Air NZ/Qantas Carry-On Questions

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Air NZ/Qantas Carry-On Questions

As I prepare for a month of teaching songwriting workshops in Auckland, Christchurch, and Sydney with sightseeing in between) I'm finding that packing is quite a challenge. I typically have no trouble packing light. In fact I did a trip to Rome -- followed by a 12 day cruise -- with carry-on only! (It helped that it was summer.)

But this time, I'm bringing a tremendous amount of materials that I need to present my workshops--plus having to pack heavier clothing for the cooler weather. With stops in six cities, paying additional fees for overweight luggage would be prohibitive. So I'm wondering ...

I read that there is a 15 pound limit for carry-on bags on flights within NZ. Do they actually weigh your carry-on? (They don't in the U.S.)

Also, the websites are a little vague -- but it seems that you can take a "personal" item on board, in addition to your carry on. Would that include a briefcase? (It says a handbag, overcoat, or laptop would be okay.)

Thanks for your help!
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I my experience flying domestic in NZ I have never had my hang luggage weighed. Travelling business I carry on my handbag and laptop case with no issues. However, I can't promise anything - but as domestic travel is mostly business related I can't imagine them getting all heavy on their money passengers so I reckon you'll be ok!
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Thanks. I should mention that I'll be traveling "coach" -- both on Air NZ and Qantas.
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The carry-on limit is 6 kg. We don't do pounds in this part of the world, but I see that Qantas does round the conversion up from 13.2 lb to a generous 15.

I have never had my carry-on luggage weighed, but it goes without saying that the airlines would reserve that right should a passenger appear to be blatantly abusing the allowance. Dimensions are more likely to attract their attention for obvious reasons, as the item is required to fit comfortably inside an overhead locker or under a seat.

I doubt that a modest briefcase would be a problem in practice, but obviously there can be no guarantee of that.

I presume though that you plan to pack as many of your materials as possible in your checked baggage. The limit for that from/to the USA is a very generous 35 kg, but on normal NZ-AU and domestic flights is 20 kg. I'm not sure about this, but if all your flights were booked and ticketed together it's possible that your international limit might carry over to the others - I seem to recall an earlier thread along those lines but don't remember the answer.

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Unfortunately, all my flights were NOT booked together -- so I won't get the additional allowance. Also unfortunately, many of my workshops items must come with me as carry-on. I can't take the chance of my luggage being lost or stolen (which has happened to me before) and showing up without the materials I need to give my presentations.

I don't think I was clear that I plan on taking a carry-on bag (within the allowed size limits) and ALSO hope to bring a briefcase (with my laptop). That's the part I wasn't sure about. It's fine in the U.S., but I know that many other countries permit only ONE item to be carried aboard.

I'm assuming that some of the flights (i.e., Auckland to Wellington; Wellington to Rotorua) will be very small commuter planes and I'm guessing my standard carry-on bag will have to be checked, maybe at the gate.

It would help tremendously if I could bring the laptop and briefcase as an ADDITIONAL piece of carry-on (the way a woman might bring a purse).
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I have had my carryon weighed by ANZ but only on the international leg.

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I'm pretty sure in Qantas economy, it's one item of hand luggage only. A woman's handbag is acceptable as a second piece but I don't think that a brief case with a laptop would sneak into that category. The website below definitely says one for economy.

I have seen Qantas staff insist that heavy hand language is put into the hold, so if you exceed the weight limit, you should expect that to happen.
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Thanks so much. I'll be very careful about what I carry on -- and weight limits!
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