Reef Resort

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Reef Resort

We are looking at going to Grand Cayman at the end of January. Does anyone have any information about the Reef Resort. Thought maybe it was a little too far away from things, but maybe not. Are there a fair amount of less expensive places to eat on that end of the island?
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The owner of that resort is a regular poster here. His name is TomCayman. If you search on that, he also includes his email address. You could email him directly and ask him some of your questions if he doesn't answer here.
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There aren't too many places to eat at on that end of the island. However, we buy food and do simple cooking in the condo, eat on the ocean front patio's, and go out for the occasional meal. We love the Reef Resort and stay there often. We prefer the peace and quiet and great snorkeling/diving, so we stopped staying on 7MB. If you prefer fast food restaurants and shops and multiple restaurants nearby, it probably isn't for you. We get a car, explore the island, and love it. Let me know if you have specific questions.
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Hi Guys

BTW, I don't own the resort... but I do run it

We are (proudly) 23 miles and 45 minutes from the airport, and our guests love the peace and tranquility, as well as the excellent value for money for all beachfront suites.

End of plug.

Now, as to whether there is enough to do, I would say definitely yes, but it all depends on what YOU want to do. If you are more specific I will answer honestly, and if we are not right for you, I will say so.

I would prefer to do this by posting rather than email so that the benefits of the exchange can be shared with others.

As to restaurants, there are numerous restaurants nearby at different price points, including one (Roland's Garden) that has NO price... you just leave what you consider reasonable !
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Our fav part of GC is the Cayman Kai area but the East End runs a close second. These areas are relatively close -- just a short drive away.

There are excellent restaurants on the East End and in the Cayman Kai area. They are laid back, you can sit right on the waters edge, and the food is great. Most may not be fancy but that makes them even better - gives you more of an island feel. It is hard to find a bad meal on GC.

Do not know how accurate they are, but you may want to check out or (noticed not all are mentioned on this site). Guess any area east of George Town is considered east on these sites.

If it is still there, Over The Edge is one of our favorite places to eat.

Be sure to rent a car and explore the island. Traffic is relatively congested on the Seven Mile Beach greater area but easy driving from the airport aound to the East End and Rum Point/Cayman Kai area.
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How is the snorkeling at this part of the beach? I know there are some areas along the 7 mile beach that are supposed to have easy access to the reef from the beach with excellent snorkeling. I really love to snorkel but enjoy the ease of just wading into the water from the beach rather than taking a special excursion, such as at Caneel Bay in St. John.
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Have not snorkeled at the East End near the Reef Resort but have snorkeled other areas of CG.

The snorkeling right before you get to Rum Point is the best of any place and any island we have been to. There is a public beach access or you can go to Rum Point, then (facing the sea) go to your right and walk down the beach for 5-10 minutes.

The reef is right off the beach in this area. The area is thick with sealife, especially at the puclic beach access. You don't have to snorkel out to the reef to see a lot but we love it. Especially at low tide, we like to snorkel between the coral and get close to the fish. But we are ALWAYS careful and never touch the coral (major rule of snorkeling).

(Snorkeling at Rum Point itself is OK but not great).
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We like to stay at the Sea Lodges because of the excellent snorkeling right in front of it (most places to stay in this area are houses and we don't need that much room or expense).

You love to walk out our door and snorkel. The lodges are individually owned (no, I don't own one but would love to). The complex is old but the lodges are nice and very clean. Plus, we usually practically have the beach to ourselves. May not be your "cup of tea" but you can check out a couple at or
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In general, if you can easily wade off the beach with a sandy bottom below you, there ain't going to be much to see if you snorkel, and that applies to most of Seven Mile Beach. The best snorkelling on 7MB is at Cemetery Reef, which is some distance from the condos and hotels (you'd typically drive there and park)

At The Reef Resort, we do have great snorkelling (especially around our dock), and although most of the beach has rocky areas right offshore, we do have two special swim entry areas along the beach with sandy bottom areas for ease of entry.

Seems to work well
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Thank you LvSun for all that information and the links! Have you stayed at either of the 2 lodges that you linked me to? Are all of them about the same quality or do you have a preference? I hadn't thought about doing a condo but the beach front and snorkeling is really compelling. I had been thinking of where we have stayed many times but in the winter the prices at the nice resorts there have become so ridiculous.

I assume that with a car there would be plenty of nice restaurants that are not difficult to get to?
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Sea Lodges:
Have not stayed in either of these particular lodges yet but we have booked The Haven for next March (taking college son with us so needed 2 bedrooms). Did communicate with owners of both while looking for one and they were wonderful to deal with and very helpful.

The lodge I stayed in before got wiped out by Ivan. The other owners told me it is/has been rebuilt but must not be on the rental market (not all owners rent their lodges out). If I remember correctly, both these lodges did get some water damage so they have remodeled.

Before Ivan I did see inside some of the other lodges and they all looked nice - not fancy but not run down, dirty, or anything like that. Just very nice and comfy places to stay. Perfect for the islands - I hate to stay in real nice hotels - like to "feel" I am actually on the island, get the sea breeze coming through, etc. Each also has a screened in porch which is great.

It is an old complex so the grounds are nothing fancy. But we LOVE the location, etc.

On our last trip, my hubby could not go for the first week so a girlfriend went with me. She loved it so much that she and her hubby stayed there for their honeymoon a few months later.

There are several restaurants within easy driving. The roads in this area are not busy like around 7MB so it is easy to get around and there is no way you can get lost. Driving to restaurants anywhere along the coast from BoddenTown to the Marina near Rum Point is real easy.

Real close to the Lodges: Rum Point has a snack bar and a restaurant (it is a 5-10 minute walk down the beach) and the Marina has a good restauant. My favorite, if it is still there, is Over-the_Edge. Nothing in the least bit fancy about it, but good food. You get to it by driving along the road heading to the East End.

In addition to Tom Cayman, there is a gal who goes by Cayman Sue who is a wealth of updated information. I posted a question to her when planning next year's trip. Her condo was not yet rebuilt so she stayed in one of the Sea Lodges for 2 weeks this past winter. I haven't seen her post lately but you may want to post a question to her.
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Wis, In response to your original question: The island is so small you can easily get around the whole thing.
From the East End, the only hassle about going to anything in the 7MB area is the traffic in that area.

If you want to enjoy a special island away from the beaten path of tourism, stay at the Reef Resort (or lodging on this side of the island).

If you want to shop, walk to eating, be in the thick of things, then stay at 7MB. But even then, depending on where you stay, you will probably want to rent a car. Many restaurants, etc, you will have to drive to (or take a taxi).
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Hi LvSun!
I saw the owner of the Haven (Jerri) on my last short jaunt to the island. She bought me a refreshing adult beverage at the Driftwood to thank me for referring you to the Haven! What fun!
We'll be heading down to stay at North Pointe in January and good friends will be at the Haven. Jerri said she has done even more remodeling.
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Hi Cayman Sue,
Glad to hear from you. Had not seen any posts from you lately.

Thanks for the info on Jerri and The Haven. I can't wait to go back to GC and the Sea Lodges. This will be my son's first trip to GC so I am double excited.

Next time you see Jerri, tell her I tell lots of people on here about her sea lodge. I may regret it someday - I will want to go and it will be booked up.

Earlier in 2007 we are going to Aruba and Bonaire. Have you been to Bonaire? If so, any info to share?
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