melbourne boy useing I phone in NY

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melbourne boy useing I phone in NY

when we visit NY this September will the I phone we carry accross the big ditch [ optus ] just keep on working around that city or must we make some changes like buying another when over there.....has another traveller had experiances re.this minor problem..advice appreciated....Rhettski
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Hi rhettski,

we live in Sydney and took an iphone (optus plan) to Spain, Portugal and the UK earlier this year. So that we could use the phone while away my son phoned optus to make sure the iphone had international roaming enabled. We had no problems sending sms or making phone calls. You may want to check the rates charged because sms messages sent while overseas weren't covered by the plan. Not sure of the cost of the phone call - only made one when we had a bit of an emergency!
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I'm from OZ-you need to check with your carrier because US is not the same as Europe phone wise-you need to have at least a triband phone. I turn off my messge bank too when I travel os as it's very expensive.
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I'm just back from the States and we had Iphones BUT you need to be very aware of your charges. You will have to contact your provider and have them put you on international roaming. We rang our provider to remove our message bank. We also remained in airplane mode the whole time. If your phone rings and you don't even answer it you will be charged for a call. So airplane mode is important.

If you have internet on your phone you should consider going to your settings and anything that says PUSH you should turn off. You will be charged a small fortune to receive emails/facebook etc etc.

In my mind the best option was just to text home - I think our sms costs were 55 cents per text. However, if you hook up to free wi-fi you can then check your emails for free - I believe!
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I'm a little out of my depth here but I'm assuming iPhones use a 3G (3rd generation) broadband mobile networks. These networks use different frequencies to the common 2G (GSM) phones that still predominate everywhere but in North America and Japan.

I suspect that the US may, as it does in many areas, use its own rather than international standards.

This may take some perseverance, but it shuld be possible to find someone in Optus's mobiles division who can answer the question.
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I didn't make that very clear.

The issues to consider are,

Does the iPhone use 2nd- or 3rd-generation (2G or 3G) mobile networks? I'm assuming almost certainly the latter, but if not, come back with a follow-up enquiry.)

Assuming your iPhone connects to Optus' 3G mobile network, there's the question of which technical standard it employs. Is this standard available on any of the 3G mobile networks deployed in and around NYC?

Then there's the question of which frequency (measured in Megahertz/MHz) is employed - the local network and your iPhone must use the same frequency.

I don't know anything worthwhile about 3G frequencies around the world, sorry, but as an example of the issue, the (2G) GSM standard is deployed in North America (as well as the more common CDMA standard) but it runs on different frequencies than the rest of the world. So a GSM phone equipped to handle ONLY the international-standard frequencies is no use to you in the US or Canada - you need a quadband phone to handle all eventualities. The same may apply with 3G networks, don't know.

This is just background to help you when you talk to Optus (or possibly Apple Australia?)
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Thankyou for the help with this cell phone question,Ihave work to do before departure. Rhettski.
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The Iphone has bot 2G and 3G bands (AT&T) used in the USA. So, as long as you have roaming enabled, you should be able to use your phone. It will be quite expensive of course. Like others said, put the thing in airplane mode, turn data off, and just use WiFi for data. There is plenty of free WiFi in the US. For voice, if you plan on talking a lot, get a cheap second phone in the US.
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Yes, if you need to make a lot of local type calls my son picked up a phone for about $30 with $30 worth of free calls.(the sim card in his iphone died).
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You will pay a fortune in roaming fees if you use your plan from home. Your best bet is to get the phone unlocked if you can and buy an AT & T pay as you go SIM card here. Here's more info for data
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