Which Airport in St Lucia?

Dec 23rd, 2004, 10:12 AM
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Which Airport in St Lucia?

Is there any significant difference between the 2 airports in St Lucia? Thanks.
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Dec 23rd, 2004, 11:29 AM
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I have flown into both. ONe was a 20 minute rive to the hotel (then the Grand Hyatt) and last month we paid 80US for a 90 minute ride to LeSport from Hewanorra.
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Dec 23rd, 2004, 01:11 PM
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There is a big difference. The Hilton is not easy to get to. I have read posts about helicopter rides to the hotel or water taxi are more preferable than the roads.
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Dec 24th, 2004, 06:02 AM
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Not sure what you mean by "significant difference". Hewanorrah in the south is large enough to accomodate large planes. George F Charles in the north is small and accomodates smaller planes. ( Not just puddles jumpers but not huge jets) It could feasibly add another connection to a smaller plane. We flew into Hewanorrah both times and flew out of George F. Charles to Grenadines so have been to both. They each have their pros and cons, also where you are staying is a factor to consider.
kfusto, Is that the going rate for a taxi ride from the airport??? We hired a taxi for 5 hours for $80 with another couple. It would have been $100 if we were by ourselves. Heck, the helicopter only costs $100.
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Dec 24th, 2004, 10:10 AM
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When I visited St. Lucia a few years ago, we flew American Eagle into and out of the smaller airport near Castries--I think it's called Vigie. We opted for the helicopter to Jalousie and it cost around $300 round trip. We saved quite a bit of time and the ride over Marigot Bay and then the nearly-vertical descent between the Pitons are breathtaking. I believe that had we gone by taxi it would have been in the $150-200 range for roundtrip transfers.

I also believe that water taxis are available, and while that option won't save you any money, it may be an appealing alternative to those who prefer not to drive or ride in a helicopter. The coastline is quite beautiful.
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Dec 24th, 2004, 04:16 PM
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Wow maybe its been a few years since I've been to St. Lucia but taxi for $150 - $200? No. There is a big difference between the airports, about 1.5 hours drive time. Best suggestion is to decide all the trade offs, do you want another connection (air) to fly into the closer airport or travel by ground? Its a toss up sometimes and up to the individual traveler. Me I don't like connections and prefer driving and you get to soak up more of the island...I'm one to make the best of things!
Happy travels and Merry Christmas!
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Dec 27th, 2004, 05:18 AM
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Thanks for the replies. If we go to St Lucia, we'll stay at the Hilton. I suppose we may be more at the mercy of the airline as to which airport they fly in and out of?
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Dec 27th, 2004, 04:19 PM
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Since you are staying at the Hilton, I don't think it really matters which airport you land at. The drive time will be approx the same give or take a few. You will be taking the west coast road from either airport. I have read on this forum that the construction from Hewanorra (south airport) to Jalousie is finally completed so that should make that drive more pleasant. We drove the road from Castries to Pitons area and it was 1-1 1/2 hours, depending on which way you are going. (uphill or downhill). So, either way, you are looking at 1-1 1/2 hours. If you choose not to take the helicopter, just relax and enjoy the view. Sounds like from what I have been reading that the taxi guys try to charge you high dollar from the airport because you won't have much choice. We stayed at Sandal's and they took care of our transfers, but we took the helicopter on the way in. That was nice after traveling all day. Might want to check with Jalousie to see if they do as well.(transfers) Also, they might offer a good deal on the helicopter if you are staying there as they have their own heli pad. I would probably land where I had the least connections. It will save time in the long run.
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