Marriot time-share in Phuket. Thoughts?

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Marriot time-share in Phuket. Thoughts?

First off, I want to say that everyone on this website is AMAZING! This has been an invaluable resource in planning my honeymoon to Thailand this July... I hope to return the favor some day!!!

Now my new quesiton: in responding to my previous post, someone said that the Marriot in Phuket was great. This is, in fact, the time share we are using -given to us as a gift. We wanted to use it ('cause DUH, it's FREE!), but in retrospect, have heard things about it being isolated an inconvenient to the best beaches in Phuket.

If anyone has been there, please tell me more about it and share any suggestions you have as far as stuff to do. We are fairly active, but since this is the 'beach portion' of our honeymoon, we are mainly looking for good beaches or places to spend the day outdoors. Do you suggest renting a car to get around? Are the boat trips to other islands worth it? Which islands (accessible from Phuket) are your favorites?

Thanks for all of your help!

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The Marriott is indeed great. I'll preface this by saying we haven't been yet..going in August..but being the research queen that I am, I think I can share what I've leanred about the place and my pre-stay feelings about it.

It is on a beach which is actually a preserve for sea turtles. Because of this, there are no beach chairs or sellers on the beach, nor are there motorized water sports. As at other beaches in Phuket, there are times of year when swimming is dangerous due to ocean currents and conditions. No problem, as the Marriott pools are stunning.

It is a quite family oriented place, but it is also good for couples too. There is one pool which does not allow children. There are activities galore if you want, a Mandara Spa, quiet beach.

It is in a quiet area...45 minutes drive from Patong or Phuket Town. For our situation (me an 9 year old daughter will stay there in August) and our taste (strongly dislike typical tourist towns at Thai beach destinations...find them rather tacky, sometimes sleazy, and crowded with both tourists and vendors selling every imaginable kind of copy goods.

If you want nightlife, lots of shops and restaurants to choose from, then the Marriott is the wrong place. If being away from all that is OK for you, you'll love it. might be very good information for you, if you haven't already seen that site.
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John Gray Sea Canoe Hongs by Starlight is very worth it. Speed boat trips to Phi Phi etc, not so much imo.
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i have been there, but stayed at the hotel, but did visit the time share....the time share surrounds the hotel on two sides....there is a new section (2006) and an older section, maybe (2003)...

the place is fabulous really, but yes it is totally issolated....they do have a shuttle into town and that might not be too busy in july as it is low season, which is good for you...

my solution would be to rent a car for perhaps 1/2 or 3/4 of your time....getting to pattong for instance takes over 1/2 hour, maybe 45 minutes....that is where the action is...

i was there in june, 2005 and there was nothing that you could really walk to from the hotel....i think now there may be a restaurant or two...

the food at the hotel is very good but a bit expensive....but this is your honeymoon....

i think in the summer you could get a very good rate for the hotel so i would just stay there the whole time or add that time to a stay in bkk....stay at the peninsula in bkk for a real treat for about the same $$ as at phuket and experience one of the trully great world class hotels...voted #1 often in recent years for asia....

the beach is decent near marriott but the surf is very strong...during our stay i only saw one person swim in it....the sand was the best i have seen in thailand is also a turtle refuge....

the pools are fantastic and there are many of them and lagoons as well...

i think that free week might be worth $2000 btw....

the time shares are large and very well appointed with quality furniture and bedding....tons of room....YOU WILL LOVE IT...

best plan a week in phuket with a car and then 3 days in bkk at the penn, 4 seasons, oriental, shangri-la, sheraton grande or some less expensive place....i personally love the marriott resort and spa....i prefer river locations which most of the above are located on....
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sorry, i mixed your time fram up with another posting about 3 extra days...
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I think the Marriott time share is a great place, eps for couples as you will find that the pools dedicated to them are much less frequented by kids. (I think one may actually be for adults-only). The hotel is also very close to the Blue Canyon golf course, which is the best golf course on the island. If you want real quiet, I would ask for a top floor room; the ground floor rooms have small gardens, and tend to be used by families.

IMO the very best beaches in the area are not even ON Phuket, they are the off-shore deserted islands and the national park areas (and places like James Bond Island), so you have to take boats out for the day anyway and it does not matter where you are on Phuket. I donít think any of the beaches on Phuket are so pretty that I would drive to any of them for the day, actually; and if you do you have the hawker issue when you get there....I would stick with the pools and the beach at the Marriott. I actually might say to save your car rental money and use it toward private day boat hires, these are a much better way to see the area at your own pace and go where you want than those day boats. You can snorkel, bring a picnic lunch, itís really relaxing. Try the one below, which I have used and I know others on this site have used as well. They operate out marina which is not too far from the hotel. Itís not cheap, but hey, you arenít paying for the hotel.... they also have small group tours, which I have not done, but which may be a better alternative to the really big boat tours. I have heard that the John Gray tour is good however, if you want to kayak.

Phuket Leisure Co Ltd
Phuket Boat Lagoon
Thepkrasattri Road Koh Kaew
Muang, Phuket
Fax: 66-76-239-559
e-mail: [email protected]

You can take taxis or the hotel has a car service if you want to go out for dinner, or to go around to see the island for a day.
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I have also heard Limestone Adventures is good. If you wanted to do a speedboat to other islands/beaches, I would do it on your own as a private charter, or with some other couple you meet and enjoy...but I would not do a join in tour. John Gray is the only join in to consider...when you are kayaking, it's you and your guide in the kayak only.
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You will love the Marriott timeshares at the Phuket Resort and Spa. We have stayed there 3 times, and, for two weeks during January this year. You'll have lots of space, they are serviced each day and all have either roomy baconies with table and chairs or lovely private patio gardens.
Yes the area is isolated, however, everything you need is there.

It is set on a fantastic beach (though I've heard that the seas can be a bit rough in July) the pools are beyond wonderful and our favorite is adults only and really peacful and romantic too as ideally for honeymooners they even have double sunbeds. You will be treated royally and pool attendants will supply you with iced towels, ice water, spray bottles, and fresh fruits or frozen confections (all free) Also, your timeshare will supply you with 4 very large sized bottles of drinking water daily.
There are lots of places to eat on site some quite reasonable and others a bit on the pricey side.
I would recommend renting a car for a couple of days and exploring some of the other towns nearby. Highly recommend a trip to Laguna Beach to Lotus restaurant for dinner at sunset. Fabulous Thai food, innexpensive and romantic. Also stop by the local market at NyYang Beach. We always pick up oodles of fresh orchids etc there and put them in every room in our place.
If you don't fancy renting a car, you can hire a car and driver for the day, or, the evening and they will take you and wait for you while you eat or shop or whatever. If your accomodations are free, you can splurge a bit on other things right!
On site also is a fab spa, and they do offer couples treatments which I'm told are very wonderful.
You will thoroughly enjoy it and it will be a great venue to begin your years of married life.
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