Troubled Heart

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Troubled Heart

I have a heavey heart filled with grief for all of those effected from this terrible event.
We have a long awaited, once in a lifetime trip to Thailand planned from Jan.12 to Feb. 7.
Are there others out there feeling as I do that a trip that you've been so looking forward to by planning, dreaming, researching is now so filled with sorrow and saddness that you cannot bear to go?
Should I start the process of cancelling the rooms and plans now? I've tried contacting the travel companies used ie: Sawadee, Asiahotels and Prescion but they must be so busy that they don't have time to reply.
Most of the rooms prepaid say non-refundable on the voucher as well as the airasia flights around Thailand.
The issue is more about feelings than money.
Our prayers are with so many.

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Please go and enjoy wonderful Thailand. If you read other posts on this board, the consensus is to go and enjoy. Thailand needs your toursist dollars as well as your encouragement. Most of Thailand was not physically impacted by the disaster, really just a portion of the western coastline.
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Go on your holiday. As Kathie mentions, except for the areas impacted by this tragedy, Thailand is intact - though sad, and heavy hearted, you will be welcomed with smiles. These countries depend so much on tourist dollars... now is not the time not to help. More then ever you help by being there and supporting the people.

You don't mention whether your plans included time in the areas damaged, if so, this would be the only place where you would have to make other arrangements. But there are a number of sites listed on this board with information regarding the condition of many of the hotels and resorts that a search will provide you. If you will not be in these areas, then you should continue with your plans.

Think of the impact 9/11 had on tourism to the US in general, New York and Washington in particular! Though difficult, we can more easily sustain a loss in tourism for some months, even years, Thailand cannot. Go and show your support.

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Definitely go. You'll have a wonderful time. If you were planning on staying in the affected area agencies are helping people change to other areas. You will have a wonderful time, meet some of the best people you will ever come in contact with and be helping out as well. I am in Thailand now and believe me there is no reason to cancel your trip.
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This is such a personal decision, but please note that as stated before the Thai people need you there now, more then ever. Tourism is I believe 40% of their GNP. Every pennny that you spend on a vacation will be helping their economy. By all means, I would alter my plans to avoid the effected areas. But if you have it in your heart to go. It may be worth it to make the effort. I was planning a 2005 trip to Bali, but may actually revise plans to visit Thailand just for this reason. Of course, it's so personal no one would think the worse of you for deciding against it.
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Definitely continue with your travel plans. I was just in Phuket and Chiang Mai in October and already have tickets to return in March. The Thais will be very appreciative of your support. I have family living in Chiang Mai and they sent an email to encourage everyone to come holiday in Thailand, especially now.
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Having just been in Thailand in the Phuket and Phi Phi areas less than two months ago, we are very upset to watch what is happening from such a long way away. We believe strongly that one of the best ways we can help the areas long-term is to get back as soon as we can and put our travel dollars back into the region and restore the earnings of wonderful people whose lifestyles depend so much on tourism. I think our next trip, which was slated for South Africa, will be back to Thailand into the regions that we fell in love with this November. So, LanaB, follow your instinct but, knowing what I know now of the beauty of Thailand and its people, I would continue my trip with modification away from the affected areas so they can do the necessary rebuilding. Do your homework and understand that the affected regions are really just a small piece of Thailand. I'm sure you will find it the experience of a lifetime, maybe even more so given what has happened.
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I am not as experienced in Thailand as all of the above. However; we went for 3 wks last March and Thailand and the people are incredible. We are considering going again in March.The Thai people are fun and happy.You will never experience anything like it.You can bypass Phuket if you wish. but you will be missing something special.Remember how we all travelled to nyc after 9/11. Knowing the strength of the Thai people, you will probably hear What Tsunami?
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On another thread, someone mentioned that Thailand needs blood donations. You might investigate what would be required to donate blood in Thailand, and then do so once you get there - leave a souvenir that saves lives.
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I am an expat living in Ao Chalong on the southern end of Phuket,my cottage is 30 mtrs from the beach,between me and the sea is a 6ft wall,I didn't get one drop of water in my house,the water came over the wall and ran in the road that was all,OK I was one of the fortunate ones,a few bars and shops on the beach had water in them,but they are all up and running.
The main damage was to the speed boats and lontail boats which were parked along the beach,they got smashed up.Phuket is up and running,the west coast area took the brunt of it.We need your support,come and enjoy, it's a great place to be.You can't wipe the smile off a Thais face for long.
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Thank-You to all who took the time to reply. We read with respect the comments, and after prayer and much thought we've decided to go with our trip. We may make some changes for our 8 days of beach time. We're wondering if we could volunteer in any way? Serendipity - those chance occurrences that evolve into memorable and rewarding experiences....
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I too was uneasy about travelling to Thailand while this has happened and came upon this post. This has steered me in the right direction.... I too thank you for your replies.

I'm currently researching if there is any way I can volunteer some of my travel time to the relief effort while would make me feel better about enjoying such a beautiful country and wonderful thai people, if I can give back something in return.

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