HELP - jet lag

Apr 23rd, 2004, 04:35 PM
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HELP - jet lag

Hello Fodorites..

Leaving for Oz in mid-May. Have a direct flight out of San Francisco to Sydney.

Any advice on how to dodge the tourist's nemesis "jet lag". Should I just fight through it? Or take a nap once I arrive? Or am I making a lot of noise about nothing?

Any advice appreciated,
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Apr 23rd, 2004, 07:52 PM
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The official line is to not drink alchohol, to drink lots of water, change your clock to where you're going as soon as you get on the plane and try and sleep. I find that a few glasses of wine (or whatever) don't make anything any worse! I find that I suffer much less if I stay really hydrated. I do drink a lot of water (take your own bottle as a lot of airlines only give you those stupid cups), I also take a small facial water spray as well as a light scarf to drape over my face (yes I know it sounds weird!) which creates a little humidified atmosphere. I also take ear plugs and an eys shade to give me to best chance of sleep. When you arrive go for a brisk walk and if you need to nap do, but make sure you nap for a max of 3 hours and that you then go to bed at the correct local time.
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Apr 23rd, 2004, 08:23 PM
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Many people find that napping on the day of arrival only delays their adjustment, but I guess if you can take a short nap and still get a good night's sleep later it should be OK. When we flew SYD-SFO we arrived early a.m. and dragged ourselves around town until finally collapsing into bed around 9 pm. Next morning we were fine and suffered no jetlag at all. I must admit that the hotel's refusal to let us have our room before 4 pm did help.
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Apr 23rd, 2004, 09:25 PM
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Have to agree with maryk... as soon as your on the plane change your watch to read destination time. Trying to rest/sleep by your new watch time does help a lot. Drink lots so your getting up out of your chair during the flight to visit the bathroom... good for circulation. When you arrive I just have a short nap of no more than one hour, if needed, and then go for a walk. Everyone is different, have a great trip.
Apr 24th, 2004, 10:07 AM
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All the advice is much appreciated and I really like the mini-humidifier idea...

So excitied to visit Oz...

take care, tony
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Apr 24th, 2004, 08:53 PM
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Jet lag is always worse going west, I've just read on our government's travel site. I've always found it much worse coming home from USA or Europe than going (from Australia). I drink lots of water, and have a glass of wine too. Once when I was quite airsick, they gave me oxygen, and this was amazing! I wish we could buy oxygen at airports, as I think this would be a great help, when one doesn't want to waste a day.
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Apr 24th, 2004, 09:11 PM
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Hi ajl bos,
Your best bet is to ask your doctor if it's okay for you to take ambien or sonata on the flight over and for a few days thereafter. It'll give you a restful sleep of about 6 hours, and usually there is no drowsiness after you awaken. I use this on my trips and so far it has worked well.
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Apr 24th, 2004, 09:17 PM
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I had read on Fodors about a product called No Jetlag. See I bought it in a health food store, the sort that sells vitamins. We used them on a 20+ hour flight from Melb to Rome and thought they worked pretty well. The only problem was remembering to wake up and take them every few hours. Worth looking at. The other very important thing that MaryK mentions is to drink lots of water. We find that really helps as well. Take a big bottle each on to the plane.
If we arrive very early into a country, say 7am, we generally have about 2 hours sleep (if we can get into our room early) then a shower then later on, an early dinner and early night. Next day we are right as rain.
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Apr 27th, 2004, 06:24 PM
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Hmmm, I will have to check out this "no Jet Lag" product!

Last year I travelled from SFO / LAX / Sydney 3 times and used my standby..Mellatonin. I swear by it, but again, it's different for everyone and I recommend that clients use it for a few days BEFORE they leave to see how it affects them.

I'm one of those people that needs complete darkness and quiet to sleep, so being on a plane is always a challenge! I board, order several glasses of wine with dinner, take my pills with some water before the meal service starts, and by the end of it I'm sleepy enough to conk out for 5 hours.

As everyone else has mentioned, drink plenty of water. I have an insulated liter water bottle that goes with me on every trip. I fill it up the night before, stick it in the freezer, and believe it or not, have ice cold water for the entire flight. I would not leave home without it! (although I've replaced them several times from leaving them in hotel rooms!)

I never take a nap, I try to adjust to Oz time, make it an early evening and wake up raring to go!

Hope this is helpful!

Certified Aussie Specialist
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