Travel in September

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Travel in September

Aruba, Barbados, or Turks and Caicos…Which do you like the most and why? Any suggestions? I don't like the casino scene. Can you get away from that in Aruba?
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Isn't September rainy season?
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For much of the Caribbean, September is prime hurricane season. Aruba would be the safest bet to avoid hurricanes just because it's so far south.
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We have been to Turks & Caicos twice in September and had no rain BUT very hot & humid.
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Aruba can get hurricanes, love how national hurricane center can't predict with certainty yet persons on forums can!


Seriously, it's hot all over the Caribbean. I've been to TCI in september, still love it! One of the best beaches in the world
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I have been doing a lot of research about travel to the caribbean during August, which is also hurricane season. Mid August through September is considered the height of the season. However, from what I have read from many sources not all islands in the Caribbean have the same risk and many people choose to make their travel plans based on historical data (it's very easy to find out how many times and when any particular island has been hit by a hurricane). This does not mean it's risk free and a storm could affect your vacation anywhere in the Caribbean.

Given the three you have mentioned, Aruba has the lowest risk based on history, meaning it has been affected by hurricanes far less than Turks and Caicos and less than Barbados. Is it a hurricane free island? No it's not. Could a hurricane hit Aruba during the week you are there while other islands are having beautiful weather? I think it could happen. Does it have a relatively lower chance of being affected by a hurricane than most other islands? Look at the data and make the decision for yourself I guess.

Many people make the decision based on what the island has to offer and will hope for the best regarding weather. Other people like some sense of minimizing hurricane risk. Here are a few links.
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I found this ranking interesting also.

Regarding your question about the casinos in Aruba, if you decide to consider a trip there you might want to consider Eagle Beach over Palm Beach. Eagle Beach is the low-rise area and has less glitz, crowds and casinos than Palm Beach.
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Have been to Aruba in a September and had perfect weather. Historically, Aruba has been hit several times with a tropical storm in the month of December, so no, you will never know the answer to that question. Buy the trip/hurricane insurance and if it's really an issue for you don't go during that time of year.

As far as Islands go, we have been to Aruba and Turks and Caicos. For the type of vacations we like; ie: busy and active, we loved Aruba. Aruba has tons of dining and bar options, good sightseeing, activities and shopping. We liked the vibe there. The Palm Beach area kinda reminded us of the Las Vegas Strip with respect to shopping, restaurants and bars all within close proximity to each other and within walking distance to the hotels. However, the gambling there was quite lame compared to Las Vegas. So yes, you can get away from it. It's not Las Vegas where gambling is in your face 24/7. It's more of an after thought.

Turks & Caicos has the most fabulous beach, but that's about it along with water sports. We loved our vacation there, but it was rather boring especially at night. It's a good vacation if you are just looking to relax, chill and beach sit with some water sports thrown in during the day. So picking between the 2, you need to decide what you are wanting from your vacation.

Haven't been to Barbados for one very specific reason. The price for hotels/air from our departure point are beyond outragous. For the price, the hotels are lacking in quality for our standards, and we stay at 2 and 3 star resorts in Mexico and love it. There are just better destinations that are closer and less expensive. It's still on our list and we will probably get there someday, but it will probably be on a cruise instead of a land vacation. Barbados, seems to be more related to Aruba than T & C with regards to dining options, shopping, sightseeing and things to do.
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But there's also much more to consider than hurricanes.

Hilly islands attract storms, so places like TCI, Aruba, overall tend to be drier.

Infrastructure of buildings plays a large part. Provo on TCI bounces back quickly, most buildings are concrete, etc. Abacos has many wood clapboard houses and doesn't fare well. Haiti no matter what, and Cuba get devestated every time.

Hurricanes usually take about a week to hit or disappear-- so there's time to make decisions.

TCI might bounce back quickly, St. Lucia a couple of years ago was destroyed, and took many months to bounce back. So 1 hurricane every 10 years can damage St. Lucia for a couple of years, can damage TCI for a couple of months.

You can get hurricane insurance

Past weather NEVER predicts future weather.

Even if Aruba gets 1 every 20 years, all it takes is 1 during your week to affect you, chances are the same on any given island.

Weathermen are the only job you can be wrong most of the time and still have job security!

So my point? Pick an island based on tastes and must haves, weather happens wether you plan it or not.

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PS not a single hurricane damaged the Caribbean last year, any island destination
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"Hilly islands attract storms, so places like TCI, Aruba, overall tend to be drier."

Hmmm, hurricane magnets? LOL
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Have been to Aruba & Barbados, like both islands. Barbados has more beaches, historical sites than Aruba. Both islands have nightlife & great restaurants etc. Barbados has a more tropical feel, Aruba is flat dry & arid. Dive sites are better in Aruba. Snorkelling is not brilliant in Barbados. Both islands have good choice of hotels to suit all budgets. You can find quiet corners on both islands & both are suitable for renting a car/jeep & driving around to see the sights.
As far as weather is concerned, I almost always go in summer. So far after nearly 30 years have not been affected so far by a hurricane, but I might be tempting fate by saying this. Have been affected by rainy days though.
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