Which ships have bigger cabins?

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Which ships have bigger cabins?

My friend and I would like to go on a cruise but since this is our first time travelling together we wanted to get a relatively bigger cabin so that we'd have our own "space" such as it is in a cabin! I know that some ships tend to have smaller cabins than others...we're thinking of an outside cabin..but unfortunately NOT the suites which are beyond our reach...is there any ship you would recommend? What is the size of an average cabin anyway?

Thanks for all your help

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Carnivale has the biggest rooms on the average. In my opinion, pay the extra money and get an outside cabin.
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Actually HAL's (Holland America's) are the largest. ALL cabins (except Noordam & Westerdam) have a sofa in addition to the bed(s). However if you looking for a younger, party-hardy crowd to sail with, you'll want another line. If you want a relaxing vacation, HAL is a good choice.
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The differernce between regular either inside or outside cabins on different cruiselines is very minimal. with few exceptions, most of the ships regular cabins are between 165 to 185 sq. So it's not like you will get a huge room on one and a hole in the wall on another one. If I were you I would be more concern with what kind of a cruise do I want? Lively/full of action, more subdued/refined, or extremly quiet/older crowd. In a long run that will make or break your cruise.
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I agree with the above cruiser. HAL does have the largest standard cabin. Depends what age you are, HAL has mostly seniors, Princess and RRCL's crowd is a bit younger and we all know Carnival is a party ship. See where you fit in and the itinerary is important too.
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How come no one has mentioned Celebrity Cruises? Their ships are gorgeous, the crowd is not too old, the food is fantastic, and the staterooms are a nice size. I think they're a cut above, and worth a look.
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Factually, no one can say "this cruise line has the biggest cabins." It depends on the ship.

For example, Princess has two older ships, the Crown (now retiring) and the Regal that were both originally built for the World cruise. They have very large standard inside cabins -- 190 sq feet. the rest of Princess's ships have cabins that are somewhat smaller.

Celebrity has beautiful ships, but generally speaking you will find that the standard cabins are small. RCCL cabins typically are the smallest of the lot (how do you think they fit all those people on the ship?) Generally speaking, HAL does have larger cabins, usually 180-190 sq feet, but an older more sedate crowd. Carnival, with it's oh so many ships, is really a mixed bag. I believe, however, that it's newest ships, including the Pride, have larger cabins. NCL just sucks all around (IMHO).

Standard inside and outside are usually about the same size. You are paying for sunlight, not space.

There are websites that give dimensions for the cabins on most of the ships. Search them out if it's that important to you. But frankly, a couple of extra sq feet really won't make much difference. Remember, you shouldnt' be spending much time in your cabin.
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For me Crystal has the biggest cabibs..We were in the cheapest grade and our "stateroom" was 200 sq ft. This Limey would travel exclusively on Crystal if only I could afford it! What bliss.
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There is a great web site:
It will show you a 3-D cut out of many diiferent cabins and suites on many different ships of all the major cruiselines.
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This may be over your budget, but I believe Radisson ships have the largest cabins afloat. We recently returned from an Alaska cruise on Radisson Navigator and our suite (all the cabins on the Navigator are suites) was 301 sq. ft. Spacious bathroom with separate tub and shower and walk in closet. We took a Celebrity cruise several years ago, and I remember their cabins being very roomy.
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The Radisson doesn't have the largest cabins afloat. Your 301 sq ft. suite is actually small in comparison to most Owner's Suites and Royal Suites on the major lines. And, for future reference, the largest cabin (not counting the ResidenSea) available is the Garden Villa Suite on the Norwegian Star at 2,153 sq ft including balcony.
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Peter, you're wrong, the largest suite is on the Celebrity M-class ships with total sq of - 2530, including the balcony. And what Sandy meant was that ALL the staterooms on the Radisson are suites, not just the few specialty suites you have on most of the cruiselines.
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Be careful if your inside room size is important. On some Princess ships, the balconies are literally taken out of the room. That means your porch reduces your room size where if you have a room without a porch, you will get more space.

All rooms on HAL's S class and newer ships have lots of space in all categories.
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Most of these posts miss the point.

I suggest you need to get used to the idea that--when both of you are in the cabin--you're just not going to have your own space.

Carnival's 185 sq. foot cabins are considered "large" by most standards, and that includes (I think) the bathroom and the closets. Put it this way--if one of you is standing, the other will want to be on a bed or on the small couch that most rooms have.

(In most cases, Carnival probably gives you the most room for the money, but do shop around).

Add a balcony, and you would have two separate areas (that would give you real privacy) but that is more expensive. (Personally, I think it's well worth it...)

I wouldn't worry about it too much, though. There are plenty of places to go on the ship for a little solitude; you probably won't be spending a ton of time in your cabin; and you'll likely be tired enough by the end of the day to sleep through any snoring. (Though I do recomend carrying ear plug for all airplanes, hotel, cruises, etc.--you never know what will be going on nearby that you don't want to listen to).

Good luck--I'm sure you'll have a great time!
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I agree that Holland america line has the largest accomodation a float, not only the cabins but also space per traveller overall.The smallest inside double is 182 sq.feet. Outside doubles start at 197 sq.feet. But i would recommend their mini suites with verandah which are 280 sq.feet. We like HAL so much that we have only sailed in their suites of 563 sq. feet and were lucky on our last cruise on Zaandam to be upgraded to the penthouse which was great (1125 sq.feet) If you like bigger accomodation and superior service in a serene setting (classical music background)the only way is HAL

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