Concerned about beaches and safety in Jamaica...

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Concerned about beaches and safety in Jamaica...

I've booked a trip to Montego Bay for my boyfriend and I in late May. We are staying at the Ritz Carlton, 8 miles east of the airport on the northern coast. I've been told by a friend that I shouldn't even consider leaving the resort -- she said that crime and aggressive peddlers are everywhere. Is this true? Should I be concerned? I'm pretty adventurous and I want to check out the local sights. Also, what is the snorkeling/diving like in the area? I also heard it wasn't the greatest...any reassuring comments or advice would be appreciated!
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Hi traci i booked the ritz carlton the first week in june so i will just miss you. I have never been to jamaica but i know the ritz is beautiful. I have read alot about the resort so i am not worried. The beach is small but they will also shuttle you to the rose hall beach club which is larger and has water sports. the pool looks beautiful. it is next to the half moon resort and walking distance to the half moon shopping center. they have free shuttles to take you back and forth to different restaurants in the mobay area. and the golf course is supposedly spectacular. most people say it is very safe to be outside the resort especially in the daytime. the hip strip is between the ritz and the city. I like to get out of the resort also, but i guess you should be careful no matter what you do. I look at it this way, if the Ritz decides to build a resort in a certain area, it cant be that bad. Have a great time and email me when you get back. I leave June 2.
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common sence folks.....thats all you need to use. Ask the resort you get you a great driver/tour guide and they will know where to take you and where not to. It's no different than downtown Chicago. You just need to be aware of what you're doing thats all. <BR>To go to JA and never leave the resort would be a crying shame. The people are what will make your trip extra special. Trust me!.. <BR> <BR> <BR>7 time guest of Jamaica!
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We stayed at the Wyndham, which is very near the Ritz. <BR>You do not have to limit yourself to the resort. However - do NOT rent a car. Limit your "exploring" to guided group tours (these can be arranged at your hotel). <BR>It is safe, in my opinion, to visit the prime tourist area in Montego Bay (Gloucester Ave.) during the daytime. You can take a taxi or a shuttle. We highly recommend Doctor's Cave Beach - great for swimming, and you can snorkel from shore. <BR>You can have the cheapest lunch of your vacation at the Doctor's Cave Beach snack bar, or go down the street to the Pork Pit for a good jerk experience. <BR>Snorkelling/diving excursions should be available (check at the Ritz). The snorkelling isn't the best in the Caribbean, but it's not bad. (We didn't do any diving). <BR>Have fun ! <BR> <BR>
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Any new info in 2002 for safety issues in Jamaica specifically Ocho Rios?<BR> About three years ago on a cruise, they (the TD,etc.) had me scared so much I didn't even get off the ship.<BR>Just wondered if anything is better or even worse. Thanks for any info.
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I've been to Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. I was with a group of friends on spring break, and had no problems, I even went out shopping one day on my own. Since I'm blonde and fair I was very noticable and would get an occasional comment, but felt relatively safe. Prostitutes will come up to males at the end of the night, even when with women, which was more annoying than anything. I wouldn't worry TOO much about your safety, but as someone else said, use common sense.
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We too were terrified by everyones remarks - i spent months reading my husband passages from any number of articles with warnings and when we were there we were met by some of the friendliest, nicest people that we have ever met. If you never left the resort it would be a shame because it is one of the most gorgeous islands and with the most culture - we will be returning this year and i am a very big scaredy cat!
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The Ritz is a luxury cocoon -- and a wonderful one to de-stress in. You're outside MoBay proper, with few reasons<BR>to come into 'the city', save for a gallery, maybe Margarittaville/The Pier for partying,maybe dancing and dinner up at Round Hill, and a few restaurants (tho few match what you'll already find at the Ritz). Contact Carolyn Barrett,a snorkeling guide/guide<BR>extrodinaire at [email protected] -- she offers a full spectrum of explorations off the beaten track island-wide for the adventuresome to the timid traveler, first-timer to long-time visitor alike.
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It has been a few years since we visited Jamaica. We stayed in Ocho Rios. <BR><BR>Our travel agent tried to explain what the place was like, but we couldn't understand staying somewhere and being told you shouldn't leave the hotel property. We enjoy taking walks off hotel property to go into the towns of the places we visit. It wasn't until we got there that I understood what she meant. We never really felt comfortable walking into "town". It was not that kind of place. My husband was approached by two men as he took a walk on a Sunday morning. The men demanded money. When my husband told them he had none with him, they suggested that they go back to the hotel with him to get the money! Needless to say he boldly told them to leave him alone. They followed him for a while as he tried to walk back to the hotel so he could get some help to get rid of these thugs. After that incident we felt it necessary to stay on the hotel property and take cabs whenever we wanted to leave.<BR><BR>Tivertonhouse makes a good point - IMO you need a hotel cocoon to stay in Ocho Rios. Not my kind of place to vacation.
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