1st time Germany trip

Feb 5th, 2011, 09:38 AM
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1st time Germany trip

Its my first time to Germany and first time to Europe....Germany to start because i have a good friend there which will be traveling with me from the start. She lives in Siegen and we plan to go to Amsterdam then Spain.... Of course I am doing research but was wondering if anyone would have any tips.... Ill will be arriving in Frankfurt spending a day or two then to siegen by car.. some days there then Amsterdam.....any advice on how to get there by train....and from there possibly back to Siegen or straight to Spain.... not sure exactly where to start in Spain yet.... 3 week trip and its in august.... manly going to stay in hostels and anything that would be not to pricey... if anyone has anything to add please do....just looking for opinions on any aspect of this trip

Thank You
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Feb 5th, 2011, 10:15 AM
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Spain is a big country and VERY hot in August .
A bit hard to give any suggestions without some idea about your interests.
One can spend a lot of time in Germany and Holland.
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Feb 5th, 2011, 10:18 AM
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May I ask why Spain? You will be in a lovely part of Europe and can explore more of Germany, or the Netherlands or tack on a bit of Belgium or maybe Paris. Most parts of Spain will be very VERY hot in August.

But to get to Spain -- you'll want to fly for sure.
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Feb 5th, 2011, 10:19 AM
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was posting the same time as danon . . .
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Feb 5th, 2011, 10:55 AM
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I would much rather be in Germany in August than in Spain personally. My one visit to Spain in late July was miserably hot and crowded and I would not subject myself to that again.

I would focus on Germany, Austria and possibly Belgium. Germany and Austria are relative bargains and have a wonderful choice of large and interesting cities that can be mixed and matched with small towns and villages for a wonderful vacation.
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Feb 5th, 2011, 11:02 AM
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May I ask why both of you think it's necessary to question the OP about his decision to travel to Spain in August?

Yes, we all know it's hot - I'm sure the OP does, too. And I don't think that the OP's comment that he/she is "looking for opinions on any aspect of this trip" or if "anyone has anything to add" (because I know that argument is going to come back) extends to an invitation to try and talk him out of a portion of it and to redirect him to other areas of Europe that you might be more interested in, or find more appropriate to visit in August..

He didn't ask if anyone thought it was too hot to go to Spain in August, or if he should stay in the Benelux/Germany/France area instead.

It's his/her vacation. Help with the questions asked.

Godod - Siegen to Amsterdam is about 4:16 by train, with a change required in Cologne on the fastest route.

Amsterdam to Spain by rail involves a trip of about 14 hours with 3 changes to get to Barcelona, which would be the closest major centre. There is an option that takes you to Paris and then a change to a night train to Barcelona - 17 hours and you leave Amsterdam at 15:16 and arrive in Barcelona the next morning at 09:09.

There others who know more about rail travel and how to research it and book it than I do on this board, so maybe they will chime in and assist. www.bahn.de is a good place to start for scheduling research.

Madrid would take more than 20 hours to get to, so flying may be your best bet if your budget can handle, it.

Right now KLM and Iberia have return fares of $180 US AMS-MAD for most of August. KLM also has about the same fare to Barcelona, all of those non-stop. Try Vueling airlines, as well, if you want to get to Barcelona - they are a budget carrier based there.
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Feb 5th, 2011, 12:19 PM
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"Yes, we all know it's hot - I'm sure the OP does, too. ."

And how do you know that -- since he clearly states it is his first time in Europe.

"It's his/her vacation. Help with the questions asked"

I did ask him why Spain. When he answers that then I can offer some suggestions.

This is an open forum and if one thinks much of Spain in miserable in August, don't you think we should be allowed to say so??
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Feb 5th, 2011, 12:53 PM
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I know, I know, he didn't ask for advice about whether to go, but my reaction is the same as janisj.

Spain really is very hot in August, and the hostels won't have air conditioning. I'd stay in northern countries like Germany. I love Germany, especially smaller towns, and I too think it would be cheaper than Spain.
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Feb 5th, 2011, 02:10 PM
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Godod: Let the others argue about Spain yes or no.

If you want to go, check for the best fare to fly from AMS to wherever you want to go in=Spain. Look up the low fare airlines. While they have all kinds of restrictions that add to the costs, I am sure that overall they will be cheaper and more time efficient than going by train. If you can't decide where to start in Spain, decide on the basis of which airprt offers you the best deal. Bsides, I am sure your friend in Germany has all sorts of advise.

For FRA to Siegen and Siegen to Amsterdam, check www.bahn. de. There is an English language version of this website of the Deutsche Bahn, the German railroad. If you can fix the day and time, you probably could buy one the heavily discounted tickets shown on the website, next to the train that appeals to you. It is easy to buy on the Internet from the bahn.de website. Otherwise, buy the ticket when you get to FRA (there is a station i n the terminal) or Siegen.
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Feb 5th, 2011, 02:13 PM
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Well according to godod profile she/he is presently in Costa Rica and his/her last trip was Miami!.......so I think she/he is familiar with HEAT!

Godod: Give us a bit more of your stats and wishes and we can try to give you a hand

Germany is a great place to start in Europe!

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Feb 5th, 2011, 07:45 PM
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First of all, thanks everyone for the replies...first time asking a question out there and more replies then i thought...

(not that i have any control) but please no fighting or call it what u want but ill take any opinion just cause like iv said 1st time out there and im sure i dont have a damn clue of whats the best.....so ill take anything that will help me out

like bmw732002 said.....i live in costa rica and have lived in miami too...so im use to the heat.....lol its F..ing hot right now......but seriously thanks for the worries about that im sure anyone who wastn in my position would realy appreciate it.....but i think ill be fine (i hope)

more detail.....ok well first of why spain...ill make it simple i know spanish and have always found the accent sexy out there.....but like i said im going to be going with my female friend(im male) so things change a bit if u catch my drift.....plus she has been to amsterdam(not much) and lives in germany as u know so it would be something different for her (since she said she would like to travel spain....she has seen the north side of spain (what parts exactly not sure) but she did say madrid and barcelona are places she would like to see....

germany i think she has a handle on as in where to take me and amsterdam well its a city and should be straight forward...but if anyone knows any hidden things please please.........

P.s. all who gave me detailed info thanks alot and believe me im writing it down.....

now for more of what i like....well to be honest just being in europe is gona be a success for me so anything goes after that....we are young.....and since its hot im guessing beach things and party atmosphere......i enjoy art and all that goes with that.....and well i guess u can say this will probably end up a romantic trip......we met in costa rica and she has been all through central america(she knows heat too)... what else......

i read books enjoy converstaion...lol....idk im just looking for those things that make the trip unforgettable.....things that maybe i would have never thought of...

for those who say france, austria, belgium....and any where else.....they just werent on the short list...but ill take the opinion.....i just started with a question and i dont mind if itll take me to places i didnt think of.....

i will say this...id rather take my time at a wonderful place....then rush and see everything....not my idea of a nice trip....

i talked to her today after i wrote the first message.....

rough idea of whats up
27th go to germany
28th 29th in frankfurt
30th to the 2nd in siegen
3rd to 5th amsterdam (we would go to frankfurt airport since it looks to be the cheapest way to get there)
6th to 9th in siegen
10th to 14th spain
and back to siegen till 16th i go home

or instead of going to siegen after frankfurt....wed go straight to amsterdam to save travel and her friends driving us time(lol)

please let me know what u think of that schedule.....

thanks everyone seriously....ask any question that u see might make it helpful.....

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Feb 5th, 2011, 09:58 PM
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Being German and knowing the Siegen/Sauerland area quite well, I can understand why Spain is also on your friend's shortlist even in August LOL..
That region is notorious for cooler, rainy weather even in August. The kind of place where older folks who can't stand the heat like to go in summer. Germany's little Ireland so to speak.

Since you have only 4 days in Spain, and since you mentioned beaches I would strongly lean towards Barcelona rather than Madrid. You will have lots to see and do, plus you will the city beaches to cool off (well, the Med will not be cool that time of year but anyway).

There are lots of places to spend a warm summer night after some sightseeing, either the hip clubs on the waterfront/ beach promenade or the Mirador de Migdia on top of Mountjuic. The latter will probably qualify as being "romantic" - one of the best (and only) places in BCN to watch the sunset.

Plus it will be the famous beach party season in nearby Sitges (30min by local train from BCN) - one of the best places for younger folks to spend the summer weekend nights besides Ibiza. And while Sitges is also one of Europe's premier gay resorts, the parties attract a very mixed crowd, locals as well as visitors.
Just make sure that your 4 days include a weekend if you plan to incorporate that into your itinerary.

For general info on what is going on you can check this site once you get closer to your travel dates:

While BCN and Catalunya are officially Catala-speaking, you will have no problems with Castellano (or English).
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Feb 6th, 2011, 08:10 AM
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I was thinking SITGES myself! It is so nice to know that it still is the place to go just outside Barcelona.

Now the last time I was there was in the late '70's and it was a party town then........but I think it is a bit more GAY from what I hear now!
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Feb 6th, 2011, 09:19 AM
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If it were me I would abandon Spain in August and stick with Germany/Netherlands.

The most fascinating part of Spain (IMHO) is Andalusia - and in August the daily temps are often more than 100 and it's humid to boot. Madrid is little cooler. And many places - esp less expensive lodging and eating places do not have AC - so you're really living in hell.

The only place with decent wether is the Atlantic Coast - around San Sebastian. If you want to do some of Spain grab a flight there and stay a week - and spend the rest of the time someplace with decent weather. There are a host of places to stay/things to see in Germany and the low countries.
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Feb 7th, 2011, 09:06 PM
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If I don't like the food of a region that someone is posting a question (a question totally unrelated to food) about, should I suggest they reconsider going on that basis?

Think about it - that is equivalent to what you are doing when you attempt to redirect people to things that are more to your tastes when they haven't even asked anything remotely connected to your comments.

If the OP asked how hot Spain was and if they might find it uncomfortable - fire away.
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