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DH and I are leaving on March 22 for 5 days in Prague, 3 days in Vienna, and 5 days in Venice. It's our 4th time in Prague, and second in Vienna and Venice. Have tickets, apartment reservations, and tons of great ideas from you Fodorites. Can't wait to see Venice again, although DH wonders why I haven't had enough of one flooded city (post-Katrina New Orleans!)
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In 2.5 months, my BF and I head off to Germany. We will spend time in Munich, Halle and Aachen. I don't think we are ready at all because we are still waiting on his passport to come in the mail! (STRESS!!!) But, I've been going through all my travel books, and getting advice from this site, so we have a ton of ideas for what we want to do.

This will be my 4th time in Munich, and I've never been to Halle or Berlin or Aachen. My BF has never been overseas.

I am most excited about showing him my favorite city (Munich) and just being there with him. Also, hiking the trail from Tegelburg to Neuschwanstein (he's excited about that too) and seeing my friends and the towns they live in (Halle and Aachen).
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Knock on wood, it's two weeks to go before I get to return to Paris.

Happy travels to all!
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francofile, won't you join our gtg?
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3 weeks from tomorrow!
First time to Italy .... Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan. I can't wait!
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44 days until I depart for Paris! 6th visit-12 nights this time. I'm all booked at hotel, have air tickets in hand and confirmed my appointment at the spa for steam and massage for the afternoon of arrival (gets rid of the jet lag for me). I received my tickets in the mail last week for a Mozart concert at the Opera Garnier and my much too long restaurant list ready (more research my my daughter, the chef ). All I've left to do is contain my excitement and try to stay focused at work!
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I mentioned this in another thread, but my next visit to Europe begins on Sept 01, 2006. Plane tickets are already purchased (BA is one of my favs) and the hotel is booked. I'm taking my sister who, aside from being there once briefly when she was a kid and then 3 years ago on a quick daytrip from London, has wanted to visit Paris without it being a blur. Since I've been there quite a few times (just about every year since 1996), I'm playing the tour guide for my sister. This time around, I'll be there for an uninterrupted stay of 7 full days. Of course, we'll see the major sites/attractions while there. I've been doing some research on this site about restaurants in Paris. Believe it nor not, but I've never eaten in a restaurant there that specializes in traditional French dishes. So, this time around I want to rectify that! We'll be staying at a hotel in the 7ème - an area I'm quite familiar with. I'm really looking forward to going back to Paris.
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24 days

Replacement for stolen passport arrived yesterday. Pet sitters arranged. Work schedule: dealt with.

Plane tickets, hotels and trains are booked, which is more planning than we usually do, so I guess I'm ready.

It's out first time to Amsterdam (not counting a a dozen trips through Schiphol, anyway), Berlin, Prague and Munich. A lot for one trip, but we're calling this a reconnaissance mission ;-)

All is long as management and pilots play nice.
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Italy June '07, 4th trip to Europe after just visiting Germany/Austria/Prague this past fall. So now I'm once again addicted to this forum, researching Tuscany, Amalfi Coast and Venice and sipping Limoncello as I do.......who cares if it's winter!!!!! ;-)
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It's nice of you to ask me to join your GTG, iregeo. I'll definitely think about it and if our schedule fits, then we can drop by.
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Leaving for Paris on May 11. We will stay in the city for six nights and then go to Bayeux for two nights, coming back to a CDG airport hotel for a night before our early departure for home.

We are planning day trips to see Chartres Cathedral and to Giverny. It is my third and my husband's second trip to Paris, so we don't have a busy itinerary scheduled. Just hoping for good spring weather and leisurely strolling the city, eating crepes and ice cream and macarons and chocolate.
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This is what we have got booked so far:

Dubai 7 April for one week, flying British Airways, staying at Mina-A-Salam. First time to Dubai, so really excited.

Barcelona 12 May for the Formula One race, an annual event, love the atmosphere and the racing.

Anguilla 13 December for 3 1/2 weeks, for our annual Christmas holiday.

Maybe going to Israel in August, son due to play in an international cricket tournament, however this may get cancelled due to insurance issues.

In between, trips to my home country Norway.
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Flying out of San Francisco to Israel on March 8 for 2 weeks!!! Woo-hooo!!

Ready, but not packed. Last minute fine-tuning - fighting my office printer for the 2-sided card copies! It makes each copy darker, argghhh!

Will pack on Sunday after checking the

Looking forward to seeing The Land, meeting friends, and the food... ahhh, the food!

And then the jetlag, and cholesterol, and doctor's tsk-tsk, and research, research, research like crazy for a river cruise. History will repeat itself
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Off to Paris in 11 days. Am I ready? Not really. It was a last minute trip and other personal stuff has been going that I haven't had much time to research like I did when I went to Italy last year.

This is my second time to Paris and my husband's first. I'm looking forward to spending time with my husband.
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I'll be at Dulles exactly a week from right now getting ready to board a flight to Paris, then on to St-Cirq.

I think this will be my 69th trip to France - but I may have lost count...

Will report on the status of the house martens...
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I still have 112 days until this year's (3rd) trip to Ireland -- add about 365 to that for next year's trip to Italy. The 'budding' plan is for northern Italy, as it's our first time there. Venice, Milan, Florence, some small villages along the way.
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110 Days to go. That certainly seems like too long, but talking about it makes it feel closer. We have the airline tickets over and within Europe purchased, the car rentals lined up, and most of the hotels set. We even have one dinner reservation!

We're going to Mariefred on Lake Malaren in Sweden for Midsummer's Weekend, then we fly to Riga and spend a week exploring Latvia and Estonia. Next we go to Copenhagen for three days, then on to Paris for four days and four days in the Champagne district before heading back to Stockholm for a couple of days.

I'm always eager to get back to Stockholm, since the city energizes me, but I'm probably looking forward to visiting the Baltic States the most because I expect they will be quite different from other places we've seen in Europe. Also there will be two languages to sample that are quite unlike anything else (I know Estonian is similar to Finnish, which is a rather unusual language; I don't know where Latvian fits in). It might be trime to dust off some of my very limited college Russian, although some folks in those countries might not want to be speaking Russian. And on another note, the champagne houses will be nice! Good luck to all the rest of you; I envy those (many of you) with closer departure dates.
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6 weeks until second trip to Paris for 5 days...very excited...staying in Marais for first time, want to visit the Louvre again and see the Ingres exhibit, the Pompidou center, and do a walking tour of Montmarte, and an evening boat, eat, drink wine, see sites we haven't seen before, and also relax. Going with husband and teenage daughter.

This summer my husband and I will be going to Israel for three weeks without daughter (She will be going to Spain and Israel with teen group). I am excited to see everything - Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and we're going to drive and tour through the northern part of the country, experience everything, see some friends, see our daughter and her friends, and eat a lot of hoomous.

Now I am thinking about where to go next year...Sicily is high on the list, Buenos Aires is second, maybe Spain...I am always ready to go to Italy...

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73 days till we head to Europe. First a week in Provence ... (3rd time to France, first to the South), then a week in Northern Italy, mostly Piemonte ... (4th time to Italy, but first to this region). Then we finish up with 2 days in London (been there twice before)on our way home to Philly.

May 15, come on!

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Hi f,

My next trip to Europe is May, 2007.

I have the itinerary pretty well worked out.

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