Best Time To Buy Airfare

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Best Time To Buy Airfare

I am flying to London Heathrow in June 2004 & I am wondering the best time to try and buy a plane ticket. I am, of course, keeping my eyes open for a flight deal but if I can't get one then... I noticed that the flights to London have gone up since I have been looking since like October. So, should I buy now or keep waiting?

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Shop EVERY day until you find a fare that you feel is good. I would guess around $500-600 at that time of year. Shop every supplier. And even consider Priceline.
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I'm also looking for inexpensive airfare but to Ireland. The best deal out there now is $600. I called the airline (American who code share with Aer Lingus) and they told me that all the inexpensive seats were all sold out, but after the first of the year, some more cheap fares should open up for the May/June timeframe. I guess you just have to hit it at the right time.

P.S. I'm only interested in American because I have 2 $300 vouchers. Push comes to shove, I'll take the $600 deal.
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Since we don;t know where you are flying FROM any recommended "price range" you should be looking for is probably given with the best of intentions and also somewhat useless.

The fares to Londo always rise around the holidays..why? because a lot of people like to go there then and the airlines know it..the fares will drop somewhat after the first of the year. I agree with watching for sales and shopping every day. You might want to consider the fare alert system on expedia although with their continued "problems" with prices of some airlinbes' tickets and USAirways amongst others withdrawing theirs that site might not be so great.

I would also advise you to try if possible to fly from the airport that has the most number of airlines competing on the same route to London..that usually means the lowest fares.

Good luck.
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When shopping for bargain fares, keep a couple of things in mind:

1) make certain that the total includes all taxes, fees, etc. These can add another $100 or so to your basic fare. Let's say you see a great fare for $500 basic fare, you will have to add the other charges on, which will make a fare over $600 - not such a bargain.

2) From the West Coast, I've see fares as low as $300-$400 basic fare. This is round trip. So the bargains are out there.

As others have advised, keep checking. Several times a day, after the first of the year. Some bargain fares are snatched up so quickly, they last only a few hours.

3) Check several sites, Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, Sidestep.

4) When the bargain fares are out, check with the auto rental companies, like Auto Europe. I once got a great fare from them that I couldn't find anywhere else.

You should be able to find something around $450-$550, all inclusive, round trip, from anywhere in the US, if you are diligent in your hunt. Good luck!
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wait -- it's too early to panic about not getting a good fare to London next June. London seems to be the city with the best and most frequent airfare sales. I really wouldn't buy now, it's possible the fares are high because they think anyone buying now isn't looking for deals but just wants to buy something by the end of the year (not only for Xmas presents, but some businesses actually may have to spend certain things by the end of the year for tax/budget considerations).
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In my opinion there is no hard and fast rule, it's a gamble and therefore a matter of luck. Like the stock market.
If it were me, I'd start checking fares late Feb or early March. See if the trend for June fares is moving up or down in price. If down, wait a little while longer. If up, perhaps pounce at that time. If there are any bargain fares to be had for June, the number of seats at that price may be small and therefore better to grab when you can.
June is obviously high season, so prices won't be the same as the winter.
good luck
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Best fares are usually 2-4 months out from your travel date. Don't wait for the lowest possible fare--no one can tell you what that will be. Figure out what you think is truly an affordable AND reasonable price for you to pay, then buy your tickets when you see that price. Odds are that, even if tickets go lower, it won't be enough lower to make it a life altering experience.
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Hi bud,

I agree with Rufus. Buy at what seems to be a good price and don't look at fares again.

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Another way to find out about good promotion or sale fares is through a couple of travel e-mail newsletters. I like the ones from and Budget Travel magazine (go to and click on travel). They're both pretty good about announcing sales or good deals. Actually, the Budget Travel site has an article about a London airfare deal thru 1-800-fly europe (don't know if it's good for June though).
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