Phuket or Samui with family for Xmas

Sep 7th, 2005, 07:13 PM
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Phuket or Samui with family for Xmas

We would love some advice: We hope to take our children and their active (golfer) grandparents to either Phuket or Samui over the Christmas Holiday...I know it is the most expensive time of year, so we need to find a bargain as we would like to spend 300 (maybe 400) or less/night for all 6 of us (4 adults, 2 kids under 10 years of age).

For those of you who know the area: would we be better off renting a private Villa? It seems like most hotels/resorts will be too pricey for all of us at that time of year. We could go as early as December 14, but would like to spend at least 7 days and be on or quite near a beach and pool.

What do you think???!!! Thanks in advance!
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Sep 7th, 2005, 07:33 PM
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the problem i might see at this late time is availability....sorry for the bad news....maybe jamesA will come forward with a good suggestion for you...
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Sep 7th, 2005, 08:42 PM
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Weather-wise you are a bit better off in Phuket, as Samui will be at the tail end of the winter monsoon, see and Phuket has great weather then.

Christmas is high season, but if you can really go before the actual Christmas week, you may get a price break (maybe you have not found that to be the case, seems like you have already checked prices). Private houses may be cheaper, don't have any leads for you there. Have you tried the Phuket Marriott, as they are the closest to the Blue Canyon golf course (best on the island, IMO, although I am quite the duffer). They also have time share units which are two bedrooms with a kitchen, good for a family. Some of the time share units are on the ground floor and have a small garden with direct access to the grounds which is also a nice feature. Lovely hotel with several restaurants and pools, good spa, tennis, and kids club, you can use the facilities at the hotel if you stay in the timeshare. You may be able to rent the timeshares from private owners through Interval International, or you can go through the hotel itself. The hotel also has very nice guestrooms, and their regular guestrooms have a good size indoor lanai area at the window with two futons which could take two children.

I see from your other posts that you have made the move to Hong Kong, just want to remind you that the weather in Hong Kong is excellent at Christmas, so don't rule on staying around Hong Kong, and including a few days in Macau for golf at the Westin.
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Sep 7th, 2005, 11:54 PM
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Hello Cicerone,
You make some excellent points; and you're right, I did check around and hotel prices more than double after December 21st. Is Phuket back to pre-Tsunami status as far as hotels being fully booked?

And you're right again-we did move to Hong Kong. We spent Christmas here last year and it was the best weather of the year-at least until it got cold right after Xmas!

I had no idea that Samui's weather could be that different from Phuket's! I will check into that. The problem is we could find something nice for the four of us within our budget, but adding the grandparents makes it more challenging that time of year.

My father is also a serious golfer; he must golf at least once a week!

Thanks for your help!

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Sep 8th, 2005, 12:08 AM
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If you go down the posts to the one 'Hotel in Phuket' you will see lots of ideas as we went thru similar yesterday for ideas for 'affordable' places in the peak season on Phuket.
Rates are high, very high, but I have suggested some quite good places that seem to be retaining 'reasonable rates', you can pretty much forget the villa rental idea on Phuket as little availability of such properties and when available hugely expensive.
Blue canyon fior Golf, but Phuket does not have lots of courses mainly due to high land costs.
Places I suggested within your price included Karon Sea Sand resort, Old Phuket Hotel ( not old ), others would be Front Village, Karon Whale and Worabura, these are all Karon beach.
In Patong places like Duangjitt and Coconut Village might do, the BW premier Resort at Bang Tao .

When you say over Christmas if you mean between say 22nd and 4 th then rates are absolute highest at that time, also be ready for hefy Christmas Eve and New year's Eve 'compulsory' dinner/party.

I will move that post 'up', look out for 'Hotels in Phuket' as the title and lots of links. There 'are' some apartment type places and some other places I will add later as ideas. has lists of lots of places but as many accommodations would be too costly or not good locations etc I would try for some of those that we know are reasonabley priced.

Weatherwise Phuket better than Samui.

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Sep 8th, 2005, 12:14 AM
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Thanks JamesA,
I will read your posting again, which I had actually seen. Our original plan had been to go to Australia, but we mistakenly thought Phuket would be less expensive-now I am wondering! I had no idea prices went up sometimes 500% at Xmas. We could go before Dec. 21, but not too much before-and we still have to get back!
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Sep 8th, 2005, 12:28 AM
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There appears to be somewhat of a trend, the high end hotels and resorts seem to be very high priced however a lot of the middle range places seem to be retaining quite reasonable prices.

Here are some other 'value for money' places.

If you are happy with bungalow style, about 7 minutes walk down to the beacgh, low rise garden style the Kata garden resort is, incluidng their Christmas supplement USD 50 a night twin a/c bungalow including breakfast/tax/service. Christmas Eve and New year's Eve compulsory dinner/party USD 50 per adult, USD 25 per child.
This place is near Dinos which the kids will like, short walk down the hill to the beach at Karon, it is actually on the ridge between Kata and Karon with shops, restaurants etc very close.

Another bargain, about 5 minutes walk to beach in the lagoon area of Karon beach is the Best Western Ocean resort, USD 70-80 including tax/service/breakfast over Christmas !! Bargain, these are not on the beach as actual beachfront are pricey and not that many of them at reasonable price.

A 2 bedroom suite is about USD 220 at central Suites in Karon, this is high rise, I personaly think you would enjoy relaxing places like Kata Garden, Sea sand etc

That will keep you going, I looked at the Best Western premier at bangtao which is about USD 120 a night but they want a 10 day minimum stay!!
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Sep 8th, 2005, 12:51 AM
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Rates move from around 19-21 december, but as you can see from those rates it really seems like mid-range places are still reasonable but top 4/5 star seem to have gone 'sky high'.

I think Dragonair will be having their direct HKG to Phuket flights again then so you need to check fares, of course there is Bangkok Airways direct from HKG to Samui, although you can get rain in Samui December you can also get sunshine, but if you are happy with places like kata garden/ Sea sand resort / Old Phuket / BW Ocean resort then yes, quite ok to do within your price range!

There are of course alternatives, you could get a cheap flight to Bangkok ( highly competative as you no doubt know ) and then a mini-van down to Hua Hin, the Wora Bura Spa Resort 2 bedroom Villa , and that can probably take all 6 of you about USD 300 a night ( and about 8 championship Golf courses in the area ! ), beaches are not nearly as great but you have the golf, elephant rides, national park, snorking trip is a bout 2 hours away to a small offshore island etc, that would really be a bargain, a mini van from bangkok would be about USD 55 each way, overall you would save a huge amount. It is opening this month, the location is quite good and it is absolute beachfront, the beaches are not ads nice as Phuket or Samui but it is a lot easier to get 'absolute beachfront' resorts as no beach road.

The Hilton Resort Hua Hin ( high rise personaly I don't like for being high rise ) but until 19 dec a twin with breakfast etc is just USD 136 a night !! Although a huge high rise seafront, you are getting Hilton level rooms/quality etc, it backs on the town center for restaurants etc.

On Koh Samui if you chose the top price beachfront bungalow at say the Peace resort goes for about USD 95 per twin at that time of year,

That will keep you busy!
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Sep 8th, 2005, 01:26 AM
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You might find this guide sheet on Thai Food for children useful, I thinks is aimed at very young children but should be a good start.
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Sep 8th, 2005, 01:27 AM
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Thank you again for all that information JamesA; it's extremely helpful. I had forgotten about Dragonair-that would be great if they offered direct flights from HK. I am going to look into a shorter stay before Xmas so as to benefit from the slightly lower rates at that time. I think I would prefer a nicer resort for a shorter time, but it can really depend on so many factors.

Thanks again...I have a lot to research!
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Sep 8th, 2005, 07:56 AM
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FYI, Thai Airlines also has a non-stop Hong Kong>Phuket flight.

Also, if you are thinking Australia remember that Xmas is the wet season especially along the Queensland coast.
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