best way to fly to Anguilla

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best way to fly to Anguilla

Interested in flying to Anguilla from either NYC or Toronto. Is it best to fly directly into Anguilla or to a nearby island and water taxi over. I do not enjoy flying so my first concern would be direct flights. I would like to to this as a direct flight. Is this possible? I have ff miles with United so that would also be my preference. Thanks everybody in advance!
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I've been looking into flying to Anguilla too...and based on my findings I have discovered that American Airlines has more flights to this area than any other airline. It looks like I'm going to be flying from O'Hare into either Miami or San Juan then flying into St. Maarten and taking a ferry to Anguilla. I do believe though that you can fly from San Juan into Anguilla via American Eagle. However, I think they only have one flight daily. If you find something more direct please post it...I'd love to find a more direct route!
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AA. has a non stop to St. Martin from JFK. It is an 8am flight, and sometimes there are 2 flights so check their web site. United to the best of my knowledge does not serve Anguilla or SXM. Continential has a non stop out of Newark to St.Martin, but it is a 1 stop direct flight home. The ferry is easy to get out of Marigot on St. Martin to Anguilla, they run approx. every 30 minutes from 8am to 6pm. There might be some US Airways or Air Canada out of Toronto. St. Martin has non stops from all over so check that with your search.
You also can fly to San Juan, change planes to Anguilla.
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I've copied the following from a similar post another person and I replied to. My vote is to fly to Anguilla via San Juan if you can. I always find the St. Maarten part the most tiring and hottest part of the trip. Bear in mind that if you get seasick a ferry ride might not be advisable as altho' the rides are 99% of the time calm, you will be getting on a boat tired after a day of flying! A taxi from the airport to Marigot ferry terminal will cost around US$15 depending on # of persons and bags. The ride is about 20 minutes. Once at the ferry terminal you will find a clipboard at the counter where you add your name to the list of passengers. Name, passport #, date of birth and where you'll be staying. Pay US$2 departure tax there to the lady behind the counter. Once on the ferry you pay the fare, US$10 per adult/5 per child. upon arrival in Anguilla you will go through immigration and find taxis waiting outside to take you to your hotel.
Another option is to have a private charter meet you at the airport, the laggon is across the street. They cost around US$250 per ride. I know, expensive, but it's very popular with the Cap Juluca/Malliouhana/Cuisinart crowd. This can be arranged through your hotel, there are several who do it, Sandy Deep and Gotcha being the most popular.
The American Eagle flight from San Juan to Anguilla is fine, it costs around $195 per person and is about an hour long. They are viligant about security checks though, so pack accordingly. I have found the less packed in my carry on the better as it takes less time to look through it! I'm not complaining about the checks, rather that than the alternative!
Hope this helps.


Author: John ([email protected])
Date: 06/19/2002, 09:57 am
Message: I am familiar with all 3 airports (SJU, SXM, AXA).
The easiest way, I think, is to connect on American Eagle in San Juan. If you have enough time, both ways. The Eagle flight is comfortable and your bags are checked all the way to Anguilla where someone will meet you (or a cab) to take you to final destination.
The disadvantage is having to connect in SJU coming back. This can be difficult, unless you allow at least 1.5 hrs to connect.
Going direct to SXM works too. The disadvantage is having to schlepp to the ferry with bags, etc. (Cab ride). The ferry is short enough and calm enough (seasickness generally not an issue). The ferry is dependable, every 30 min or so but does not run at night.
The real issue with SXM is not safety but the hassle of coming back. It can be a real zoo, depending what time of day and what airline. (long lines, hot, etc.)

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I will be flying to Anguilla in a couple of weeks via American Airlines. I decided to avoid san juan (via American eagles to anguilla) by flying into st. martin, then taking a short flight from st. martin (sxm) to anguilla (axa). This route came out cheaper for me. I will be flying Winair ($74 roundtrip at for a schedule or call 800-634-4907), but Liat ( and other airlines fly st. martin to anguilla. Its a very short flight, maybe 10 minutes. This way, you skip the ferry ride from st. martin to anguilla.

See this link for information on getting to

hope this helps
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By the way, American eagle has more than 1 flight daily from san juan to anguilla. The number of flights may vary depending on the dates of travel though, but it looks like 2 or 3 daily flights. see
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Fly non-stop to St. Martin and take a puddle jumper over (there are several small airlines, your major carrier should be able to arrange it), its only a 10 min flight and is easier than having to taxi over to the ferry and dealing with the crowds. Watch your flight times however, the airport in Anguilla does not have night flights. If you get stuck you will have to deal w/ the ferry (its not that bad) we've done both. I prefer to fly. There are no large planes allowed to land at the tiny airport in Anguilla so you have to transfer from a larger port.
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Thanks JJ for your help with the info and for bringing this back to the top as I still have not booked anything.
Thanks to everybody else too for the info!
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Winair flies between St. Maarten and Anguilla.

TransAnguilla does charter flights from St. Maarten to Anguilla, they meet you after immigration and escort you to the waiting plane. Price is depending on how many passengers, if I remember correctly a private charter costs $450, if you share price gets divided between number of passengers.
We have used them twice and friends have used them and their service is excellent.

Anguilla Airport is open until the late AmericanEagle has landed, approx 11 pm.

Last ferry from Marigot is 7 pm.
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