Marriage Proposal Help!

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Marriage Proposal Help!

Hey Everyone,
I've learned so much from everyone on this, and it's really helped in previous trips. I appreciate it all!

Well, I'm going to ask my girl the big question. We're all about having fun, being adventurous, laughing, being ridiculous, I would like to have some suggestions on where in the Caribbean (affordable please, it's not the honeymoon yet!) I could propose to her? Something unique, fun. Example, maybe something like asking her in front of everyone at Rick's Cafe in Negril. Just an idea. Thank you so much!
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How about Tulum, Mexico? It's relatively inexpensive and really pretty. You can get a nice room for about $140 a night on the beach, rent a car for $150/wk from Cancun airport and your meals can range anywhere from $9 for two (eating in town) to $60 eating by your hotel....
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You must be very sure of her answer, if you are thinking of asking her in front of lots of people. It might be nice to keep it private and romantic. I know when my husband proposed, I cried, I was so happy and wouldn't have wanted other people watching on. Also, if she has any doubts at all, it could be very awkward.

What about asking your hotel to pack a picnic lunch with champagne and finding a secluded spot on the beach to relax and propose.

Best of luck.
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Haha, I like the Tulum idea...except for the fact that we are going there in a few weeks, and the ring won't be ready yet!!! Good thinking though!

And I'm sure of her answer. We've discussed it before, been together a long time, lived together a while, it's just perfect, it really is!
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I personally am not a fan of the public marriage proposal...have seen it done a few times at restaurants, and it looks a bit awkward for everyone involved. It's a special/intimate moment that your girlfriend will likely want to enjoy in private, with freedom to yell, cry, or dance with joy.

Do you kayak? What about getting a kayk and having a picnic lunch packed and proposing on a beach somewhere... Same could be said for a snorkel sail, etc. Then make sure to go out for a celebration dinner afterwards.

Have fun!
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I agree. Don't put her on the spot. Ideally it should be in a private setting, something that is romantic and will be fondly remembered by both of you.

Asking during a trip might also be seen as putting her on the spot. Is there anything close to home (a sunset/sunrise at the beach, a hiking trail with a scenic view, favorite restaurant, park or activity) where you could pop the question without it seeming to be part of the deal and/or ruining the trip if she's not ready?

In truth, I can't give very good advice. My wife asked me ten times before I said yes (we had only known each other three months when she started asking) but we've been married close to 25 years now. After I said yes, we began shopping for a diamond for my mother's wedding set. I did surprise her with a custom made anniversary ring on our 10th. I took her ring so the jeweler could match the size and style. Then slipped the new ring on her finger at dinner on our anniversary.
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I'm afraid I have to agree with the other posts, keep the proposal private and very romantic. Then go have some crazy fun! I don't know what time of year you're thinking about but, if I had my choice of places to get proposed to, I would have to say the turtle watching platform at Peach and Quiet in Barbados
Fantastic location right on the water with the waves crashing on shore. Very affordable as well and the food is wonderful. We've been married for 28 years and will be returning to P&Q in April for our sixth trip. Each visit feels like we're on a honeymoon. To me it doesn't get any better than that. Check out TA to read more. Congrats!
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The island you choose won't matter. It's a special time, and no matter where you pick, it will be incredibly special.

Here's a couple romantic ideas:

I totally agree that you do this in private. This is between you & her, period.

Using the sand on the beach, you could write out her name, and "Will you marry me" in GIANT letters. As soon as she reads it, have the ring in your hand, and be down on one knee to give it to her.

Another idea is to freeze the ring into an ice cube. Pick a nice spot on a deck, or beach looking out at the sunset. Mix up a few drinks, of course putting the ring into her drink. Then at some point, look at her drink, and ask what is that?
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Okay, I'm just going to play devil's advocate here. My now-hubby popped the question at my favorite spot on earth -- which, at any given moment, has a few thousand people milling around. And I can't think of a single proposal scenario that would have been better FOR ME. We don't take anything too seriously, and we're both open books, so a quiet proposal on an deserted beach or over a candlelit dinner would have been waaaaay out of character. In other words -- you know yourself and your girlfriend better than any of us on a random travel board, so go with your gut!

That said, why not pin down your destination first and then figure out the details? Is there any spot in the Caribbean that holds special significance to the two of you?
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Thanks everyone!
And we're kinda going down karameli's would be way out of character for us. We're so outgoing, wild, adventurous, etc. I do like the ring in ice idea, very clever!

And no where in particular is special for us. We just like to go all over.
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Hmm. A little tougher w/o a place in mind, but some thoughts:

Go to a local flea market and buy her a cheap/tacky souvenir ring. Insist that she wear it all day. Later, tell her that the more you look at it, the more you think it's just not her style...and of course you have a better one.

Or book one of those kitschy pirate-ship sunset cruises and do something along the bent of finding "treasure." You may be able to get the staff to help out with some advance notice
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Well, if you are up for Caribbean..laid back, very casual, beautiful beaches, small scale you might want to check out Culebra. You can get more specifics at . Since we're such a small island I'm sure you could get some personal assistance with your surprise plans.

Good luck!
Palmetto Guesthouse, Culebra
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Going with the pirate cruise idea, there are several around, including St Lucia and Barbados, and they do a "pretend" wedding. I'm sure they would accommodate a proposal setup for you.
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i think you should take here to some great island that has amazing zip lining. you go first and when she comes zipping across to the last plank that you are standing on 80-100 feet up in the rain forest with monkeys and wild birds you get down on your knee. and pop the question.

My husband and i went zip lining the day he proposed to me in Costa Rica. But he did it another way. it was the most amazing day ever!!!!!
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