- w/o knowing where you are staying it is hard to give any sort of useful advice.
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Nov 8th, 2015, 10:07 PM
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Thank you all for your replies. The couple we travel with thought it would be a unique experience. I did not want to get into Dublin and find thousands of people in the streets and not be able to get near the churches. That's all I wanted to know and couldn't find the answer.
However, I did not appreciate so being chastised for saying we are seniors. Most do give some indication of their age to get relevant responses. That was my intention. This is the first time I ever got an unfriendly almost rude response and haven't seen it before in others. Luck of the Irish I guess.
FYI: we have no problem with simple or even complicated train trips. Enough said.
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Nov 9th, 2015, 04:50 AM
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grankath, I would want to be in Dublin for that day if you don't mind the crowds. I think being there on this anniversary would be a great experience. I would go to St. Mary's Pro-Cathedral. Michael Collin's funeral mass was held there.

I am almost a senior but a crowd does not put me off. We stayed across the street from Dublin Castle last visit during the yes vote and it was party for two days but loved that history was being made. Our landlord checked on us since we were in the thick of it but we had never seen a happier crowd and it was amazing. I would feel the same way about the Easter rising anniversary. BTW, we are approaching senior status and your damned if you give little or to little advice on here with certain posters so take it with a grain of salt. You did say where you were staying, 30 miles south of the city so a dart train will be easy for you to get in and out of the city.
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Nov 10th, 2015, 10:31 AM
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You have me checking airfare now. Parade starts at Dublin castle on Easter Sunday.
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