CDG knowledgeable person needed

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CDG knowledgeable person needed

i will be landing at cdg terminal #2 at 11:50 at gate 2c and need to make a connecting flight at 12:30at gate 2f---how fast do i have to run? i'm concerned that this is almost not do-able. many thanks for your help
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Hmm... That sounds VERY tight. What happens if you miss the connection? Is there a later flight the same day? If so, you're not taking too much of a risk.

If you're flying Air France, their indication of which terminal at CDG2 you'll land at is useless - it's a last minute decision based on where the plane is headed next. You could land at either terminal 2A (far away) 2C (not quite as far) or 2F (obviously this would be ideal).

You can look at
to get an idea of the aiport layout.

The only silver linig is that if you're coming in on a transatlantic flight, you might arrive ahead of schedule if you have favourable tailwinds. Still, I would never book a connection with less than 90 minutes between flights.

Good luck...
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You haven't got a prayer. Even if you LAND at 11:50, you won't get off the plane before 12 - if you're in coach in the way-back, it'll be closer to 12:15. If you're coming international from outside the EU, you'll have to clear customs and immigration. Is it gate 2C or is it terminal 2 hall C? In that case, the gate could be at either end of the hall and 2F means HALL F in terminal 2 - and that's a real hike.

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i'll be arriving on air france from newark and transferring to air france to go to Malaga--will they use common sense and hold the plane for me -my luggage will have been checked thru hopefully so will i
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oh, I think I have spent way too many hours in those terminals -- they are rather far apart and you have to take the shuttle bus out to terminal F which is off by itself, you can't walk it. YOu will have to wait for the bus, most likely. I don't remember going through any kind of customs or immigration that takes any time (if I did, it is very quick and non-noticeable), passengers in transit just sort of move through in a special area, I believe, but it takes a while (it is somewhat confusing, also, I've done it several times so know the way). You have no chance whatsoever of making that flight unless your plane arrives at least 1/2 hr early or the plane to Malaga is delayed (which can happen, once I would have missed a connection to Prague at CDG except the flight to Prague was delayed 45 min).

I would not expect any airline to hold a plane for you. In fact, I am surprised they allowed you to make that connection, as there is a minimal time for them to transfer bags at CDG and I don't think your bags will probably make the flight. I've had bags miss connections at CDG twice now, and the last time we had plenty of time between flights (2 hrs, I think).
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If you do a search titled "CDG Airport Help" you will get some good information on this. We had a similar connection where we had 45 mins. Our flight arrived 15 minutes early and we made it along with our luggage. It is stressful.
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"hold the plane for me"? When pigs fly!
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