Auto Europe Car Rental Beware

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Auto Europe Car Rental Beware

I rented 2 cars through Auto Europe during the month of August in Turkey. The first rental was a pick-up in 1 city and drop-off in another, the second rental was a standard pick-up and drop-off at the same location.

When I arrived to pick up my 1st rental car at the assigned agency, I was overcharged $104.00. When my husband and I tried to discuss the point we got no where, they told us no problem we will fix this when you drop the car off.

Unfortunately it was late in the day, 6:30 pm and we had a long distance to go and prepaid reservations on the other end. Finally the agent told us we would get this taken care of at the other end.

As we had a contract for the correct amount from Auto Europe and prepaid the deposit with AMEX I figured we would be able to work this out. WRONG. There was no adjustment on the other end and when we got back I got no response to my calls to Auto Europe. I then contacted AMEX and sent them a thick collection of documents, never questioning that I signed the receipt, but that it was not what I contracted for.

After 2 months and countless additional information being supplied to AMEX they sent me back a denial of the adjustment based on the fact that I had signed the charge receipt, a receipt I supplied them from the beginning and something I never disputed. To date Auto Europe has yet to respond.

I have been a faithful AMEX member for a very long time and have never been so frustrated in dealing with them. The letters are signed by a fictious person and there is no response from them.

I will never rent from Auto Europe again and I may not continue using AMEX, they have been my primary card of choice for a long time.

Rent with caution from Auto Europe, they do not stand behind their contracts.
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I do not understand. Normally I prepay the entire amount to Autoeurope, with the exception of things like local taxes and airport and RR station surcharges. Is it different when renting a car in Turkey?
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Same with me... and AutoEurope has always refunded the difference in cases where I was downgraded, for example.
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That has always been my experience as well but this time they did not want full prepayment, the rest of the rental was to be paid at the time of pick-up. This would have been fine if they charged what we had contracted for.

Auto Europe has essentially washed their hands of the transaction even though I rented through them, not their designated agent.

Just be cautious.
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I think I have also, but it seems clear that spitz did not entirely prepay (I don't think you are required to), but only made a deposit of some kind. I don't think Autoeurope ever makes you prepay the entire amount, it's just an option.

I think Amex' response is questionable, although I sort of understand it. But if you are forced to sign something for payment, even if you don't agree, you really don't have any choice if you have to leave and go somewhere. There are no other alternatives, exactly, if they say you have to sign it or we continue to charge you rental every day.

Are you positive you weren't just mistaken and you were charged some extra small amount that wasn't included in the Autoeurope bill? I've always ended up paying a little something extra when I've rented a car in France through them, as I think there are always some charges that can't be prepaid. $104 isn't really that much, after all, for a rental of any time period of several days or more, especially in euro nowadays.
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Hi Christina,

I have rented from Auto Europe at least 12 times in the past and am quite familiar with the process, this was not an extra charge this is what the designated agency decided to charge despite what we had in writing, and no this was not a conversion issue . $104 on a $400+ rental for less then a week is excessive, not a small amount, at least not to me, it is 25%, quite a tidy profit.
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I have had several (probably around 8) "mistakes" made by the actual rental company, and AuroEurope has always resolved them in my favor. Twice AutoEurope refunded the amount themselves after waiting "too long" for no response from the actual rental company.

What do you mean by receiving no response to your calls from AutoEurope? You must have been given some response - either they (AutoEurope) disagrees with your claim and they think you made a mistake (like signing up un-intentionally for CDW), or they are waiting for some paperwork from the actual rental company. I usually have to call them a few times if I don't hear from them, and "remind" them that I'm still waiting for a response.

Give them a call and fax them all the info you have to support your claim. Also, some of their customer service people are better than others. I delt with 3 different people on this year's "mistake", and 1 was incompetent, but the other two were fantastic. You may need to ask them to have a supervisor review it if you think your case is solid and you still don't have a resolution in a "reasonable" amount of time.

BTW, my wife works for Visa and says that car rentals top the list for "disputes".

Stu Dudley
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I am curious which rental company was involved here?

In general, I have nothing but high regard for Auto Europe and rent perhaps a dozen times a year with them (tho never in Turkey).
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Have you tried calling 1-800-223-5555 then pressing 0 then asking for customer service for a past rental? I book all of my clients through AE and when there is an overcharge of any kind, or a charge the client doesn't understand, AE always either explains why the charge is valid, or immediately refunds it. I have never had to wait for a call back unless it was a very complicated matter. Usually, they can access the local system overseas right away to see what is going on. I would call them again and at least get an explanation of what the overcharge is if they are not willing to refund it. The customer service for past rentals is only open until 5pm Eastern time, so if you don't get a live person, I would call back rather than leave a message.
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I don't understand "when we got back I got no response to my calls to Auto Europe."

Since you were speaking w/ them, how did you get no response? Or did you mean you didn't get a response that satisfied you??
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