resort question

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resort question

I have been reading all the messages here on the baord and it seams to me, that everyone is going to an All Inclusive resorts and I truly amazed.

As an agent myself, I can stay at the best resorts for next to nothing, but still choose to rent a private condo or villa when I am going away. I love having the privacy of your home away from home, your own pool, garden, cook, maid and being able to invite anyone at any time I like without any hesitation or rules of the resort.

Most people, when asked upon coming home, what they see in the new country, they really have no answer, as most do not even leave a resort and it is such a shame.

The country is filled with vibrant people, colours, music, dancing and the most fantastic food and drinks at most reasonable prices you can still find anywhere in the world and it is way too different from a resort atmosphere.

But that is only my 2 cents, but still after being in business since 1986 and beleive me, I have been and stayed at 95% of theproperties I market, I still would take a private vacation any time.
Any questions or comments, just let m eknow, I am very curious as to why??
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Can you tell us why you posted the same question three separate times with different titles and the same typos?

I never go to AI's...hate 'em. Much prefer a quiet villa or boutique hotel depending on where I'm as a foodie, AI's don't really cut it where food is concerned.

I think contrary to your observation, the majority of Fodorites are not cookie cutter vacation types at all, but in fact careful planners of most every detail of their trips.
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We only go to AI's if the destination we are going to offer it. It's a financial thing. Not going AI we have to tack on an extra $1,000-$1,500 for food and drink to our over all bill. We eat, snack and drink alot on vacation. We like to plan 3-4 vacations a year, we are not financially set to rent villas, stay in fancy hotels or have private personell to wait on us hand and foot. Finding the cheapest way to get there and a decent place to stay just so we can go is our first concern.

Also we like the comfort of just going and getting whatever/whenever we want. If we don't like it, we can try something else with no additional cost. Searching for a restuarant and finding that the food was not up to par and having to pay for it is a dissappointment that we've experienced more than several times. We've spent $200 + on fine recommendated restaurants in Las Vegas that had worse food than anything we've had at a low end AI hotel.

We do venture off the AI properties for tours and excursions and experienced the food. Recieved food posioning from a restaurant in Playa del Carmen. Those things happen, and have not deterred us, but we prefer the comfort and convenience of the hotel. That's just our aspect regarding your question. I'm sure others have their own reasons.

Since you don't like staying at the resorts that you are able to get for "next for nothing" would you mind sharing it with someone like us who does???

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wow, this tpatricco person shows up just about everywhere to insult people, huh? rimma-he did the same thing to me...maybe rimma was trying to post on diff't locations, not realizing they all show up in the same area. it's a public forum, if you seriously have a problem with particular people's questions, don't waste their time by responding to them!
rimma-we thought about an AI previously but decided we would rather explore wherever we go on some of our days. I think several people want just the utter relaxation of having to do nothing while they are on vacation. others want more of a mix. i guess it depends on the purpose of the vacation.
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I am in the biz also and have done both. I have been to Jamaica 32 times since 1974 - I love the island for all those reasons you mention. When I choose an AI, it is for the sports and fitness facilities. I am very active and like to stay that way on vacation. When I rented villas, they had privileges at Half Moon so I could enjoy the gym, spa and classes there a couple of times a day.

I also do not stay put when I am in an AI and I know most people do. I think it is mostly an economic decision or perhaps one based on trepidation. I know that many people return from Jamaica - especially crusie ship visitors - and are turned off by the vendors, poverty, etc.
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Why are you amazed and why does it matter?

AI is a great fit for some people and a poor fit for others.

Just because someone chooses to do one over another doesn't make them an inferior traveler nor does it mean they don't know how to travel.

We do both and we enjoy both. By emjoying an all inclusive, it doesn't mean we never see any of the country we visit. Also, be renting a condo it doesn't mean we get out and see the country we are visiting.
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what is the point?
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the point is to get people to email her and then hopefully use her services....if there isn't a board rule for this there sure should be
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