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Cyprus, Crete, Canary Is, Malta, or Madeira

Cyprus, Crete, Canary Is, Malta, or Madeira

Jan 17th, 2016, 04:51 PM
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Cyprus, Crete, Canary Is, Malta, or Madeira

If you had time in the beginning of February to go to one of these places, which would you choose and why?
Looking for scenic, warm locations, that have beautiful national parks, or other natural areas.
What activities did you do, trips you took?
Any helpful suggestions?
thanks in advance
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Jan 18th, 2016, 04:10 AM
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I've only been to the last two for any length of time (Crete for just one day), but I personally would choose Malta of those two due to its incredible history and sites like the Hypogeum (book in advance.) However, it's usually only about 13-15C (55-60F) in February, so not sure if that's warm enough for what you're looking for. Another thing to remember is that Malta is more dry and arid whilst Madeira has that tropical green lushness. http://www.fodors.com/community/euro...s-100-best.cfm

Madeira has the great levada walks and would be warmer in February than Malta is.
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Jan 18th, 2016, 05:01 AM
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Cyprus is pretty good as are the canaries. I think Mrs B is taking me to Malta in a few weeks. Morocco?
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Jan 18th, 2016, 05:23 AM
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I've been to a Canary island - La Palma. Warm weather, around 20-22C at sea level, much colder up in the mountains, where it can snow btw, but frbruary is also almond blossom time, and there are lots of good walking routes. It is very green and lush.
It is also very small, but there is enough to do for a week or so. We have been several times now and just go to relax nowadays. Try to stay on the west side of the island where the weather is better, and pay attention to the altitude in February. It helps if you don't mind banana plantations though.
For a bit more to do, and a bigger island try Tenerife.
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Jan 18th, 2016, 07:19 AM
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Warm locations: only a Canary Island.
Cyprus is the warmest among the Mediterranean Islands; the ski lifts will still run there in February.
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Jan 18th, 2016, 02:02 PM
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which has the most to do- nature wise? ex hiking boating
are there any other warm places in europe at that time of year that are beautiful and that I didn't include?
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Jan 18th, 2016, 02:34 PM
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Cyprus Greece and Malta will have similar weather in Feb, similar to Canaries as well.Cyprus is a big island so plenty to see. The Akamas peninsula is the only national park and has no tarmacked roads. A boat trip around the peninsula is a good way to see it. There are animals and plants which are endemic. The Troodos mountains might still have snow, but the coast should be alot warmer. It's the time of year for wild flowers in bloom. There are banana plantations in Cyprus too, around Paphos and tropical fruit grows in the north west part of the island. Nowhere in Europe will be super warm in Feb.
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Jan 18th, 2016, 04:21 PM
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Questions about weather always trouble me. Firstly because there are tons of websites to get an idea on weather statistics and the like, second because generic terms like "warm" might mean different things to differen people and third, because no one can predict the weather and actually weather has gone more and more unpredictable during recent years.
As far as the other questions, it would be wise for people to clarify if they've actually be on any of those locations on February indeed. Although again no guarandees if their experience might be similar to a future February.

Although this post might not answer any of your questions, I write it on a positive way to clarify things.
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Jan 21st, 2016, 12:30 AM
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I have visited the first three countries mentioned and
have enjoyed all of them. In order of preference it would be
Greece, Malta, Cyprus
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Jan 21st, 2016, 07:08 AM
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Crete is probably the best destination, based on your criteria.
Firstly its warm, in fact it's the southernmost tip of Europe. And as the largest of the Greek islands, it has a great variety of cultural and natural beauty.

The nature of Crete is extremely diverse and unique. It has plains that rival those of Tuscany, and mountains bizarrely high for an island. The highest mountaintop of Crete, Mount Ida, is the birthplace of Zeus. The Cave of Zeus is a nice hike to do, and a pilgrimage for ancient Greeks.
But the crown jewel of Crete's nature, is the Samaria Gorge. This National Park is located between the White Mountains and Mount Volacias, and is considered a natural wonder. It is a World Biosphere Reserve, and on UNESCO's Tentative List. A 16km long gorge, it's a hiker's dream. You will see the famous Sideres Pyles (Iron Gates) a pass which is 4 meters width, and soars up to a height of 300 meters. And if you are lucky you will meet the Kri Kri, wild goats only to be found in Crete.
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Jan 21st, 2016, 11:07 AM
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...and most likely not possible to hike on February. Exactly what I mean.
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Jan 21st, 2016, 12:37 PM
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La Palma has lots of great hiking. You can hike into the Caldera, and all over the island. It is currently 22C in La Palma, at sea level, colder higher up obviously Ideal hiking weather. Boat trips can be done - swimming, snorkelling, whale watching if you are lucky.
Crete is currently 12C, which is what is forecast for the Netherlands this weekend. Mallta is about 14C,
Tenerife also offers good hiking and better beaches, as does Gran Canaria - La Palma only has a couple of beaches, which are black btw- and more to do generally. Similar weather too La Palma. They are easier to get to, and a bit cheaper too, accommodation wise. Or consider one of the smaller islands - La gomera or El Hierro, harder to get to but also good walking.
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Jan 22nd, 2016, 12:20 AM
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For February I'd choose Lanzarote simply because you mentioned a warm location and the canaries are the only islands on your list that would have any real heat at that time of year. Lanzarote is my favourite Canary island in terms of things to do and see. Having said that, I've never been to La Palma

My second choice from your list for this time of year would be Cyprus - I've visited in January/February and the weather can be pleasant. There's plenty to do and see around Paphos and that would be my choice of base in Cyprus. Be aware that in most apartment complexes there the pools don't open until the end of March, so if you are looking for somewhere warm enough to swim you will need the Canaries.

Crete wouldn't be warm enough for me this time of year, and although it can be a great destination I find it a bit too big - the others seem more manageable somehow. The Samaria Gorge is fantastic though, and if that is on your to-do list this might be a good time of year as it can be a real slog in the hot summer, provided it is possible to do at this time of year (I've only been there in the summer).
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Jan 22nd, 2016, 12:28 AM
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Sorry just noticed now you were looking for trips / activities we did and enjoyed.

I'll stick to Cyprus and Lanzarote as they are the two I recommended:

- Paphos: the amazing Roman mosaics in Paphos
- exploring the nearby Troodos mountains and the monasteries there
- driving along the spectacular coastline
- visiting the divided city of Nicosia and the abandoned town of Famagusta

- the national park (a live volcano, where they cook food in the ground in front of you)
- submarine ride (touristy but fun, and when will you ever get to go in a submarine again)
- visiting the volcanic tubes and interpretative centre at the Jameos del Agua - google them for an idea of what they are like (crazy)
- there is a lot of triathlon activity in Lanzarote, if you are into that, we happened to stay at a hotel geared towards triathletes with great pools and training facilities so there are tons of good cycle ways, running tracks etc
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Jan 22nd, 2016, 01:28 AM
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Samaria Gorge closes in October, and reopens each year at the beginning of May. In winter it would be very dangerous due to high water.
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Jan 24th, 2016, 06:15 AM
Original Poster
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thanks everyone for all your input!
We are leaning towards Tenerife because it seems like it's the warmest of the places. But we'll keep the other places in mind for the future.
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