Bergamo to Ljubliana Itinerary Help

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Bergamo to Ljubliana Itinerary Help

Hi! We are flying into the Bergamo Airport from Ireland in early August, and doing an 8 day trip towards Ljubliana. We will fly back to the States from Ljubliana. We are an art/history/food loving family and comfortable walking for long periods of time. Any suggestions for where to stay and how long? Our flight arrives around 11am. I was thinking that Verona is not too far and we have not been there yet. Is two nights sufficient? Bus or train (we aren't interested in hiring a car since it will be awkward to fit the 5 of us in it with two teenage boys). From Verona, we were thinking Venice. Two of us have been there but the other three have not. Train or bus there? 2 nights sufficient? Since we plan to leave Venice on a Saturday, I've found there is a once a week ferry to Piran Slovenia. My husband had Trieste in mind by train, but I feel like Piran is a better idea. It's a 5pm ferry arriving at 8pm. Is two nights sufficient? And on to Ljubliana for the final two nights. I wish we had another night there as our flight leaves at 6:45am the last day. But maybe we can return Is bus the best way to Ljubliana from Piran? And how to get to the airport around 4:30am? Thank you in advance for any advice for us!
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IMO the catamaran (it's not a cruise ferry, but a catamaran where you sit inside like a sardine in it's can) ride from Venice to Piran isn't that interesting, but much too expensive.
If you want to visit the Koper - Piran area, take a bus from Trieste.
There are intercity trains running from Koper to Ljubljana.
There are direct trains from Trieste and from Gorizia to Ljubljana too.
All stop at Divaca and Postonja, from where you can visit the respective stalagmite caves (Skocian and Postonja).
The historic center of Bergamo is a gem. It can be visited in half a day. So, a afternoon and a night in the Upper (old) town of Bergamo might be a idea.
For relaxing, check Desenzano and Peschiera del Garda (railway stations) both on the shore of lake Garda (frequent boats and buses all around the Lake).
Peschiera is close to the fun park Gardaland.
The place to visit in Verona is the Roman amphtheatre. Count a few hrs for the medieval city (without museums)..
If you are interested in sandy Adriatic beaches, go to a place like Grado (railway station Cervignano).
Have a look at for hiking trails.
There are nice trails in the Northern half of lake Garda too.
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You describe your family as art/history/food loving people. To me, that translates to museums/galleries, architecture and sit-down/table service meals.

I can't tell how many days you have that are not impacted at each end by arrival/departure, but I think you're planning a string of 2-night stays plus perhaps a 1-night stay between Venice and Ljubliana. (Disclaimer: This pace wouldn't appeal to me but I know it does to others.) Although the rides by train between points are fairly short, you'll still lose more or less half a day each time you move. Your one full day in each place will likely be long, very busy, in some of the biggest crowds of the summer. And, as young as you all probably are, a group of 5 travelers does not move as quickly as 2 adults. Meals take longer, walking around is slower, esp. in big crowds or museums if you try to stay together...

As neckervd points out, there are lots of things to see along the way, but whether you have time to reach/explore any of them is debatable. Catching buses and ferries sometimes means waiting around a bit, and if you make a detour/stop while traveling between points, you'll have luggage that needs to be carried or stored.

If it was my trip, I'd... well, actually, I don't know what I'd do between the bookend flights. A week isn't much time when you have so many miles to travel and so many options. I like Bergamo, but I would probably have picked a flight to Verona or Venice and left Bergamo for another trip. I would definitely want fewer hotel changes.
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I might try to change flights and have fewer hotel changes. With your interests, I would have thought Bologna a better fit that Bergamo and Verona.

IMHO, an afternoon is enough for Verona. I stayed and would definitely not stay there again. Stash luggage at the train station. Walk to center or take taxi or shuttle bus (if there still is one), tour Roman arena, have lunch. Pick up luggage, continue on. However, if you do stay overnight (again, emphasize one night is plenty), do not stay near the train station. It is not a bad area, but much nicer to stay in the center so you can be out late, walking around until time for bed.

However, this is another suggestion.
Personally, I found Bergamo much more interesting and much more charming than Verona.
Since your flight from Ireland is not long and you arrive early with teens who probably like to be out doing things, go ahead and get some sightseeing in right away. If there is luggage storage at the train station in Bergamo, stash luggage (or find close by luggage storage) and spend a few hours in Bergamo. In the early evening, head on to Verona. Check into hotel near arena. Have dinner. There are lots of places nearby. Walk around. Next morning, visit arena and catch train on to next destination. This plan is fine for Bergamo, more than fine for Verona, and leaves the rest of the trip less rushed.

August is going to be so hot, muggy and crowded in Venice, but you need three nights anyway. Take a day to head out to Burano and other islands in the Lagoon. See museums, etc. during one day. Get up early, before crowds, to visit San Marco and plan on late walks and vaporetto ride on Grand Canal when crowds have departed.

Other ideas:
Padova is beautiful and close to Venice, nice for walking
Vicenza has the splendid Teatro Olimpico (must plan though for short visiting times). I would choose Vicenza over Verona any day! It also has a wonderful street Market day with local cheese, etc.

In Venice,
Check if there are any evening concerts in churches. Some are free.
Rather than wait in long lines for the tower in San Marco, if you do want to go up in a bell tower, go to the one in San Giorgio Maggiore. It is higher, much less crowded, cheaper, has great views and an elevator.
Always, always, make dinner reservations, especially in Venice, even for casual places and even just a hour or so ahead. You will be welcomed and treated warmly for that consideration,

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Please don't just land in Bergamo and give it a fleeting glance. It is delightful and Citta Alta is wonderful. Accommodations at Locando Mimmo are extremely nice and the breakfast is incredible.
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Originally Posted by jan47ete View Post
Please don't just land in Bergamo and give it a fleeting glance. It is delightful and Citta Alta is wonderful. Accommodations at Locando Mimmo are extremely nice and the breakfast is incredible.
All true, but the OP is shortchanging every place. Perhaps they should stay over in Bergamo and either skip Verona or make it only an afternoon stop on the way to Venice.
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Go opti is an established shared ride company for airport transfer and inter city ride. There are buses from piran to Ljubljana
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