Pinkl Sands/Harbour Island questions???

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Pinkl Sands/Harbour Island questions???

My husband and I have decided on Pink Sands because of it's great reputation and it's close proximity. (doesn't take all day to fly there, we'll be flying from Dallas area)
I have a few questions, so if any of you could help me, I'd really appreciate it.

1. What is the best cottage and location? We would really like the two bedroom cottage because it has the jacuzzi on private deck, but of course don't need all that room. Maybe it's worth if we can get a good rate. What room type did you stay in? And, are all the rooms the same?
2. Are there many kids staying there or is it more of an adult place?
3. Are any of the rooms directly on the water?
4. What is the best air route getting there? Miami? Ft. Lauderdale? etc.
5. We have about 5-6 days for vacation. Is this enough time?
6. What will the weather be like in early June? Is there a treat of a hurricane at this time?
Any info. will be greatly appreciated.
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You're gonna LOVE Pink Sands! Here's my answer.

1. I'd skip the jacuzzi and request the
1 bedroom "GLass Windows" cottage.
It has the best view and is very
close to the glorious beach.

2. There may be some children but
really it's and adult place so I
would not expect to see many if any

3. Glass Windows is as close as any
and it's about 2 min to the water

4. We did Miami- Eleuthera but FLL may
be just as good.

5. 5 - 6 days is just enough time.
Any longer and you'll be looking
for more to do.

6. We went in Mid June and the weather
was hot and humid but honestly it
was more hot up at home in MI.
Maybe an afternoon thunderstorm but
not enough to spoil a thing.
You'll do fine.

Be sure and visit Angela's Starfish
Restaurant for the best personality and
local food. She's great. I'm very
jealous of you. Pink Sands still rates as our favorite "Caribbean" and yes I
know it's really not in the Caribbean destination. It's wonderful. Write me with any more questioons you may have.

PS: Glass Windows is private with a small patio area. It has one large
room with the bed/chair/tv/bar and then
a nice size bathroom w/closet and safe.
Plenty of room for 2 people.

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Thanks Paul...really appreciate your reply. Will keep your recommendation in mind when booking.
Would still love to hear from others, especially Tweedy.
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Paul had a good response. Regarding your flight, remember to fly into N. Eleuthra. I would also avoid Continental Connection, I had a horrible time returning home being bumped from my 19 seater flight. US Airways flies more often and larger planes. From FLL you can charter privately for $150. per person, my husband did it to get home on a medical emergency. Have a great trip!
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Katie, you will have a wonderful time on island. Harbour island is a true jewel in the Carribean.

You now have a few choices on how to get there from Florida, you can fly into Nassau and take Bahamas Air or you can take the Fast Ferry over, which is what we will do now. It takes about 2 hours on the ferry and it will take you right to the Government Dock where a cab will be waiting to take you to Pink Sands.

You might ask Reggie or Jenna to take you on a short tour of the island so you get your bearings on the way.

Most of the villas at Pink Sands have ocean views, so take a villa that will suit your needs and just realx. The pool area is very nice and close to the bar/restaurant. There is also a nice restaurant/bar right on the beach, and next door at Coral Sands is a nice beach bar too and they serve the best conch burgers.

Speaking of burger heaven, YOU MUST GO to Ma Ruby's for lunch for the most amazing hamburger in the world (oh no now I'm hungry for a burger, and we won't be there till the end of JUNE!!!)

There are several good restaurants on island but we think the food is BEST at Runaway Hill and Romora Bay.

There are several cute places for breakfast and lunch "downtown" and there is ever a cyber cafe for email checks at Arthur's Bakery, great for breakfast and order a loaf of Arthur's coconut bread, it is amazing, I munch on it all day.

One nice thing about the island is that it is very small and staying at Pink Sands you can easily walk everywhere. You might want to rent a golf cart for a day or two to explore the island, it is 3 miles long by half a mile wide and most of the homes on island date back to the 1800 a few earlier than that and lots of gingerbread everywhere.

IF you need any other info, I would be happy to answer any other questions you might have [email protected]

Have a wonderful time on island.

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Hey Twi: How did you get bumped from your flight? I am worried because I am flying Continental COnnection in July to Eleuthera.

Did the airline compensate you in any way?
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So now what is the weather like in June and July? How are the mosquitoes &/or no-see-ums? Does it ever rain for hours on end?
How is the ferry ride (is it rough)?
What about fauna on the island?
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We are thinking about going to Harbour Island in July for a week. Does anyone know if the fast ferries run more than once a day? Our flight gets us in at 11:00 am on a Sunday to Nassau and the ferry leaves at 8:00 am. My wife is not a fan of small planes, so this seems like the best option for us, but I don't want to waste a day in Nassau waiting for the ferry. Thanks!
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I think the ferries are running twice a day early am and early pm, but you might check the website for exact times the site is

The trip is very nice and even if the ocean is a little rough the ferry is large enough to make the trip pretty smoothly.

Yes there are no-see-ums, but for us Skin-so-soft works like a charm and I rarely have problems. Most of the resorts on island have some on hand or you can buy it at any of the stores on island.

Bahamas is notorious for being late, but Continental is pretty good about making arrangements if something goes wrong. Weather in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale can hamper flights, that's why we fly directly into Nassau and then take either Bahamas Air over but with the ferry we will start taking that now when we head down later this month.

The weather in July will be HOT, but everything is air conditioned, and the water will be bath water, so even if it is hot just jump in the pool or the ocean, which will be just feet away just about anywhere you are on island.

It usually rains some everyday, but rarely for very long, and it's a nice way to cool things down.

Enjoy your trip and if you need any more info on the island, just holler.

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Katie, I agree with Paul.

Glass windows is definitely the best cottage. It sits right above the beach on a small hill overlooking the water and has it's own private sandy walkway down the hill to the water/beach. You will have the most glorious (and I mean glorious) view of the ocean. It also has a small patio with chairs and umbrella if you don't want to go down to the beach. Skip the jacuzzi. I checked out the other cottages while I was there and in my opinion this one definitely had the best privacy and view. If it is not available, at least put in a request for a free standing unit. Some of the cottages are duplexes.

There are some kids at Pink Sands, but not a whole lot.

I flew from Miami to North Eleuthra on continental connection. They actually did bump some passengers off the plane, thankfully I was not one of them. Try to buy your ticket as early as possible and arrive/check in at the airport as early as possible if you are flying with them. I think when you purchase your ticket and when you check in, has a lot to do with whether or not you are bumped.

You will definitely enjoy. The beach is fabulous!
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Katie, for ease of connections, I would suggest flying into Nassau and take a flight from there to N. Eleuthera or take the fast ferry over, it is much less of a hassle that way, and believe me I have tried every way to get there and by far, flying into Nassau is much easier. Also the fast ferries are getting rave reviews for being a nice way to travel and being on time and whole new idea (lol) for the Bahamas.

Take care and have a great time.

PS, go have dinner at Runaway.
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I have a stupid question. You mentioned "Glass Windows" as the best cottage. I checked Pink Sands website and they list the 1 bedroom cottages as garden or ocean view. How would someone if they are getting the "Glass Windows" cottage.

Also, it appears that the prices include breakfast and dinner. How was the food? Did you blow off the expensive dinner at Pink Sands and go elsewhere? Seems sort of a waste of money not to have dinner at the Pink Sands if you already paid for it.

Did anyone get a lower price going thru a hotel website or did you book directly with the hotel?

Thanks in advance for your response.
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Ooops, couple more questions....

1. What does the flight from Nassau to N. Eleuthra cost normally?

2. What's the cost of taking the ferry?

Thanks again!
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"Glass Windows" is the name of a cottage at Pink Sands. It's ocean front and in a really good and private location. Just request it and see what happens. (it's also the name of a natural bridge on Eleuthera from where the cottage gets its name)
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Hi gang,

Just a quick note, if you are going to Harbour Island this summer, you might want to take the ferry. North Eleuthera airport is closed right now for at least a month, for some MUCH needed work on the runways and "terminal", (ok I laugh when I say that, it is a tiny building, and just needs some

Continental and US Air are landing in Govenours Harbour and there are vans and taxi service up to the water taxis over to the island. The airlines are paying for the extra taxi service needed.

The taxi ride is over an hour and it does take you over Glass Window Bridge, where the Carribean and the Atlantis oceans come together, it is a very picturesque site, one side of the road the water is aqua and emerald green and the other side (not 10 feet away) is a deep ocean blue. The bridge is only 1 car width, but since there is not much traffic on the road there isn't much need to widen it. After all there is only 1 traffic light on the entire island, in the center of Govenours Harbour.

IF you do decide to fly and land at Govenours Harbour ask for a buddy of mine Wendall (cab driver) to take you up to N. Eleuthera. He can give you a bit of a tour on the way and answer any questions you might have on the island, fishing, sites to see...and please tell him HI for me.

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We spent the winter exploring the out islands of the Bahamas, and I've read with interest the comments about Eleuthera. So that the travelor will be prepared, I'd like to add a couple of comments. Eleuthera has been devastated by hurricanes and lack of governmental response to economic downturn. On the island of Eleuthera, there are no resorts left (there were 25). The people we talked to were very nice, but they were sad about the state of the island. The bridge at the glass window is damaged, and it's a mess. It's closed when the weather gets bad. (PS, the Caribbean Sea is not on one side of the bridge--you are not anywhere near the Caribbean in the Bahamas) We explored Eleuthera by car one day, renting from the Cates family in Rock Sound. I would suggest as an outing a visit to Island School on the north end. Very interesting! Sorry my comments are mostly all negative--we left Eleuthera to go to Exuma with a feeling of sadness for the situation.
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To KNoel:

Don't know where you got the number 25, but yes there have been a few resorts that have closed, Windermere and Club Med, but there are a few resorts on the island that are still open, Rainbow Inn, Cigatoo Inn, The Cove to name a few and of course there are alot of homes for rent all over the island.

Club Med was damaged twice by hurricanes and there has been talk of rebuilding but have not heard if it is true or rumor. South Eleuthera there was a beautiful resort ruined by hurricanes a few years ago, and rumor again here, that it may be rebuilt.

Cruise ships were being brought into Eleuthera near Govenours Harbour at least twice and I have been told that is going to continue on a limited basis.

Hurricane Mitch that went through two years ago stayed over Eleuthera for something like 20 hours so alot of homes, property, boats, government buildings, phone service and electricity was badly damaged as was parts of the beach. EVERYONE worked very hard to rebuild and most of the damage was rebuilt and/or replaced within a year. Duties were even lifted to support the rebuilding.

With the new government in place, there is a new effort to support the "Family Islands". I believe the new Prime Minister is from Eleuthera.

I have been going to Eleuthera and Harbour Island for 18 years and I can attest to the changes the islands have seen from sleepy islands to more economic growth and discovery. There is also a push to bring business to the islands that is not dependent on tourism so that the economy can continue to grow. That is being seen in alot of the carribean now as well.

Glad you had a chance to see some of the islands and hope you had a great time. Come back when you get a chance and see the changes that are happening.

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thanks for the info--i hope things improve. Chris Cates in Rock Sound told me there were 25 resorts that are no longer there. All I know is that we explored the Abacos and the Exumas as well, and Eleuthera/Harbor Island seem to be forgotten, and the people feel abandoned and defeated. (This is what locals told me on many occasions) There is a big morale problem. What beautiful natural resourses they have! Things will get better, I'm sure.
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