Can I get your opinion??

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Can I get your opinion??

I'm the owner of a vacation home rental and I am hoping to get some honest opinions

so...I really only have a one bedroom...but I DO have a separate sleep
loft with twin I sleep 4 in beds (not 2 and 2 on a sofa bed like many of the one bedrooms)...a certain listing site I'm on gives a "loft" option...but it doesn't show on the list page with all the properties...only in the I'm listed as a one you think I should list as a 2 bedroom??

I'm torn - my place is not really suitable for two couples as the loft is open and
there's only one bathroom...but want to include families...and I have a
child,...I wouldn't look at one bedrooms because I'd want him in a bed
and not in the living room on a sofa-bed.

So...what do you think?? Which most accuratly describes it and would get youo to click to see the details?

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your opinion!
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Thanks for asking.
Unless you list as both a 1 and 2 bedroom, you may miss some of your target audience. I assume that listing companies will allow this, but am uncertain.
Your "ad" can be the same emphasizing this as a great family suite.
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hmmm.. I can see your dilemma. And I agree with you that people who don't want just a one BR and sofabed won't look at 1 BRs. So I think it's okay to list as a 2 bedroom since they don't give you any other option on the front page (like BR plus loft).

In reality, I don't consider what you have a bedroom at all, so do think it is sort of a lie, bit is okay under the circumstances as long as the full description makes it very clear that this is not really a bedroom.
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Would list your place as a 2 bedroom and describe the loft in the "details" section.

I'm always looking for vacation rentals and I wouldn't consider your listing deceptive.
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well - it really is a "bedroom" but not a regular bedroom. So I would list is as a 2 bdrm sleeping 2 to 4 and in the details clearly indicate the extra bedroom is an open "sleeping loft suitable for a single or two children"

If it was your own website I'd describe it as a 1 bedroom plus sleeping loft -- but since it is a general booking site -- 2 bedroom is about all you can do.
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Thank you! I just changed it to "2 Bedroom"...I was concerned becasaue I do not want to be deceptive...but don't want to sell my place short either it's not my I have to make it work within the limits of the site set-up made it very clear in my description though....and there is a captioned photo of the loft so that you can see what the layout is right away...and, hopefully, no one will think I'm am being dishonest or trying to decieve! I think I'll know from the inquiries I get if it's clear...i.e. if they are from mostly families, I'll know I'm on track...if I'm getting requests from 2 couple groups (who want/need a true 2 bedroom), I'll know to switch back to "1 bedroom" in the listing!

Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate the imput.
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Is your loft OK for a single adult? Lots of folks travel around in 2's 3's and 4's that aren't families.

And some foursomes can all be same sex or just friends so if the loft works for aduts at all don't get too hung up on the "two couples" issue.
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hmmm....good point! It's fine for people of all ages

just not the same amount of privacy as having true second has just a railing (not a wall) and overlooks the living private than putting someone on a sofa bed since it's upstairs...but still open to the living area (don't know if I'm describing it well!)My husband and I have slept up there, put my son down on the sofa, and my gave my visiting in-laws the bedroom...fine since they were famaily but I would want my own space and bathroom if we were travelling with another family ;-)

Thanks again! (this forum is great!)I guess the lesson is just to be clear and send lots of photos and people will make up their own minds what will work best for their situation
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I've stayed in one just like that once.

This is how they list itbr />

I didn't feel deceived.
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