Suggestion for Bali

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Suggestion for Bali

Had dinner with an old friend last night on the eve of our departure for South America. He mentioned that he was taking his family off to Bali in July so I promised to come up with suggestions for him. They have booked into a hotel in Seminyak for 12 days and I suggested a side trip to Ubud for a couple of days. They like active vacations so I suggest the bike ride from the volcano back down into Ubud and the hike through the rice terraces that we did a few years ago. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

I recall that bob used a very good guide/ driver that he highly recommended. Anybody have his name or contact info? Or maybe could recommend someone else ( I think bob is on the road in Europe at the moment so may not see this.)

Any local restaurant suggestions for Seminyak as I am sure they won't want to eat in the hotel every night.

Finally, any recommedations for places to stay in Ubud? I am guessing mid range with either a 2 bed villa or 2 rooms , one for parents an one for grown up kids.

My friend and I thank you in advance!
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There are so many restaurants in Seminyak that it's hard to know where to start. Do you know where your friend will be staying? There are most likely some good choices within walking distance.

My favorites in the midprice range are
La Lucciola -- right on the beach, good food, all day long
Sardine -- beautiful rice paddy setting, sophisticated seafood
Mamasan -- casual Indonesian and other Asian
Sarong -- Upscale, sophisticated All-Asian
Motel Mexicola -- lively and fun, Mexican snacks and drinks
Kudeta -- wonderful for drinks at sunset, or late, dinner a bit pricey
Biku -- lunch, afternoon tea and terrific deserts

These are all in the Petitenget area. In July, reservations are essential. There are also many cheap and friendly places on the beach in Legian and Batubelig.

If the resort in Seminyak isn't beach front, then I'd head over to Petitenget beach to rent chairs and umbrellas. The surf schools around Double 6 beach are a lot of fun too. You can order drinks, get mani/pedis, massages without leaving your chair!

Get a tide chart and walk all the way from Kuta to Batubelig, about 8 miles. Lowtide in the late afternoon is best. Finish up with sunset drinks at Warung Batu Belig (lowkey), or Mosaic (chic) or Potato Head (trendy).

Bodyworks for massage and pampering.

In the countryside outside of Ubud resorts I like are The Alila, Alam Sari. They all offer cultural and nature oriented activities. River rafting is fun too.
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The guide is "Putu" and I've used him as well. Out of maybe 4 guides who are also drivers Putu is the best IMO.
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I wouldn't even stay in Seminyak/Kuta area with a family. There's just too much craziness. I prefer Sanur or Ubud. Sanur for me because I need to be by the water to surf. They may also want to spend a couple days in Pemuteran. Menjangan Island there has some of the best snorkeling in the world. There is a nice hotel called Amertha that is great for families and has some snorkeling right in front of the hotel. I wouldn't stay more than two days, but it is definitely worth the trip. Also a couple days in Lembongan can be fun if they like beach activities.

I would also try to arrange to see some rituals and ceremonies as the culture in Bali is fascinating.
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In case Bob doesn't chime in, I'll pass along what I think would be his Lodging rec for Ubud (since he recommended it to us and we stayed there and loved it) - Alam Shanti. Don't know if it fits your friend's def of mid range - but it sure is beautiful there . . . .
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putu and alam shanti are bali heaven in my mind..
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gannga and yummum (sp) rooms give you a private pool and are the only rooms in one bldg at alam shanti..
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Crellston's 'old friend' here. Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the ideas and recommendations. We'll take a while to plan our itinerary but there are definitely a few suggestions that are coming through loud and clear. As for the 'craziness' of Seminyak - that will make my 21 and 16 year old sons very happy!
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Seminyak is lively but benign. Kuta's the crazy member of the family. I'd try to direct your sons' energy to the North end of the beach, e.g. Legian to Petitenget.
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I'm going to piggy-back on this thread since I want to bookmark it, but also ask some questions.

Do you need air-conditioning in Bali (February?) If you're not into craziness or beaches particularly, want to see a bit of Bali but not schlepp all over the place, would Ubud be the place to be? Can you walk around or do you need a car to get places?

I like snorkeling but it's not a necessity--staying somewhere by the water for a few days would be nice, but interested in tranquil beauty and cultural sights.

I presume it's pretty easy to hire drivers when you need them, or would be have to hire someone for the duration of our trip?
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I don't know about you, but I need air-conditioning in Bali any time of the year.

I'd say that for your purposes, staying either in (or IMO, near) Ubud would make the most sense. You could opt for a few days at a beach location. Most of the hotels outside of town have a shuttle into town. Walking around town works, but many places you'll want to see on Bali are at some distance, so you would need a driver. It is easy to hire a driver as needed. For my purposes, I've typically hired a driver every second day so I make sure I take time to relax and enjoy and not spend all of my time going from place to place.
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We seldom ever use air con during the day, but like to sleep with it going. With fans and cross ventilation it's cool enough at night, but the mosquitos -- even with a net -- can be bothersome.

Either the town of Ubud or the surrounding countryside is a good base for day trips. You can walk around the town of Ubud, though it's somewhat hot and trafficky. Outside of Ubud you can take walks through the rice paddies and forests, from village to village.

Aside from a small area around Kuta, most of the beaches in Bali are tranquil and scenic. Even the big wave beaches are beautiful and mesmerizing. I can, and do, sit under an umbrella on Petitenget beach for hours. Generally, the areas that offer snorkling are not the same as the ones with pretty beaches.

Yes, you can hire a car & driver by the day or hour. Your resort will arrange this for you, or you can find dozens of willing souls on the street in Ubud. "Transport, transport. . ."
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I love Seminyak...been to Bali three times and have stayed there everytime.

I've also been to Ubud to and did a wonderful bicycle tour through the rice paddys. We stayed at the Maya resort in Ubud which is prob beyond their budget.

I've been to all these restaurants / bars / cafes below and recommend them in either Seminyak & Petitenget area.

· Sarong bar and restaurant – book a table at the Outdoor Lounge: (only been here for cocktails but supposed to nice for dinner)

· Drinks at The Living Room (yes, had drinks here too - it was ok)
· Café Bali Seminyak, all day (Nice cafe, as good ambience for lunch or dinner - but prefer Sea Circus for food quality)

· High tea at Biku Bali (Choose the asian high tea option - was yummy) they also had a fun childrens high tea option

· Lunch/coffee/shop: Café Zucchini Seminyak (Yummy ready-made salads, sandwiches, fresh juices & great coffee here)

· Dinner/lunch/shop – Metis Bali: (This one is a definite! Book as can get busy..overlooks rice paddys in Seminyak & great cocktails. Save this for special last meal in Bali as a little pricey.

Make sure you add Sea Circus (lunch fav), as well as Cornerstore (also known as Tuckshop) to the mix for lunch & great coffees

Also if you feel like good Italian - La Lucciola is good too.

Potato Head Beach Club - great for watching the sunset on the day beds, swimming pool, bar food, asian fusion restaurant onsite
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A meal at The Oberoi Bali in Seminyak is a must for all lovers of gourmet food. Foie gras with dark chocolate followed by slow-braised Wagyu cheek....need I say more?
And for casual chic, Wah-Wah Burgers....Wagyu beef topped with gourmet toppings.
For Balinese cuisine you couldnt go wrong at "Made's Warung 2"....reasonably priced and delicious.
As for cars and drivers, contact Bali Discovery Tours, run by an American called Jack Daniels (!) who offer a reliable, professional, English-speaking service.
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