a phd in airport security

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a phd in airport security

When i arrive at the airport i check my bag with the carrier. when i go through security i will have my liquids, gels, shaving cream in a 1 qt plastic see-thru bag in my carry on bag(s).In another clear plastic bag in my carry on luggage i will have my medications, incl. non prescription stuff. The two bags will be xrayed and then returned to my carry on bag(s)?

One of my carry on bags will be just cameras 8X10 " and light. The second carry on will have my liquids and prescription drugs. After security check the liquids and drugs will be returned to the carry on bag? Have i got this right. I looked on the TSA website and they don't tell you how many carry on bags are allowed. Lufthansa web site doesn't tell you either. How long would it take to land if i jumped off a ten story building?
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HJ-don't stress too much about it, believe me, it's far worse coming back-but I'm almost 100 per cent sure that you will only be allowed ONE carry-on bag-that is determined by the airline-as for your clear plastic bags, you'll just take them out of your carry-on, and put them in a bin for x-ray screening-then, you'll put them back, and move on, unless the screener wants to query you about something, or wants to do additional testing of your bag.

I'm quite sure you'll have to combine your bags-I flew Lufthansa in August and there was just one bag allowed.
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not before you have time to regret it. (sorry, no answers to the other questions)
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Lufthansa is very clear about carry-on allowances: one bag. Here's the link to their website that lists the requirements and restrictions for carry-on contents, etc.:


You're welcome!
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Don't know where your coming from but returned thursday on the 5th on AA from Paris CDG and they asked if you had liquid and some people gave up water bottles. People carried on everything and any size they wanted. Seemed to me it was business as usual.
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Why do people assume that every airline has the exact same carryon rules?????
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Or why any airline enforces them?

Do not jump off a ten story building unless all your liquids are in unbreakable containers. The last thing your heirs need is a bill for the cleanup.
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Dukey, there's a difference here-what items are allowed/prohibited to be carried through the security screening checkpoints-on flights to the US, that is determined by the TSA/DHS-and it is determined by the DHS ALSO overseas-this is what bilateral relationships are all about, and is why TSA liaison representatives in all the major European countries, and indeed, all over the world-to act as a liaison between DHS and the host government on aviation security matters affecting US flights operating overseas, and all flights, American and foreign, inbound to the US. The FAA also has representatives all over the world to deal on a similar level with operational matters (i.e., non security-related, but related to the operational airworthiness of aircraft flying into the US).

Carry-on baggage however, is a different matter-it used to be determined solely by the carrier, (and domestically, in the US, it still is) but European routes are a different matter-the EU is now introducing strict new measures, concerning liquids, gels, and carry-ons, to be put in place in November, which limit carry-on to one bag.

You can read about these new measures here:


But the number of carry-on bags have nothing to do with what items may pass through the screening checkpoint, and what items may be purchased in the sterile gate area, and brought on board the aircraft-the issue of permissible/prohibited items on board aircraft inbound for the US is governed SOLELY by governmental directive, which means DHS, "in cooperation with" host foreign goverment/EU policy, (read: DHS policy).
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You are allowed ONE carryon and ONE personal item, such as a purse or computer case.

You are allowed ONE QUART_SIZE clear plastic bag. If you use anything bigger they will make you remove some stuff. Saw this in Louisville, KY yesterday.
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