St.John - Restaurant for special dinner

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St.John - Restaurant for special dinner

Hi all,
I just realized…we’ll be in St.John for Valentine’s Day. So, please recommend a restaurant for a special dinner (good food and nice atmosphere a must, nice view a plus – but then, it will be dark by dinner time, maybe the view does not matter).
And I know….every day and every meal in St.John will be special…but still, any recommendation welcome.
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Haven't been there in several years, but my favorite restaurant has long been the one at Gallows Point, beside Cruz Bay. I think it's called Zo Zo's. Good food and wonderful views-- even at night.
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A number of restaurants on St. John fits the bill. I've probably said this many times before, but my favorites fitting your bill are Asolare overlooking Pillsbury Sound and St. Thomas, and the absolute Caribbean magic of Miss Lucy's out in Friis Bay (Coral Bay) which is on the water and has a very relaxed yet romantic atmosphere with pretty darn good to excellent food. Even though it's in the evening, if you go a bit early to either place, you will be treated to a lovely sunset. If there's any moon, that's nice too. Have a great time.
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I'll agree with Asolare.
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Definitely Asolare.
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Thank you all,
I guess Asolare wins Looking forward for our trip…
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We just returned and the best meal by far was at La Tapa!!!! Delicious! We were there for Christmas dinner! mmmmmmmm
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slbuz: So glad you enjoyed La Tapa. It's actually the first place we ever ate at on St. John and we returned quite a few times. It is a fun restaurant although it is not on the water or really near the water. It's next door to Woody's and downstairs from the Quiet Mon pub. I don't know if it's the most romantic though. Maybe Asolare for dinner and La Tapa for cocktails and partying afterwards? Ahh...such pleasant contemplations. 2006 seems to have gotten off to a rough start (world affairs wise).
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slbuz, thanks for a new recommendation. I guess this is a tapas bar/restaurant, and that sounds great. We will definitely go there – if not for dinner, then for drinks.
Can’t wait…5 more weeks to go.
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Hi ... I do know St. John very well ... Having spent a great deal of time there. I only offer this so you have that much more to think about.

Asolare's not only does NOT offer the best view of Pillsbury Sound, they can be very slow with their service and serve no rolls while you wait. That may not be a concern of yours. I have eaten there several times but would not give them a high rating.

ZoZo's, on the other hand, is absolute exquisite with 5* cuisine 5* service, and 5* views over Pillsbury Sound and St. Thomas. They are located on Gallows Point property. You may need to eat at both Asolare and Zozo's to find out for yourself. I imagine my choice will win ... No question about it! Other restaurant choices ... LaTapa's (for dinner), Lime Inn (excellent) and Miss Lucy's (2* because of their conch chowda only) (for lunch) are good choices, and then you can go down to your 1* choices. Have fun!
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Hi Caribgal. Do you mean Miss Lucy's is for you a 2* place because the "conch chowda" is GOOD or NOT good? Thanks in advance for explaining.
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I too will be there over Valentine's Day. There are six of us traveling together. Have been to STJ four times. On our first visit we went to Asolare and loved it. On our second trip, we were ALL very disappointed in Asolare. I think our favorite place is Stone Terrace. It is right in Cruz Bay and we have always had an excellent meal. Also dined at Chateau Bordeaux (lovely view during sunset), Tage (no view), Ten Tables (no view). All very good. My vote, however, goes to Stone Terrace. Caneel Bay also would be very romantic. We have not yet decided where we will dine on Valentine's day. If you choose S.T. maybe we will see you there. We generally dine after 8:00 p.m. Then again, we may just stay at our villa and dine by candle and moonlight.
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Gee, makes me wish I was going to be there for Valentine's then wherever I end up I could just stand up and holler "Anybody from Fodor's?!!" Seriously though, isn't it wonderful just to be in one of the most romantic places on the planet on Valentine's?
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Wow, so many places to choose from, love this board, thank you all. It will be our first time in St John, and actually our first island trip. I’m sure we’ll have a good time.

Tuxedocat, it will turn out great to be there on Valentine’s Day – especially that we did not plan it that way. The week we wanted first was already booked (and we booked last Feb) so we took this week.
Jayglo, maybe we’ll see you there – I found the Stone Terrace’s web site, the place looks very nice – and the menu …yum. Glad to see it’s not seafood only; DH can take that if he has to, but he really loves his meat. It would be a punishment to take him to a seafood place on V’s day
I’ll let you all know about our food adventures when we get back.

And BTW, we’ll be in Coral Bay, what’s a nice breakfast place in that neighborhood? Thanks

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xyz99: Just got home after 3 weeks in St. John. Don't know if you've already left, but to answer your question regarding Coral Bay, breakfasts are great at the Donkey Diner, across from Skinny Legs'. A new place, Aqua Bistro may also serve breakfast. A terrific place for dinner (West and East Indian food) is Sweet Plaintains owned by former New Yorkers, Prince and his wife. Very cute decor, excellent food and such a nice couple.
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Thanks a lot. We’re still here, leaving next Sun (on the 12th) so this info is great!! We will be there only for a week, but still enough to sample 7 different places for dinner

I read last month about the armed robbery at Skinny Legs – can you please tell us what’s the general thought there on this matter? Other than general precautions, like anywhere else, should we be worried?
Anyway, can’t wait for this week to be over, it’s our first Caribbean vacation and I’m sure we’ll love it!
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xyz99: So glad you asked about the Skinny Legs thing. Coral Bay has been experiencing a weird rash of crimes of late. The most notable incidents being the armed robberies (2) at Skinnys, one in November and one in early January. Both times the robbers came in and took money from the cash register and some patrons. The locals don't seem very impressed by this as the "take" is not really a lot and the robbers seem only interested in getting some money. Each incident happens in about 2 minutes. The new Coral Bay police station is close by, but unfortunately, they are still in the process of figuring out how best to patrol. The robberies each happened with 15 minutes of the cops having stopped by! So, it appears the robbers are aware of when the cops are around. The locals don't mean to downplay the seriousness of the incidents, but they seem to regard this as sort of a last gasp of defiance of this last pirate outpost before civilization takes a firm hold. But relatively, these incidents are still pretty few and far between. Some are just wacky. A guy got mysteriously shot at Island Blues which caused a commotion of concern until it was discovered it was his disgruntled ex-girlfriend. (I think she shot him in the _ss.) Coral Bay has always had sort of a "wild west" reputation, but believe me, it can't compare to our cities. I for one, am a little sad that it's gotten so civilized. Three grocery places, two with ATM's, decent wine selections, movie rentals. Eeessh... what next, lattes? What I recommend only for precaution's sake when dining at these more colorful spots is to 1) don't wear any expensive/valuable jewelry or watches (I don't even pack it because St. John is so laid-back. This is not a "resort-y" place.), and 2) bring only a relatively small amount of cash with you, I.D. and a credit card (which is not what any robbers want). Statistically speaking, you have a higher chance of being robbed in your home city, but these minor precautions will decrease the chances that you'd lose anything of great value, God forbid, should you have the freak incident of being robbed. By the way, you cannot miss out on Miss Lucy's for one of your dinners (closed Sunday night and Mondays) and they also have a great jazz brunch on Sundays.
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Thank you so much for the detailed response!! I think I know what you mean about St. John becoming ‘too’ civilized, but I have to admit, I like the convenience of an ATM machine. But no, no lattes, please…let’s stick to drinks with little umbrellas

"More colorful spots"? Now you got me curious….nobody here talks about this, so please, which dining spot(s) would you list in that category?

I usually don’t wear any jewelry (flashy or not) except for my engagement/wedding rings – which I’m considering leaving home. I would hate to loose them. We’ll try Skinny Legs for dinner, Sunday brunch is out of the question: we’ll get on the island on Sat afternoon and out flight out is the next Sunday, early in the morning. Can’t wait to get there!
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Island Blues and Skinny Legs would definitely fit that more colorful category, meaning they are not fancy and usually include an eclectic crowd of tourists, locals and the odd "mysterious" types. Skinnys is a big favorite because it looks like as one author described it, and I am paraphrasing, "an outpost at the end of the world." Sort of Star Wars cantina meets Gilligan's Island. Great cheeseburgers, no french fries. Surprisingly good salads. The usual array of drinks. Live music often. Island Blues is also a fun place favored by locals with great food, a setting right on the water, and a bar full of folks who look like they stepped out of a Jimmy Buffet video if he did any videos. Very casual, you'll love it.
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