4 days in the Amalfi Coast

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4 days in the Amalfi Coast

My boyfriend and I will be traveling to Italy for 2 weeks in May. We have planned 4 days/nights in the Amalfi Coast (as well as 2 nights in Venice, 3 in Florence, and 4 in Rome). We definitely wanted to stay in Positano at least 2 of the 4 nights. My question is, should we stay there all 4 nights and take day trips to Ravello, Capri, etc., or stay 2 nights in Positano and 2 nights in Ravello? Or some other combination? I don't want us to miss anything although I also don't want to feel like we're rushing around and can't relax.

How long does it take to get to other areas from Positano? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Ravello is so close to Positano, it hardly seems worth uprooting to relocate there. Also can seem dull (for coast lovers) after a few hours, especially if haze obscures distant views.

Both Positano and Ravello are fairly inconvenient bases for excursions except for getting to glorious, dazzling Paestum temples to the south, which maybe hasn't even shown on most visitors radar screen.

If splitting your stay, I would consider the very unique and diverse Capri. Or save some hotel money and make daytrips easier in Sorrento. But if you really think you like that little, walking unfriendly village of Positano, stay 4.
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jt wrote
>But if you really think you like that little, walking unfriendly village of Positano, stay 4.<
Could this be construed as damning with faint praise?
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I was there in September and used Positano as a base--I thought it worked pretty well. The difficulty is that none of these towns are the ideal base, just because it does take a while to drive or take the bus from town to town. But, I agree with jt that it's unnecessary to stay in multiple towns in the Amalfi Coast

Driving from Positano to Amalfi took about an hour; Ravello is then another 10 minutes of driving straight uphill. Ravello is very beautiful and quaint, and is worth a visit, but I wouldn't recommend it as a base UNLESS you just want to relax and do practically nothing for a couple of days.

If you stay in Positano, you can get to Sorrento in less than 30 minutes, and Pompeii in about an hour. Plus you may be able to take a boat to Capri from Positano (it only runs when weather is good) So I think Positano is a reasonably good base, plus it's really a spectacular town with a lot of charm.

I would suggest 3 nights in Positano, and 1 night in Capri. Capri is really special at night after the crowds of daytrippers have left. If you spend 3 nights in Positano, you have 1 day to see Amalfi/Ravello, 1 day to see either Pompeii or Paestum, and 1 day to see Positano and Sorrento.
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Thanks for all he advice. I am thinking we'll stay 3 nights in Positano and 1 in Capri. It almost sounds like it's not worth seeing Capri unless you can stay overnight.

Would you suggest staying in Positano first and then heading to Capri, or vice-versa?
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Stay 3 nights in Positano then 1 in Capri. If this is your first stop on your trip, you will want to get used to being in Italy, and I think that might be easier in Positano. You are going to have a lovely trip!
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Not true about not being worth it to go to Capri unless you sleep over.

Sorrento is a good base. Nice town. Easy to get around.

Capri is beautiful. Don't waste time and money on the Blue Grotto.
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3 nights is to long in Positano. Stay in Ravello 1 night, spend 1/2 day in Positano then leave from there for Capri for 3 nights. One of those days daytrip to Ischia for an awesome spa day.
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