Budapest, Prague and Vienna

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Budapest, Prague and Vienna

planning a trip to Budapest, Prague and Vienna in early Oct. Would appreciate suggetions on order of cities, hotels, and any other pertinent information. Thanks SO much ......K
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It's a little colder in Prague than in Budapest, so I advise flying to Prague, taking the train to Vienna, taking the train to Budapest, and then flying home from Budapest. If your trip lasts fourteen days I suggest spending four in Prague, five in Vienna, and three in Budapest. Others in this forum like Budapest more than I do and Vienna less, and they'll probably disagree with me.
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the train to Prague from Vienna or the other way around is a good way to go - I agree wiht four in Prague and 5 in Vienna - that is what se did and it was a good amount - don't know about Budapest. We stayed in pensions that were very well priced and great so would be happy to share if you need advice on that.
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I'm not sure what the weather has to do with the direction of your trip but nonetheless, about a month ago, we flew into Budapest, trained to Vienna, trained to Prague and flew home from Prague. The train from Budapest to Vienna is about 3 hours and from Vienna to Prague is about 4 hours. I would suggest getting your train tickets for both trips when you arrive in whatever city you select as your start rather than waiting to the day of departure. Also, if you train into Prague, do not take one of the taxis that just hang out at the train station, they're bandits. They'll try to charge you 800 Czech Crowns for a 200 CC ride into town. Use only AAA or City Taxi that have a phone number on the side and a meter. Also, use ATM machines rather than money changers as you'll get better rates. There are fewer ATM's in Budapest but they are there. Budapest is Forints, Vienna is Euros and Prague is Czech Crowns.

I think the length of stay in each place depends on what you want to do. I think equal time in Vienna and Prague is fine with maybe 1 day less in Budapest.

By the way, we had one of the best meals we've ever had in Europe at a restaurant called Tom George in Budapest. IT's right behind the Four SEasons.
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Of the three cities, I would allocate least time to Prague. It has by far the greatest visual impact, but other than that, I think it has fewer places or things to engage you.

There is one thing that irritates me about Prague, and that is that I find a greater tendency there than any other place I have been to fleece the tourist. It's not just taxis. Always check your restaurant bills for padding (last time I was there, about half the bills were wrong and, of course, never in my favour).
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As Padraig says, the best thing about Prague is its architecture. During my visit there it was cold, so I advise seeing it as early in October as possible. You can check average monthly temperatures in Prague and elsewhere at
As far as tourism goes, Prague has architecture and Vienna has wonderful churches and great art. As far as I could see, all Budapest has is an exotic image, decent but not outstanding food, and an incomprehensible language. I'm willing to be corrected on this point by outraged Hungarians.
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For a great place to stay in Budapest, look at

Budapest is my favorite city.
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Do you have any extra time to spend in the smaller towns along the Daunbe bend between Budapest and Vienna?
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I loved Prague, so absolutely beautiful architecture that you must walk and walk and walk. We had a local guided walking tour one day, unecessary but interesting. Vienna is a dream, lots and lots of incredible art, history, beautiful city. We ended the trip in Budapest, and we felt let down after the other 2 places. Our most memorable thing in Budapest was to go to the old baths one day, forget the name but we laughed at our experiences the rest of the day.
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Agree that Budapest to Vienna to Prague makes the most sense. And I would go by rail (you can do a day trip or two if you want to see countrysie).

Weather between the 3 is rarely significiantly different (on average not at one moment) so I don;t see how that would affect you.

I found Prague to be by far the most interesting and would allocate it the most time. (I've been 3 times, 2 vacation and once on business) and we always find new things to see and do. Also - the music scene there is incredible - from grand opera to chruch concerts to jaz clubs - just wonderful.

Budapes second - since it's a little more exotic than Vienna. Again - lots to see and do - and some interesting restaurants. And you don;t need to know Hungarian.

Vienna is pretty - but to me sort of triste - and I've been 6 or 7 times - so less interesting to me now. Also- the most expensive of the 3.

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