Countdown to your next trip...

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Countdown to your next trip...

So we've all shared our airfares..

Where is your NEXT trip (not all of your 2006 travel, just your next one) and how many days until you leave?

Are you ready (I know we are all READY but are you prepared?)

Is this a first time, second time, and so on?

What are you most looking forward to doing or seeing?

I'll start:

Next trip is Italy, leaving May 19 which is 77 days away. (not counting or anything).

I have my tickets and the hotels so I'm pretty much ready. (I tend to be seat of the pants anyway) Just a lot of reading between now and the time I leave but I already have a good idea of what I want to see and do anyway.

It is my second time each to Venice, Florence and Rome but first time in the Tuscan countryside.

Hard to say what I am MOST looking forward to doing. Just seeing Venice again... the wines of Chianti.. ballooning will be a big highlight... seeing the beautiful Tuscan landscape (stay tuned for photos)... shopping of course... and seeing the Colosseum again. I want to explore more of the Forum and I'm bummed Nero's Palace is closed. pout.

and now your stories!
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63 days, Flygirl, but who's counting? ;-)

I'll be spending 4 days in Paris (fourth time, but first time in 5 years) and 4 days in Venice (fourth time in Italy but first to Venice).

I am reading this board religiously and have three guidebooks for each city that I am absorbing.

I'm looking forward to seeing Paris outside of the winter (I've only ever been in March) and seeing places there I haven't been to yet (Cluny, Giverny, Fontainebleu). I also want to spend a full day at the Louvre and revisit Marmottan, the Orsay and Rodin Museum.

Venice...where do I start. As many pictures I've seen I'm just unable to wrap my head around the concept. I can't visualize it or figure out how I'll manage the city. I've been to Europe nearly 20 times, and this one is really baffling my brain. Go figure. I'm just dying for nice weather (northeast of US is cruel this time of year) and lots of good food.

You have heaven in store for you in Tuscany, it is truly paradise on earth!
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Next trip across the pond is Berlin, departing May 1. I've no idea how many days that is. Not enough, as I've got loads of work to get done beforehand, including prep for the trip (which is work, but will be fun nonetheless).

As for being ready, well, I'm always ready. Passport in my purse at this very moment.
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amyb, you'll love Cluny!!

flygirl, our next trip is to my nephew's wedding in Ottawa. It's not as dull as it sounds, though, as we're going via Beijing and Hong Kong. Like so: Halifax-Beijing on April 4, Beijing-Hong Kong April 12, Hong Kong-Ottawa April 19, Ottawa-Halifax April 23. I may sleep through the wedding.

I think we're ready ... sort of.

First trip to the PRC, second to HK, zillioneth to Ottawa.

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I will be departing my tiny island airport exactly twelve days from this very moment. I'll be heading to Rome to meet my mother and sister for our mom's birthday dream trip that some very good friends of mine convinced me was possible, when I thought that it was not. It will be my mom's first time to Europe so we are all very excited about being in Rome, the city she's always dreamed of seeing, for almost a week.

I have all our airfare bought (we splurged for Mom to fly first class), apartment rental, wheelchair rental for my mom, reservations for museums, etc. all taken care of. Only a few more slight tweaks of the itinerary and we're set.

This is going to be a very special trip for all three of us since we almost lost my mom to an illness two years ago.
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17 days - Switzerland. New X mas suitcase been open since Christmas - slowly adding things. So yes I think I am ready. Was in Geneva in 1977, europe pretty often but looking forward to seeing new sights. Especially eating chocolate, hot chocolate and cheese fondue. And schnitzel.
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8 days!

I depart a week from today, flying into Venice and out of Rome. I'm excited, even though I've been to both cities a number of times before. I love a trip anywhere. We're staying in Venice 3 nights and Rome 5 nights. meeting a friend for lunch in Bologna on the way to Rome.

This trip is special because it is a spring break trip with my college-aged niece. She has never been out of the Eastern US time zone so Italy will be a thrill. It was her idea to have her experienced aunt show her around Italy instead of getting drunk on the beach--she tried that last year and once was enough. I'm flattered that she thinks she can stand me for a week. I've been counting down this week with emails to her, a different travel tip every day...

10 . . . IDs--don't need your driver's license (no car), do need your student ID.

9 . . . Pack stuff inside your shoes in your suitcase--my favorite: socks.

8 . . . Pack extra panties in your purse/carryon in case of lost luggage or unforeseen "accidents."

Any suggestions for the rest of the week?

I have another Italy trip planned in May, but no precise date yet. Still counting down, though!
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I leave Boston for Dallas this Sunday and if it were not my brother's birthday, I would definitely stay here much longer. It is always so hard to cut the strings!

Prepared? I have not purchased a single thing here, so all I have to do is transfer 2 drawers into my suitcase. Oh, well, I do have that new travel pillow. . .

Though so sad to leave Boston. . . my friends, the city, by crazy but fantastic job, etc. . . I cannot wait to see my Mom, Dad, grandmother, grandfather, and brother. My high school friends are taking Monday off and we are all going to spend the day together, which is also extremely exciting. I am dying for some good barbecue, I desperately need to host another garage sale, and I can't wait for my amazing pilates instructor to work me out. I have really missed her!

Yes, it is going home, but it is also a trip.

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I leave for my next trip May 13 - 71 days? I will be travelling to the UK where I will spend 8 days walking half of the Offa's Dyke Path (in England and Wales), and then four days in Shropshire. I am looking forward to days of walking, drinking real ale in the pub, and seeing Stokesay Castle, a 14th-century fortified manor house, Ludlow Castle, etc. I have made all arrangements, though I probably won't start packing until April (seriously!). I've been to the UK before, but never to Shropshire, and I've never done this particular walk before. And right now, this trip is the only thing that is keeping me going!
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Let's see...

5th trip;

Not yet ready. The worst of it will simply be getting 3 new pairs of black pants hemmed. You can never be too rich, to thin, or own too many paris of black pants!

Looking forward to walking in the rain, walking in the sunshine, exploring, eating, drinking, museums, parks, a Fodor's GTG, shopping, practicing my french, and everything else Paris has to offer! Thanks for asking.
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Thanks alot flygirl for making me quantify it! Cambodia in 186 days...AARGH

Somehow it seemed closer when I was saying "this summer".....

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We leave seven weeks today for ten and a half weeks in France - Paris, Dordogne, Provence and back to Paris. We have our plane tickets, rail passes, car rental and apartment & house rentals. Am I forgetting anything?

This is not the first time for us, more like 13th or 14th time to Europe since 1990.

Just working real hard between now and then to pass the time. LOL!!!
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11 days and we are off to France. A week in Provence (two nights in Roquebrune Cap Martin, 1 night in Moustier-Ste-Marie and 4 nights in St Remy) and 4 nights in Paris.
This is the third year we are doing this trip and still seeing things for the first time. On the schedule is to drive the Corniche, see the Gorge du Verdun, visit Pont du Gard, Vaison-la-Romaine, climb the Tower of Notre Dame and visit the gargolyes, visit Sacre Coeur and do the walking tour of the Marais. Have all my Paris restaurants reserved and one night in Eze. Still working on French in Action but will never be a good French speaker since I always sound like I am speaking french with an American accent-ah well. But can't wait to get there!!!
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Leave for Paris on 3/31 for 7 nights. Third time (if you count my highschool class trip 30 some years ago) in Paris, first time for over 2 days. Also first time going the apartment route.

Can't wait.

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109 days until I leave for my 4th European trip, this time to Scotland, June 20-29. Have airline tickets, car rental reservation, lodging, and Great Britain Heritage Pass in hand. Still need to reserve tickets on West Highlands Steam Train, and find out whether or not I need to buy tickets for trains between Perth and Edinburgh and Edinburgh and Glasgow in advance.
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27 days to Paris and Reykjavik. Can't wait. Sixth time in 7 years to Paris. We are addicted. We live out in the sticks here in the US, so we love getting to the city, especially one as beautiful and addicting as Paris. I can always think of something to do and there is plenty I haven't seen. Just like to hang out and soak it all in. Will probably head out to Chantilly and Senlis this trip. Doing Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik. It's only a 24 hour stopover.
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Two months from today: I will be in ROMA.
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twk, I bought tix between EDI and Glasgow about 3 minutes before the train left, in each city.

AGM - my fellow Boston area Fodorite...climbing Notre Dame is a blast.

Iregeo and baby, and anyone else off to Paris and/or Italy -- please post trip reports when you get back! I'll live vicariously thorugh you until I go!
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Ms_go, allie-go and I will be visiting southern France for two weeks in June (still too far away to actually count the days, but barely). We have all been to Paris before, and LW and I have been to the Loire Valley together, but this will be our very first time in the south.

Our first couple of nights will be in Pezenas in the Languedoc region. We are looking forward to seeing Carcassonne from there.

Next, we will spend a full week at a wonderful rental home in a small village in the Dordogne Valley, about 6 or 7 miles from Domme. Too many highlights to mention around there, but I can tell you that the prehistoric caves in the area (LascauxII, Font de Gaume, Peche Merle, Cougnac, etc.) are greatly anticipated.

The next few nights will be spent down in St. Remy, which, along with its Roman ruins at Glanum, is expected to be a highlight in and of itself. As are Avignon, Arles and countless smaller towns in the area. Ah, Provence!

Finally, we will spend a day in Nice before flying out. I'm really looking forward to exploring the old pedestrianized area there.

And you can all count on a full report and colorful photos galore when we return!
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Next trip late August starting in Provence than heading West.
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