JMC flights to Vancouver

Old Jul 14th, 2002, 12:26 PM
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JMC flights to Vancouver

Has anyone flown with JMC from the UK to Vancouver via Calgary?

Just wondering what JMC are like and how long you stop at Calgary for. Also do you get a good view of the rockies flying from Calgary to Vancouver? (I know it depends on cloud)
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Never heard of JMC ... sorry, can't help you there.

As for the Rockies, I know you can see them in the distance from many parts of Calgary itself, so if you have a stopover, get out and walk around the airport for a view. And yes, if you don't have clouds, you will have a fairly descent view as you fly over the mountains ... it won't be the same as going through by car or train, but at least you can tell the folks back home you've "seen" the Rockies.
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Hi Simon,
I assume you are refering to the charter flights organised by Canadian Affair. I cannot comment on the Vancouver flights but we have just got back from Nova Scotia on a simular Canadian Affair charter flight. The flight was on time and for the money I thought it represented good value for money. The flight we were on flew onto Toronto from NS and the total time of the stop in Halifax was about 1 hour, guess the same would apply to Calgary /Vancouver.That is time taken to offload passengers and baggage and perhaps take on more fuel. The only negative comment is that the seating was very tight, not too much of a problem on a flight of five and a half hours but could be a problem flying to Vancouver.
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There is no licensed air lines in Canada called JMC. I suspect from the route that you are booking though a 'vacations package' company and that the airline is Air Transat. Check with your agent and the search on the airline. You will get lots of hits then.
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Yes it is JMC through Canadian Affair.
JMC are part of Thomas Cook, they own a few aircraft (2 A330's and a few 747's)

The flight is on JMC airlines (an A330) from London Gatwick to Vancouver via Calgary.

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Wow. They are a well kept secret then. I cannot find them on any searches here, and no travel agents advertise them.
Let us know how it works out, you may be their first customer.

As far as viewing the rockies, if you fly from Calgary to Vancouver on a clear sunny day, the view is spectacular. When lifting off from Calgary, they barely climb at all. Then you skim over the peaks and drop into vancouver.
If the weather is hellish, then they climb up over it and you see nothing.
Have a good trip.
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Rand, check out the Canadian Affair web site they are a UK company, (I think). We flew with them last year when they used Canada 3000. After the demise of that airline this year they have organised charter flights to Canada using both JMC and Airtours planes. Not sure if you can book from Canada but there were canadian folks on our recent flight to Nova Scotia, so perhaps you can.
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Thanks for the website Jan. I poked around and find they are priced on par with Air Transat give or take with exchange rates. Same issues with fewer choice of dates etc.
Simon I did the math on the flight times vs a nonstop flight and you are probably on the ground in Calgary less than an hour. No chances of leaving the the plane for a quick tour.
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That's a shame. As the airline only flies to Vancouver a couple of times a week I could not break the journey with one night at Calgary.

Sounds like it is going to be a long time sat in the cheap seats. I had hoped to be able to stretch my legs during the Calgary stop.
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Many long distant flights to and from Vancouver stop off in Calgary. The same happens on the way back. On a flight I took to Amsterdam, the airplane simply stopped off in Calgary for half an hour, picked up passengers, then took off. Nobody got off the plane during that wait.

Recently my boyfriend flew from Vancouver to Cancun, Mexico. The same thing again; the plane stopped off in Calgary to pick up passengers on the way to Mexico. On the way back, it dropped off passengers in Calgary. Nobody got off the plane.

I wouldn't worry so much about stretching your legs in Calgary, as Vancouver's only an hour away after that.

Recently on a flight to Vancouver from Toronto, you could see the Rockies below... but from a height at 39000 feet, they look like crumpled aluminum foil, with snow capped peaks. It's not entirely spectacular, but entertaining nevertheless. You could even see the roads carving their way around the mountains.

I was actually more entertained by the farmers' fields while flying over Alberta and Saskatchewan; it looked like a patchwork quilt.

Personally, the final half hour into Vancouver is probably the most scenic (on the right hand side of the plane, going westbound), of course, depending on the weather!
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