Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic hotels

Sep 20th, 2009, 05:49 AM
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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic hotels

I am not happy with the quality of hotels in the city lately. They are in need of renovation cost per room is high and do not get the return of investment, does not fulfill expectations.

Is there one hotel that stands out for you in Santo Domingo that you would recommend?

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Sep 21st, 2009, 06:46 AM
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Hola, epaulino. Since you have received no other replies, I will add a comment or two. I have stayed in 5 or 6 different hotels in Sto.Dgo. and would be willing to recommend a couple of them.

Not knowing which ones you've tried and found lacking, though, it's hard to make a recommendation. Would you provide a couple of examples of the issues you've had with hotel quality, and at which properties ?

Including a bullet or two about your budget, location preference, etc., would also aid in making a more helpful recommendation.

I'll watch for your further comments.....
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Sep 21st, 2009, 04:11 PM
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Hello lifes2short

Thanks for responding to my message

I have stayed at the Melia (regular and most times use the Royal Service), Santo Domingo Hotel, Intercontinental, Jaragua(regular and executive floor), Hispaniola(rarely), Embajador. I have also stayed at others towards the center of the city such as Lina.

Issues: Worn out rooms and furniture and expensive food and service. There is a high expectation for tips for all services that are part of what you pay for. I do acknowledge that staff means well but is underpaid and looking for a way to make a tip/gift. I tip but I cannot solve world hunger during a few days of visit.

Budget: no more than $150.00

My preference would be Zona Colonial or Malecon

Thanks again
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Sep 22nd, 2009, 04:25 AM
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Hi again, epaulino. Thanks for outlining some of your experiences/complaints.....I definitely agree with you re: tired accommodations and, to an extent, the expensive food.

I don't have much experience on the Malecon, where you have already tried the Jaragua and Intercontinental, at least. You will die laughing when I tell you where I usually go when I only need 1 or 2 nights (Napolitano). Seriously, value for $$ is there, since I pay only $65 US and get a very good breakfast included. Love love love sitting on the terrace with a cold Presidente Light ! I realize, though, that many folks would not be comfortable there; it is, as you say about other hotels, somewhat worn-out overall.

In this general area we like Hotel Santo Domingo, though, to be fair, have not stayed there recently. I find the rooms large and comfortable, well-equipped bathrooms, good breakfast. Lovely pool with resort-like feel to it. You have already tried this one, though, along with the Embajador. I had a good experience there, for some of the same reasons as Hotel SD, though, like you, I prefer a more "central" location.

On the the Malecon, have you considered the new-ish Hilton ? Gets good reviews and appears to be in your $$ range. Again, it may be that the specific brand will offer you a level of service and amenities to meet your expectations. This is not a personal rec, since I have not tried it.

Now, on to the Colonial Zone: my fave in the entire city is Sofitel Nicolas de Ovando. Gorgeous rooms, huge bathrooms, really on a whole different level from the other properties in the city. But, since we get what we pay for, relatively speaking, the rate there is higher than your target range. So I am wondering whether you have tried the Sofitel Frances ? Same general location in the Zona Colonial (though I believe it shares the Nicolas' pool, so that's a bit inconvenient)....have not stayed there, but I have to think that the Sofitel brand might be more on a par with the amenities/service you seek. It is in your price range, per what I see on hotels dot com.

Have you considered any of the boutique hotels in the Zona ? I have not researched them myself, but I know there is a lot of buzz for the Coco Boutique Hotel. To a lesser degree, the Atarazana. The thing that may suit you with these smaller places is that the service would be more personal. In both cases, service is mentioned frequently as selling points in reviews for these 2 properties. I definitely plan to try the Coco at my next opportunity. Check it out, if you have not already done so, on TA.

Hola vaca, these comments have run on for too long. I did not get around to addressing your food complaint, mainly because I never eat hotel food apart from breakfast. Do you typically have transportation when you are in the Capital, or are you somewhat captive to the hotel restaurant ? My personal favorites are Vizcaya, Dumbo and El Rey del Falafel. True, I’m not into high-end dining when in Sto.Dgo, but I do love these 3 places.

Let me reiterate that I agree completely with you on the topic of tired, out-dated furnishings in many of the Sto.Dgo. hotels. Apart from going with a chain (e.g., Hilton) or more of an historical property (one of the Sofitels) your only other choice might be to adjust your expectations somewhat.

Where service is concerned, I agree, too. My experience has been marked by inconsistency and disappointment, in many cases. And while I cannot personally recommend any of the boutique hotels such as Coco, I have to believe you would find the level of service more to your liking; and, if not, management appears to be very responsive, based on reviews I am seeing.

Apologies for such a lengthy reply. Looking forward to reading further comments about your experiences and upcoming trips to this crazy, beautiful city !
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Sep 22nd, 2009, 06:37 PM
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Hello again Lifes2short

Thank you for all the time you took to answer my request for help. You were excellent, very knowlegeable of the city and its diversity. I love the SD I just wish hotels and the Tourism Dept. would do something to make it more competitive and a great place to return more and more. I recently spent a few day in Cancun and it gave me a lot to think about the DR.

I am going to get information about Coco and the smaller places. I agree that the Napolitano has a lot to offer. I have also enjoyed a drink and merengue in that terrace you mentioned overlooking the malecon.

Thanks again
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