Sunscape in Punta Cana

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Sunscape in Punta Cana

We have booked into the Sunscape the very end of March for our anniversary. Checked out Debbies Dominican Travel website and was very comfortable booking that resort. Reading this forum though I'm getting rather nervous thinking I did the wrong thing. I can still change the resort (penalty of course) but if it's bad. Any input would be appreciated. We love snorkeling, ocean kayaking, good food and drinks. the Debbies website wrong? Thanks for the help.
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Parrot Mom
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We intend to book Sunscape in a few weeks..Since Sept. I've been reading reviews on Debbie's... and for many reasons it's THE resort I want to go to this year. I've found that the charter company from this area is sold out at the Sunscape for the month of January... Debbie's site is the definite site for all D.R. resorts and reviews. We intend to book for the second week in February...if not the fourth..after school vacation..
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My vote goes to the Iberostar Bavaro.. I have been there twice and words cannot describe it. The layout of the resort does not leave you feeling like you are in a populated, condensed area. The beach is spectacular, food and entertainment is fantastic. My friend stayed at the Sunscape this time last year just as it was taking on a new name and her beach pictures couldnt compare to mine. Next time she was going to try to Bavaro area. They did have a great time at Sunscape though.
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Parrot Mom
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Sadly, last October went to an Iberostar in the Yucatan and the experience soured me on the chain.. There are so many Iberostars out there, but one bad incident may keep me away from trying them in the D.R. Re-cycled food, awful entertainment and attitude. Not to mention a sprawled out resort that required long walks to get anywhere.
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I work with a woman who just returned from the Sunscape this past Sunday. Since she knew we were considering this resort and were waiting for her trip report before booking, she was in my office first thing Monday morning with her observations.

First thing she said was to save our money and book somewhere else. The rooms were subpar, the food just this side of okay, drink service was very slow and the drinks were so watered down they couldn't get drunk when they tried! The amenities advertised weren't available or offered, Apple Representative onsite was less than forthcoming with answers about the lack of cooperation.

She was upset because they choose this resort on their own, not doing the "Apple Square Deal" like so many other people on the airplane who paid considerably less (almost half) than what they paid per person ($1,029).
Had they done the Square Deal, she understood you get what you pay for.

She said the airport security was a joke. Apparently they just take your tourist card and slap a sticker on your luggage with just a small "look" in your luggage since they don't have the technology we have in the States.

Children ran unsupervised (not the resort's fault) and some were destroying resort property (ping pong tables, paddles) while parents nor staff would say anything while witnessing them do it.

She said they stayed by the pool one day, ordering 12 rum and cokes each over the course of a day and couldn't even catch a buzz.

I know sometimes we Americans are spoiled, but shouldn't service be consistent?

She did say the Natura Park Spa Resort looked really beautiful, but didn't have any knowledge of the food or service or rooms. I think I may check that one out myself.

She contacted Liberty Travel and Apple Vacations home office ($75 worth of phone calls)to no avail. She is going to the Liberty office tomorrow to demand a refund.

What a shame.
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Dear Sorry,

I'm curious: What exactly is your friend basing her demand for a refund on?

Did management neglect to handle her issues when (if) they complained WHILE they were there? what did they say about the room? Did she ask to be moved?

I personally feel $1000/ish pp for an all inclusive vacation INCLUDING air is extremely resonable! That's cheap!! Did they book the lowest room category (that may explain the so-so rooms).

I find a lot of people who haven't trevelled in the Carribean very much have WAY too high expectations. Realistically, you can't expect to go to a thrird world countlry and think you are going to get gourmet food, because it just won't happen! (And if by chance it does, this should be looked upon as a pleasant surprise!)

Weak drinks, yeah that's annoying, I agree. Something like that can usually be handled with a little tip and a talk with the bargender.

Americans are spoiled (and I am American) but some people just can't be pleased! I have gotten TOTALLY worked up in the past over "vacation mis-haps" and have vowed never to let myself fall into that trap ever again. It just isn't worth it. This has made such a difference in the fun I have on vacation. To me, it's all about getting away from work, spending time with my sweetie, and enjoying the beautiful beaches of the Carribbean.

Kids running around - not much you can do aboout that. This is why I stick to adults only resorts and it's not even an issue.

Oh well. That's my 2 cents. I hope your friend works something out with her TA but I would be surprised if they wrote off the entire trip! I bet they will offer her a few days comped at the same hotel (but if she hated it that much I'm sure she wouldn't want to go back.)

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From what I saw walking by ( I've been to Punta Cana 6 times )Sunscape is on THE worst stretch of beach in Punta Cana ( seaweed , noisy marinas , smelly oil from boats engines..yuck!) Read those latest reviews from Debbiesdominicans...they're all NEGATIVE . Try to stay on Bavaro beach , that's THE best stretch .
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