ëdmonton to calgary via rockies 5 days

May 18th, 2005, 08:31 PM
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ëdmonton to calgary via rockies 5 days

With lots of help from Fordor buddies plan for comment
27th am drive to Jasper see See Mt Robson on cruise Lake Maligne to Spirit Island on way. Beckers Lodge pm
28th white water which one for best fun and views? stay beckers lodge
29th Drive the Iceway taking our time for the hikes Angel Glacier, glacier ride Sun Coach See Peyto Lake
29th and 30th Post Hotel
30th Moraine Lake east end? ( was suggested)
Is that near canoe rentals.Takkakkaw falls arvo
31st 6 Glacier walk? Whatever we have missed and then late arvo to Calgary airport
31st Delta Hotel for night
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May 18th, 2005, 11:40 PM
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>>>27th am drive to Jasper see See Mt Robson on cruise Lake Maligne to Spirit Island on way. Beckers Lodge pm<<<

You've generally got the right idea. However, you won't see Mt Robson on the way to Maligne Lake. But never mind. If you have time after the Maligne Lake cruise, do walk in Maligne Canyon. Maligne Canyon will be on your way back from Maligne Lake to Jasper townsite. I believe you will have time. Maligne Canyon is really neat.

>>>28th white water which one for best fun and views? stay beckers lodge<<<

I think many, if not most / all of the white water rafting trips out of Jasper are half-day adventures. I don't know which of them is best.

In any event, I suggest you do the Angel Glacier hike during the other half of this day.

>>>29th Drive the Iceway taking our time for the hikes Angel Glacier, glacier ride Sun Coach See Peyto Lake<<<

The Snocoach on the Athabasca Glacier and Peyto Lake Lookout are fine but, before you reach them, I suggest you also stop at Athabasca Falls and Sunwapta Falls (mind you, you may have seen one of those falls the previous day when you went white water rafting).

If you want to do a hike on the drive down the Icefields Parkway, consider walking from Bow Lake to Bow Falls at the foot of Bow Glacier. The departure point is Num Ti Jah Lodge, which is not too far before you reach Peyto Lake Lookout.

>>>29th and 30th Post Hotel<<<

Good choice.

>>>30th Moraine Lake east end? ( was suggested)<<<

If you by any chance are thinking of something I may have said, I suggest to everyone that they walk up the pile of rocks (i.e., the moraine) at the NORTH end of Moraine Lake. That takes a couple of minutes and it can in no way be described as a hike. It gives a person a splendid view of Moraine Lake.

If you want a half-day hike in the area, some of the ones to consider are Larch Valley departing from Moraine Lake or Lake Agnes Teahouse or Plain of Six Glaciers departing from Lake Louise.

Moraine Lake and Lake Louise are 14 km from each other.

As I may have mentioned, visit Moraine Lake first, because its parking lot fills up.

>>>Is that near canoe rentals.<<<

Both Moraine Lake and Lake Louise have canoe rentals.

>>>Takkakkaw falls arvo<<<

Fine. You may have time to visit Emerald Lake too and, if you do, that would be good.

>>>31st 6 Glacier walk?<<<

Does that mean Plain of Six Glaciers? If so, it is a beautiful hike.

>>>Whatever we have missed and then late arvo to Calgary airport<<<

You could consider walking into Johnston Canyon, which is on Hwy #1A on the way from Lake Louise to Banff. It takes about an hour to get to the Lower Falls and back, about double that to get to the Upper Falls and back.

You also could consider stopping in Banff townsite on the way to Calgary. It is a touristy, but nevertheless picturesque, town. You could even consider having your evening meal in Banff and then driving on to Calgary.

>>>31st Delta Hotel for night<<<

Good choice.

You have created an excellent itinerary for the amount of time you have.
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May 19th, 2005, 04:53 AM
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A polarizing filter...

When you take pictures outdoors in thebright sun with clouds, a circular polarizing filter over the lens of a good camera (it's hard to find these filters for point and shoots)cuts glare on water, lets you see the rocks on the bottom of rivers, and makes the clouds stand out, without messing up colors.

It just sruck me that if you are taking pictures, you should consider this. The idea came as I thought about Peyto Lake, which is a color you cannot imagine.

There's a really nice photo book of Canada with Peyto Lake on the cover. But the people at the printing plant had no idea of the real color, so the lake is blue on the book -- makes the book pretty much useless to anyone who has visited there.


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May 19th, 2005, 12:01 PM
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If Peyto Lake is "corrected" to blue, the book should be banned!! I have seen only two or three lakes that have the same beautiful emerald green color. Lake O'Hara is one. Grinnell Lake in Glacier is another.
Lincoln Lake in Glacier has that same hue under most light conditions.
But seeing Peyto down in that deep bowl is quite an experience.

If you can see Mt. Robson. I never was captued and transported to ecstacy by Maligne Lake, and it has had several chances to capture my attention.
Angel Glacier and Mt. Edith Cavell are well worth the effort to go see them.

Along the Icefields Parkway, the sights are too numerous to mention. It is a real problem driving it when it comes to photographs. If you stop for every great view, you will need all day to get to Lake Louise.

If you take the side trails to even half of the worthwhile sights and stop for pictures, you need 2 days. I took that long the first time up. Now when I drive to Jasper from Lake Louise, I know what to look for.

I have two favorite stops other than the Icefields Center: Bow Lake and hike to Bow Falls, and near Bow Summit with a short and wet hike to Panther Falls.
Most people don't know where it is (they are). I went down there once on a bright sunny day clad in my rain suit.
Some guy saw me and my wife go down dressed like we were going into a monsoon. He was still there waiting when we got back. Both of us were dripping wet from the spray.

He never said anything, but my wife, who took a light detour, walked by him and said that we had gone for a shower bath.

I am not sure he figued it out because the falls are hidden from the road.

Oh yes. I forgot Parker Ridge.
Often it is closed because of the fragile environment.

And there are a few more.
You left out Emerald Lake and most of Yoho, which is my favorite of those 4 contiguous parks.
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May 19th, 2005, 01:53 PM
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Thanks all for quick reply I would love more time to see soooo much but felt the advise of few sights and do them well was the best way. Taking longer between Jasper and Lake Louise seems on everyone list and we loked at staying at Num-ti-jah lodge but then thought we could drive back for a bit if we felt like it. So much to do when you are unsure of your driving.
Many thanks
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May 19th, 2005, 01:57 PM
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aussie3 - Judy and Bob have given you some really good ideas. I just wanted to add that you can rent canoes at Maligne Lake, so instead of a cruise (which in my opinion really isn't worth the money), you could consider paddling it yourself. There is a cafeteria and gift (souvenir) shop at Maligne Lake too, so you could stop for a light lunch before heading towards your next stop. Mind you, the food in Jasper townsite is much better.

Mount Robson (and the eponymous Provincial Park) is in the neighbouring province of British Columbia, it's west of Alberta and of Jasper National Park. It's also a one hour drive west of Jasper townsite, so you won't see it on your way to Jasper from Edmonton (you'll be coming in from the east).
If you do drive as far as Mount Robson provincial park, drive a little bit further west (about 5 minutes) to Rearguard Falls Proviincial Park - here you'll see a waterfalls that is the last powerful obstacle to salmon that are returning to spawn (on the Fraser River - if you had a kayak and nerves of steel and incredible skill you could probably kayak from there all the way to Vancouver and then to the Pacific Ocean !!)
Oh - and the best views of Mount Robson are from Mt Terry Fox rest area - up the hill west of the mountain - drive there, stop, and look back.
Unfortunately the summit of Mount Robson is quite frequently cloud covered, even when it is sunny all around it. It is such a massive mountain that it collects its own weather.
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May 19th, 2005, 02:04 PM
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Forgot to mention - when in Jasper take the Tramway to the top of The Whistlers. On a clear day you get an incredible view of the valley and the mountains to the north and west, and can see the summit of Mount Robson which is 100 km away. Morning is the best time - early before all the tour buses arrive. Take a jacket with you - it's usually chilly and breezy up there.
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May 19th, 2005, 02:07 PM
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This is just wonderful all this help. Thank you. I forgot to ask! Judy tells me to expect to need layered clothes are the bugs about at this time. I also forgot to tell you Im off to Comox Vancouver Island when My friend leaves Calgary and have booked a kayaking tour for 4 days with the whales. This is all so wonderful after years of work plus children Dam the inheritance!!!!!
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May 19th, 2005, 02:40 PM
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Sounds like a wonderful trip aussie3!!!
Hope it is all you dream of and more!!

As for bugs, depends on the year. There are many more mosquitoes when it is rainy and damp, and they are usually more evident in the evening hours. Bring or buy some insect repellant.
If you are going on any hikes through bushes or long grass areas, cover your legs (hiking boots, socks, long pants are better than shorts), some of the ticks are carriers of endemic viral diseases (although your chances of catching anything are normally quite low).
Other than that, not much should "bug" you unless you don't like bees or wasps. We have a problem with yellow jackets (wasps) in our backyard - as soon as they smell beer, or a steak on the BBQ, they zoom in like dive bombers. . . . .they're the reason I usually avoid picnics !!
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May 19th, 2005, 04:33 PM
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Yellow jackets are particularly ornery critters. We have a lot of experience with them here in Georgia, and I am not talking about the Tech type either.

They often nest in the ground and zap you on the leg, even though thick socks.

One day a few years ago my wife and I were descending from the Iceline Trail to the Little Yoho River. Near Celeste Lake, I stirred up a bunch of the rascals. Unfortunately, my wife had unzipped her jacket and got stung lightly on the neck.

It was somewhat ironic that she was vulnerable because we were in a sleet storm higher up.

Too bad you don't have more time.
That whole region from the Montana, Alberta, BC junction north all the way to Jasper and beyond is my favorite mountain scenery that can be easily seen by car. Well - it ties for first place with the Alps around Zermatt and west.

I have spent many wonderful moments on trails out there, and I hope to return in August. Those hopes and thoughts keep me going.
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May 23rd, 2005, 12:55 AM
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Many thanks to you all, who needs a travel book with you guys on line Ive told so many friends about all the help.
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May 23rd, 2005, 02:01 AM
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Please take a look into the travel distances:

Driving Time KM/Miles To Jasper
9 1/2 hrs 863 km (518 mi.) northeast of Vancouver
3 1/2 hrs 362 km (220 mi.) west of Edmonton
4 1/2 hrs 414 km (248 mi.) northwest of Calgary
3 1/2 hrs 287 km (172 mi.) north of Banff
3 hrs 232 km (139 mi.) north of Lake Louise
5 hrs 443 km (265 mi.) northeast of Kamloops


Lake Edith and Lake Annette 5 km
Pyramid Lake 7 km
The Whistlers (Tramway) 7 km
Maligne Canyon 11 km
Maligne Lake 48 km
Mt. Edith Cavell 30 kms
Athabasca Falls 30 km
Sunwapta Falls 55 km
Columbia Icefields 103 km
Pocahontas 48 km
Miette Hotsprings 60 km
Mount Robson 88 km
Marmot Basin 19 km
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