what to pack?

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what to pack?

I am going to Brisbane to visit my sister and her family for 3 weeks. She has lived there for 22 years, and I have never been. I am so very excited, but I am worried about the long flight over from Canada. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of what I should pack a)in my carryon to help make the flight that much more comfortable. and b) what I should pack in my stowed bag?

I am also very afraid of snakes spiders and the like, but I doubt there is any repellant for that! LOL
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How exciting! What time of year are you going? Your sister will probably best be able to tell you what to pack in your stowed bag, I think. One thing to consider is that if you do a trip up to Lamington Nat'l Park from there, it could be surprisingly chilly depending on the time of year. Even if you travel in their summer you might want to make sure you at least have a light jacket.

For the long flight over, this is what I like in my carryon or to carry. A pashmina to supplement the blanket as needed. An inflatable neck pillow, sueded, makes it much more comfortable to sleep and takes no room in your carryon. At least one book and magazine, but keep in mind there will be tons of movies etc to entertain if you need, so don't get carried away with too much.

I carry a small "to go" toothbrush, facial cleansing cloth packets, and a tiny sample size of deoderant so I can "freshen up" before arrival. A comb, same thing.

I pack a pair of those loose socks you get in the amenity packs so I can take of my shoes but put these socks over my existing socks so they don't get dirty. Probably silly, but it's what I do. (for goodness sake, please don't go barefoot like the guy who slept sideways in the seat across the aisle from me and had his not so pleasant barefeet in my face). I have some gum, some tissues, and I think that is about it.

This all fits in a small backpack that goes under my seat so I can rest my feet on it

Have a wonderful time!
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Hi Colleen,

Our weather here in Brisbane is generally considered mild in winter and well, it can get pretty hot in summer. Spring and autumn are both beautiful times of the year here. Coming from such a cold place as Canada I doubt you would feel too cold here. We locals think it's chilly at 19 degrees centigrade but we're just big woosies when it comes to the cold.

As toucan suggested I always pack a jumper as I find I get quite cool on a long flight. I always take toiletries - toothbrush, toothpaste, underarm charm etc and always wear dvt socks. I find I don't need any reading material as there is plenty onboard entertainment to keep me amused.

Colleen, I don't like snakes either but quite like spiders. But our beautiful native animals such as koalas, kangaroos, dingos etc will delight you.

Let us know exactly when you will be here and we can give you a more accurate weather prediction.
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On long-haul, don't wear anything that could get or feel tight after a while. I find that jeans are not comfortable when sitting in for hours on end and prefer to wear track pants or similar. Not glam, but comfort is king on long-haul.

I would ask your sister about the type of clothes to wear while in Brisbane. It will depend on the time of year.
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Thanks one and all for the great advice! I have made my official packing list (after checking the weather forecast!) It looks like it will be cool for the Aussies but not for this Canadian!

Are DVT socks the same thing as antiemollism stockings. I will try to get these at the pharmacy. Probably a good idea and I will also go and buy a pair of track pants for THE PLANE ONLY!
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Something like track pants are good for travelling but I had the misfortune to be on a flight where the temp was so high that even though we had light clothes on it was still uncomfortable so I always make sure that I have a change of clothing in case. I always take my down filled pillow with me everywhere I go so that I have more chance of sleeping on a flight. If you are travelling on Qantas they always give out a night pack which includes eye shades, socks, toothbrush and toothpaste. The latter always is a necessity I think
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Lizzy, I've always worried that I wouldn't be able to get a down filled pillow back through Customs into Australia. How do you do it?
(Thanks for the Brazilian advice.)

Colleen, snakes and spiders won't be a problem. Really! We recently spent a few days in Brisbane and found it to be a lovely city, you'll enjoy it. Make sure you walk on both sides of the river in the city, and do the ferry commuter trip up and back.

We flew from Vancouver to Sydney in April - it is a very long flight, around fourteen hours, almost all of it in the dark , but the time goes quite quickly. Expect a bit of jet-lag for a day or so.

Lately, I've added a saline nasal spray to my carry on luggage, to conteract the dryness of the air counditioning etc on long-haul flights. I recommend it. Use it every couple of hours. I also like to take a small water bottle, because you get very thirsty when you wake up, and it's handy to have it near. Oh, and a small tube of moisturiser for face and hands.
Have a wonderful trip.
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Apropos the "small water bottle".

Yes, of course, been doing that for years, but since the idiotic totally over the top regulations about liquids have been introduced, you need to dump your water bottle at the security check in.

Now this would be fine (assuming you agree with the draconian measures) except that sometimes you can't buy a bottle of water at all on the "other side". Or if you can, it's at outrageously inflated prices.

IMHO sellers of bottled water on the "other side" must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Tip - insist in keeping your empty plastic bottle.

Recommendation (or more likely a fall on deaf ears suggestion) - lobby for these stupid restrictions to be abolished.

ditto hand cream, etc. etc.
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I agree with the water bottle idea. If you empty it prior to going through customs in Canada you shouldn't have a problem. You can then fill it on the plane or use tap water in the terminal. If you carry hand cream etc, which I recommend, make sure it is under 100g so that you comply with the new travel rules.

Maybe consider prescription sleeping tablets for the flight if you are comfortable with the idea. It's a long, long trip if you don't sleep.

Hope you love our beautiful country!
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if you are flying Qantas you are given a bottle of water in your night pack.
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