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I agree about renting a car for a day or two to see the other gorgeous beaches on T&C.
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Regent Grand?
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Don't know anything about White House...sorry
Grace Bay Club, very nice , upscale, 1 adults only pool, large beach, expensive restaurant, like Somerset much better.
Regent Grand, more residential , no restaurant or resort type services. Vey quiet!
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Caribzack, I am glad you know so much about this T & C!

Regent Grand is currently offering 2 free nights so it is looking better and better. Quiet is fine with us if kids are allowed. Our kids are 11 and 14 and well traveled and well behaved(at least I think so) I did call Somerset but they are booked, but myturksandcaicos.com has openings for them. Does that make sense?

I know Blamona said OC was dated, do you know anything about it? We are used to Plantana on Grand Cayman and it is certainly not like Somerset, Grace Club or the like but it works well for us.

Again, thank you for the information.
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Regent Grand-don't get me wrong, quiet but, not hush hush, can easily walk to may restaurants from there, central location is great. Quiet as many owners do not rent...beautiful property.
Did you tell Somerset that myturksandcaicos.com had openings and ask why? I would call the 800# and ask if I book thru myt&C.com how does that work if Somerst says booked? I would not like that. I always book direct so that there is no problem, just my opinion.
You are right Ocean Club is not AT ALL like the others you mention. Older -yes, dated-yes, good central'ish location .
Many like Ocean Club West better-newer.
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I was wrong. It was The Sands I called and was told they were booked, and mtc showed openings. I wasn't sure if myturksandcaicos.com was similar to vbro.com or not. I love the look of Somerset (as does my father-in-law) but the only thing I can find afforable there is a garden view. Not to be whiney, but I really love having coffee in the morning, drinks in the evening on a balcony or patio overlooking the ocean!
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An 11 year old and 14 year old would probably like the pools at the Sands or Ocean Club West the most. They would also be more likely to find other kids their age at those resorts.
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White House was the original name of Coral Gardens Reef. The resort there is now just known as Coral Gardens.

To snorkel, check out Windsong. It's brand new, luxurious, next to Coral Gardens, without the Somerset prices. Call direct, see about new opening specials.

I have never used any outside companies for T&C--it's one of the islands where the best deals are received directly. I bet if you tried to book the dates The Sands is "booked" directly, in the end they'd say the same-and steer you to another property. Some of their information on myturksandcaicos.com is definately outdated: one of the excursions you can sign up for has been shut down for 2 years now--so I take their availability with a grain of salt.

I would not consider the bottom of the line rooms at Somerset=while it's my favorite resort, "lockout rooms" are connected to regular rooms and can get noisy if room next ot it is rented. If you can afford Somerset, whichever is the first step with a FULL kitchen, then it's great. Even an English Cottage with full kitchen is really nice.

On a lower price scale, I like Sands as mid-range. Regent Grand is nice, but extremely quiet. Alexandra is quite luxurious for the price, and they are running some excellent specials.

The Tuscany is gorgeous, but if you can afford Tuscany, you're better off in a Stirling House unit at Somerset. Grace Bay Club is stunning, again, though, ultra expensive.

Sounds like you're all over the place. Tuscany, Somerset, Palms, Grace Bay Club are in one league.

Ocean Clubs are on the bottom of the scale. Nothing wrong with them, but if your going to ask about Somerset and Ocean Club in same post and can afford both, then Somerset wins by miles.......
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Oh, and it's finally hot IN Virginia, after an extremely cool Spring.

But not as hot as Fodor's Virginia! ;-)
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I apologize for being all over the place. I knew nothing about T & C until I asked here and am learning as I look.

Somerset would be my first choice but the only available/affordable 3 bedroom there is in the English Garden and I want at least an oceanview, prefer a beachfront.

Found a spot at the Regent Grand that is gorgeous, more than I want to pay but less than the Somerset. And I am emailing the owners through VRBO.

If I change our travel dates, The Sands has an availability but the 3rd bedroom is a sleeper sofa (and I am wondering if they all are?) That won't be comfortable for a week.

Ocean Club West has available beachfront if I change dates as well. Certainly the most affordable of all the places I looked.

If this thread had gone on too long, please let me know and I'll quit or start another.......Thanks for all your help.
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As you have found, at The Somerset the Oceanfront units are the Estate Homes-very pricy. The Sterling units are Oceanview with the pool in front of you and the ocean in the distance...just like the website photo--just beautiful. If you want the view I'd say Regent Grand! We actually looked at a few units there to purchase.( would love to buy at The Somerset but, way too much$$) The finishes are great, you would love the location of Regent Grand, plus it only 1.5 years old!! If you change dates go for The Sands , we stayed there prior to The Regent Palms and this most recent Somerset trip ! Sands over Ocean Club for sure !!! Sands was just re done !
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No apologzing needed-just trying to narrow what you're looking for. ;-)

no thread is too long, no worries there either.

I personally would rather stay at Somerset, so nice!!! and just hang out on the beach.

My experience with Sands is third bedroom always has a pull out couch or cots.

Ocean Clubs , again my opinion, seem kind of dated. Nothing wrong with it, just hard to compare when everything else is so new.

there are other places to consider: check out Windsong, West Bay Club, and Alexandra. Call directly and ask about specials. Turks and Caicos Club may have some 3 bedroom units-it too is really nice.

Regent Grand is gorgeous. It's more self catering, but centrally located. Tuscany, same, it is stunningly gorgeous, but not as centrally located.

Alexandra, for the price, gives you granite counters and pillowtop beds.

Ultimately, there is really no bad place to stay in T&C.
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My husband and I have been to Turks at least 10 times over the past few years - and we have discovered a gem! If you want quiet and elegant - plus all the amenities, try the West Bay Club. Prices are not as steep as the Grace Bay Club - not a snobby as Somerset(we stayed there 2x - and both times did not recieve urgent messages from our office - AND the cleaning people stole all of our CD's and the manager NEVER returned our calls about it - and the front desk left us on hold for over half an hour when we were calling from the US! - we will NEVER go back there!!) and all rooms at West Bay CLub (not just the expensive ones) have FULL ocean views. We have been there in June. We have seen the most amazing sunsets on the terrace there. In fact, you can sit on the couch in the livingroom and see them just as well if you want to get out of the heat. It really is a lovely property - definitely look into it! We have been there 3 times already and are going again in a few weeks! www.thewestbayclub.com In fact, I believe they are having a promotion to upgrade into a luxury one bedroom - which is what we always stay in. Really nice!!!
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SOMERSET SNOBBY ...must be you !! Somerset is a wonderful resort with a fantastic staff and snobby is not what they are!! Please , just because your cd's are gone..get over it!
West Bay Club is nice but not a good location to walk to restaurants and the onsite dining serves very over done grilled fish ( all four of us )
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Everyone can have their own opinion. It is kind of weird to me how many people on this website will just tell somebody to get over something getting stolen. It was the same with us, my sunglasses got stolen by the rental car people, and somebody tried smashing our car windows out, I suppose people are just supposed to get over that too. Everyone has different experiences on an island that will taint their view one way or another towards liking that island or not. I almost wonder if some of these people are getting paid to say they love certain things or places on here, because of the way they will tell you to just get over it when something bad happens or you have a bad experience with something.
Just my opinion =)
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We stayed in Ocean Club West in 2005 and really enjoyed it. We often walked by the other resorts and really liked the looks of the Sands for a family as well. Best of luck. You'll be happy anywhere. It is so beautiful there.
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Thanks for everyone's help. Finally got the air booked (what a pain!) and have decided on The Regent Grand. I am working with a very nice couple through VRBO. We are all very excited. I have a ton of questions on where to eat, what to do, etc. Should I start a new "thread" for that or continue on here? I really appreciate everyone's input.
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Palmtree2384 : What happened to you is really really bad and you were not told to get over it.
The other poster PJAfrica has an axe to grind with The Somerset and yes, people can have their own opinion but, in this case it's just too much to say Snobby etc !
January 89tart a new thread.
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