Thailand and Hong Kong Luggage Purchase

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Thailand and Hong Kong Luggage Purchase

I will be traveling to Thailand and Hong Kong. Should I purchace new luggage before I leave or buy new in Thailand or Hong Kong.
Which is better for shopping? Any advice welcome.
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If you live in the States, buy it at home. I don't understand why you would want to buy it there. Now, I can understand possibly buying another carry-on bag or something...while there. I recently had a custom-made carry-on done at Jim Thompson in Bangkok, but they usually don't do that kind of stuff. I had to be quite persuasive. But, for regular suitcases...etc..I buy them at home. I bought, for example, my Tumi luggage pieces at T.J.Maxx for less than half of what they cost at the Tumi store. Happy Travels!
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I personally have purchased extra pieces of luggage (duffel bags) to take home purchases from Bangkok! I've done it more than once... I'm never sure how much I'm going to buy!! I've been lucky in that I started the trip with only one suitcase so I could take one more home with me...

I have also purchased a hard-sider carry on piece which I use on over night trips to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, and leave the other luggage in my serviced apartment. You will find a very wide selection of luggage pieces available in Bangkok, and for a wide range of prices.

Both Bangkok and Hong Kong are good for shopping. I've only been to HK once, but BKK 9 times. I prefer to do my shopping in BKK.
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you can buy luggage very cheaply in bangkok and probably in HK as well....generally it is very inferior stuff and knock is very cheap however....$5-50.....the real stuff, while available, is very expensive..

i would buy at home and be sure of what i have...

now if all you need is something to carry stuff home that you have bought, by all means leave that to bkk where for $10 or under you can find something that will last for a couple of trips...
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One day, while in the skytrain station in Bangkok, I needed to buy a quick/cheap carry-on bag to get my extra stuff as far as Singapore where I would go and purchase a proper bag for the flight home to L.A. I usually buy Kipling and they have far more Kipling sales in Singapore than Bangkok...anyhow...I paid $5.00 for a knockoff bag and the zipper separated before I got from my hotel, in Bangkok, to the airport in Bangkok. I just needed to get it to my hotel in Singapore and then I didn't care if it self-destructed. When I got to Singapore, I gave it to the hotel maid on my floor whom I've known for years. She was thrilled because she needed something to throw all of her junk in to lug to and from work. Happy Travels!
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I am consulting for a manufacturing firm in China. The principals of the company came to the US to visit their customers.
While here (Los Angeles) they bought new luggage made in China. When I asked them about it they stated it was cheaper here in the US than in China (even at the WalMart in Dongguan).
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I got a nice big suitcase in Chiang Mai at the mall to use to carry all the stuff I bought. Good quality at a decent price, but I could get the same at home for the same price, or lower.
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It really depends on what is important to you. If "name" luggage is a must-have, then home is where you should shop.

But, if all you want is a basic black, brown, etc. bag, then Asia is much cheaper. Bangkok is probably cheaper than Hong Kong.

Personally, I've had name brand stuff fall apart as much as no-name brands. I shop for sturdy zippers and even sturdier wheels. Then pockets are the next important consideration.

I've had really good luck with Target in the States. Good sturdy wheelies for as little as $10 on sale. I've also gotten just as sturdy bags in Bangkok for $5 - one has to bargain in Thailand. You can get just as sturdy bags in the interior of China for less than $5, but probably not in Hong Kong.

Good luck shopping!
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Personally, I have not found luggage to be cheaper in Bangkok, for instance. I'll stick with T.J.Maxx and those kinds of stores, here at home, where I've bought just about every name of luggage at huge two pieces of Kipling with regular-priced tags at $178. and $158. But, the T.J.Maxx price was $49.99 per bag...and both bags were in perfect condition. There were tons of choices.Kipling is very strong luggage and there is such an incredible choice of carry-on bags and wheeled pieces. Plus the unusual colors makes it very easy to spot ones luggage. How many people have bright orange luggage pieces? I have all different colored pieces. As for Kipling, it's VERY expensive in Bangkok and even the occasional sale price is sky high. The other brands of luggage I've seen at department stores there has also been priced high.I've been luggage-obsessed since the age of 15 when I got my first matching Samsonite I have enough luggage and brands of luggage at home to open my own luggage store...everything from Samsonite to Vuitton and everything in between. Smiles. Happy Travels!
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