Sydney - Bridge climb question

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Sydney - Bridge climb question

I'm in two minds whether to do the bridge climb in Sydney. Could fodorites please let me know what their experiences were so that I can deceide if this is for me. Thanks.
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You will get the full range of opinions on this one. Most people who climb say the experience is unforgettable. We chose not to climb based on price, which is currently US$127-222 per person. You must wear a jump suit and leave all your personal belongings behind, including your camera. You cannot take your own pictures, but will be furnished with one group shot they take at the top of everyone. Couple that with somewhat a fear of heights, and our choice was to climb the pylon instead, for a slightly "shorter" view, plenty of our own photos, and a cost of about $8.00 per person. Also access to the small museum which describes how the bridge was built. We have no regrets. We thought it way too much $$ to invest in a single activity.
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I have done the bridge climb in Brisbane, and if i had the chance would def do the climb in sydney! Its an amazing experience to share with someone. The views are completely different from that perspective and its not something you can do in every city, or even every country.
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I did the Bridge Climb last Christmas and I am glad I did. It is not scary or difficult, but it is expensive. It also takes up several hours and you can not take photos. If you don't have the time, go to the pylon and you will get some amazing photos in much shorter time.
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We did the climb last May, and I can’t imagine not doing it if you are in Sydney and not plan to return soon. It takes half a day and you can see the details on their web page. How many famous bridges do you know that will allow you this opportunity? Yes, it is pricey, but in the scheme of things, it will be one of those memorable moments always to come to mind whenever somebody will say “Sydney”.
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Hi we did the bridge climb in July. I was a little weary d/t the cost but having done it I would highly recommend it. We took the latest day time before twilight a night rates kicked in. We had a beautiful clear day and got to enjoy the sunset and Sydney lights on the way down. It was a great way to orient ourselves to the city. Go you won't regret it.
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We have done the Sydney Bridge climb twice now. I would recommend it as 'MUST DO' 1st time at least. It is pricey but I think a necessary extravegance.

I will probably do it again on my next visit too, but I would vary the time of day.

Good Luck

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Just incredible - we did it on a crystal clear day in July and could see forever. Very professionally run. I would be a little concerned about doing it on a very hot day as you can't bring water with you and it is a 3 hr climb. No problem with heights as you look ou rather than directly down.
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On my first trip to Australia in 2002, I didn't do the Bridge Climb because I thought the price was too high. I came back to the USA and my biggest regret was not doing the climb.

Luckily, I returned to Australia this year and made sure that I did the Bridge Climb on this trip.

It is worth every dollar. Yes, you can see basically the same view from the pylon (admission of which is included in your Bridge Climb costs), but it isn't the same.

Although I'm not scared of heights, I do respect it. The most scarry part of the climb to me was the ladder climb from below the road deck to above the road deck. Not so much for heights as it is just a steep climb. No one is allowed to be on the same section of ladder at the same time.

Once on the Upper part of the Bridge, you cannot really see down as the span is quite wide, like 8 feet or so. You do cross at the apex between the spans a much more narrow section that did give me the heebee-jeebees for a moment.

But again, you'll regret it if you don't do it. I'm so glad I got the second chance.

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We did the bridgeclimb. Tim thinks it is a must-do, Liz thinks so only if you have the time and money. That probably doesn't help you!
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Great fun -- and after you get back down hit the Mercantile Hotel in the Rocks for a celebratory drink.
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We did this twice, both times really enjoyed it. It is expensive, and if the weather is windy or cold it's not as enjoyable as it should be / could be. You can get more info and book tickets here:

The last trip we also did the "Skywalk" tour, which goes outside of the huge (and very 1960s looking) tower in central Sydney. The walk itself is great, unless you don't like heights. My main gripe is that you can't bring a camera. This is unfortunate, since the views are excellent. You can book tickets here:
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Must do. Go late afternoon and you'll be up top at twightlite depending on time of year.

I climbed after immediately after a dramatic fall out near Watson's Bay ( unknowingly w/a blood clot ) and still managed to perservere. Absolutely spectacular. I'm hoping Victoria will soon allow bridge climbs on the Johnson Street Bridge for unobstructed views of the Canoe Brew Pub.

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I think it is worth the cost. It's one of those been there done that kind of things. If you time it right, you can get on the last day tour and still see the sunset without paying the extra cost for the night climb. It's not scary once your up there, but I have to second the opinion of the straight ladder climb up and down. That part freaked me out a bit but I got over it. It wasn't bad going down, until the train passed by.
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