Splitting Honeymoon btwn Barbados/St lucia

Sep 4th, 2006, 07:04 PM
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Splitting Honeymoon btwn Barbados/St lucia

My fiance and I live in South Florida and we've been to most of the western carribean, We would like to go to the eastern carribean for our honeymoon in May 2007. After a few weeks of reading forums we have decided that Barbados and St. lucia seem to fit the bill. We are easy going 29&30 yr olds who like romance but nightlife as well.(not dance club stuff just good local bars/live music...) As for accomodations we would like something beachfront (definately not resort) semi quiet, but walking/taxi to bar/restaurants/social scene. Any suggestions?

We were also thinking of splitting our honeymoon (11 days in total) between St. Lucia & Barbados. Is that do-able and/or suggested?

Thanks in advance for your help . We have been reading these forums for a couple of weeks and everyones comments have been very helpful in our quest for the perfect honeymoon.

Our budget will be less than 3000.00 u.s after airfare. Thanks...SS
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Sep 5th, 2006, 05:51 AM
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Splitting a honeymoon between St. Lucia and Barbados is very easy; I think it's doable for your budget if you plan carefully and stay in relatively small, cheap hotels. It's a cheap, short flight on Caribbean Star to or from Vigie Airport on St. Lucia, so traveling between St. Lucia and Barbados is easy.

I'm having a harder time thinking of a recommendation for you in your price range that's not a "resort". If you want to be on the beach, you'll have few options on either island. For what you're looking for, I'd suggest the south coast of Barbados. Peach and Quiet is a good choice there; it's definitely low-key but not on a beach and requires a car to get around. But the south is where you'll find more local atmosphere, so I think you'd like it there.

I'd suggest you think about something in the north of St. Lucia, probably in the Rodney Bay area. There are a few small inns there that might be appealing to you. That's where you'll find a range of nightlife and restaurants, and it's convenenient to the Gros Ilet jump-up and Castries for shopping. Coco Palm is within walking distance of Reduit Beach but not directly on the beach; Caribbean Jewel Beach Resort is directly on the beach there. If you stay in this area, you can easily get around with taxis and the local transportation, which is safe and very cheap. If you don't mind a more isolated location, Ti Kaye Village is wonderful and small, but it's definitely not close to nightlife. I'm not sure if it's within your budget, though.

I hope this helps. You're going to have to shop carefully to meet both your budget and on-beach requirements, but there are sometimes decent deals in May.
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Sep 5th, 2006, 03:07 PM
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Sshoneymoon, I saw your post and was immediately intrigued by the topic, since I have been to Barbados and my next trip (this winter) is to St. Lucia. But that hardly makes me an expert compared to the many very well-travelled people who have been to these islands and others many times.

Anyway, for what it is worth, I think that 11 days is a reasonable amount of time for visiting both islands. I also agree with Doug's suggestion of Rodney Bay in St. Lucia and the south coast in Barbados. There are two areas in Barbados you might consider are: St. Lawrence Gap, which has a greater concentration of bars and restaurants, and the Rockley/Accra Beach area, which I think has better beaches and less nightlife. I stayed in the Rockley/Accra beach area when I visited Barbados, but I would not recommend the particular hotel where I stayed, the Blue Horizon, particularly for a honeymoon. It was inexpensive and is in a good location (walking/bus distance to many restaurants and attractions), but it was not that clean or well-maintained (my minimum standards are along the lines of a nice three diamond AAA hotel in the US (Hilton, Marriott, etc), not the Ritz Carlton or anything similar).

I thought the beaches on the west side of Barbados were gorgeous, but lodging costs there generally are higher, and it seemed to me like it would be more difficult to get around there without a car as things were more spread out. There is a woman, Lois, who posts on this forum and has a list of tips for Barbados. She has been to Barbados many times; you should definitely check out her information. I found it very helpful.

In terms of St. Lucia, I am planning to spend part of my trip at the Coco Palm, one of the hotels that Doug mentioned, in Rodney Bay. It has received mostly positive reviews (on Tripadvisor) and is really reasonable. The only drawback may be that it is not right on the beach (I've heard it is a five minute walk). Like you, I wanted to find a place with restaurants, etc. within walking distance, and I think the Rodney Bay area is the best choice for that on St. Lucia. I didn't seriously consider other hotels in the Rodney Bay area, but I think that there are several others that offer reasonably priced accommodations and are not large, AI resorts. I think off-season rates in St. Lucia begin in mid-April.

Good luck with your planning!

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Sep 5th, 2006, 09:28 PM
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First of all we want to say thank you very much for your quick response to our questions. They have been very helpful so far. We have a few more if you don't mind.
We want to spend the 2nd part (the longer part) of our honeymoon on which ever island will be the best. I'm sure they both have great things to offer, but if you had to choose between Barbados or St. Lucia as the better island, which one would win.
Also, are there any "resorts" on either island that have individual cottages or villas on the beach that anybody is aware of.(again close to the local scene) We aren't completely "anti" resort, we just prefer the fewer children that go along with villa or cottage type hotels.
Thanks again for all of your help and we look forward to reading some more opinions on the subject..
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Sep 6th, 2006, 07:00 AM
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Stonefield Villas in St. Lucia might be something that would interest you, but I'm not sure it's within your price range. Hummingbird Beach Resort in Soufriere is cheaper but not as nice. St. Lucia is probably the cheaper of the two islands.

I can't hink of a single place in Barbados that has beachside cottages that would also be within your price range. But one place on Barbados that I forgot to mention is the Divi Heritage Beach Resort, which is a small complex of self-catering apartments, so it's not really a resort, though there is a full-fledged, adults-only resort next door, and you can use its pool. This is a good location because it's within walking distance of a small supermarket and other stores in Holetown, as well as restaurants and some nightlife. It might be a good choice for you; I'd wager it's our cheapest recommendation on the entire west coast of Barbados, though I think the atmosphere you are looking for is probably more likely to be found in the St. Lawrence Gap area, as the previous poster indicated.
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Sep 6th, 2006, 01:41 PM
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In terms of answering the question about which island is "better" that is a really hard question. You might get more useful feedback on which island you and your fiancee would prefer if you provided more information about what you like to do while on vacation (i.e., lie on the beach, hike in rainforests), or what you liked/disliked about previous islands you visited.

Another thing to keep in mind about St. Lucia is that several options mentioned in previous posts that are cottage-style resorts (e.g., Stonefield, Hummingbird)arein more secluded areas on the southern part of the island, which is less developed overall. I didn't get the impression that was the environment you were seeking. If you just want to find a place that is not overrun with children, I think you should be able to do that in the Rodney Bay or north area (especially in May when children are in school, at least in the US). There are adult-only AI properties (Sandals, BodyHoliday at LeSport), but it doesn't seem like that is what you want for your honeymoon.
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Sep 7th, 2006, 05:28 AM
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It sounds like you've got a great honeymoon in front of you, and you've been great about giving us your parameters of cost and what you're looking for in your vacation. I have just one more question for you.

Which is more important, for part or all of your trip: staying in a cottage-like place on a beach that is NOT a resort? Being within walking distance of some nightlife and dining options?

Because it really will be difficult to combine the two above criteria and still be in your budget range. Beachfront property is very expensive, and the only way most hoteliers can make it work is to either do it in the form of a large resort to keep costs down for guests, or make it a small, intimate place with VERY high prices.

And to toss out another idea altogether, have you considered Grenada? It's a cheap LIAT flight away from Barbados (we paid $35 each way, plus taxes) and it offers more beachfront accommodations that aren't resorts than St. Lucia does.

You might want to take a look at the budget Jenny's Place on Grand Anse in Grenada. It's definitely in your price range and it's on the beach, but it's nothing flash. You could walk to at least Coconut Grove and you're right on the bus route to get to most places along that strip.

If you could give up the beach cottage, you could take a look at the Flamboyant on the opposite end of Grand Anse. Within walking distance of a few bars and restaurants, with fabulous views from most rooms as it's built into a hillside. You can frequently find rates here starting at US $75/night online.

If you could give up the nightlife, take a look at Twelve Degrees North, a collection of small villas that are waterfront and adults only. Each villa comes with a housekeeper/cook who will prepare your breakfast and lunch for you--all the extra you have to pay is the cost of food. Rates here are a bit more, US $150/night.

There's also the gorgeous La Sagesse, a small hotel/inn with most rooms just a couple dozen yards from the beach. Beautiful beach, but very secluded. Rooms start at just under US $100. They frequently offer specials that can bring the rates a bit lower.

It's my thinking that if you're going to split the trip between two islands, maybe a little seclusion for a honeymoon wouldn't be out of line. You could spend one leg of the trip in a place that's in the middle of things, like the south coast of Barbados, and complement that with some serious liming and relaxation on another island.
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