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I knew that one would be hard for lots of people, HT. Three out of four isn't bad.
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Any lecture from Kathie is an opportunity to learn (at least in my book). Thanx for all the tips. I'll definitely lay low on Wed and possibly Thurs morn (chance to sleep in a little) and begin touring a bit Thurs noon or so. Then like said earlier, hopefully go full guns on Friday. I am actually really looking forward to seeing my reaction both from US-->BKK and then again from BKK-->US. It will really give me something to guage future trips regarding this jetlag issue.
Now only if I've booked the right hotels, I can rest easy. Of course I won't get to find out until Jan07. Oh the waiting is the hardest part.
Warmest Regards to All
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I fly the late night CX LAX to HG regularly and I have a routine that really seems to eliminate jet lag on the outbound.

As soon as I reach LAX I reset my watch and my mind to HKG time. Once we depart LAX, most people go to sleep shortly after the meal service (seems to make sense as it's after midnight LAX time).

Instead of going to sleep then, I stay awake. Afterall midnight LAX is 3 pm HKG and you don't go to bed at 3PM.

I don't go to sleep til 5-6 hours into the flight. That way I am sleeping in sync with HKG time. When I wake up we have breakfast and the sun is coming into view. When I arrive HKG I am awake and I head out just as I would any normal morning.

I try to be sure I have sunlight exposure as soon as possible for at least half an hour.

I proceed thru my day as I would any other (no nap, I don't do naps at home).

In flight I make sure I drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

On the return to the US I use the same concepts - immediately reset my watch and mind to "home" time and do what I would do (sleep, stay awake, etc) based on home time.

Although the LAX to HKG routine seems to work very well, the return to LAX sometimes left me jetlagged a bit. About 5 years ago I tried No Jet Lag for the return flight and haven't suffered sense. I have no idea why it works for me, but it does and thats all that really matters.

Good luck and safe travels!
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Have taken everyone's advice and am giving myself a little extra time to relax. We get in Wed late morn, will lay low Wed, & sleep in a little on Thurs. We are then scheduling with Tong for 1 & 1/2 days of touring Bangkok proper for the balance of our stay there before flying off to Chiang Mai. Thank you all for jetlag recommendations. I just hope that I don't attempt to try to many that I screw myself up even worse.
Again thanx to all in this wonderful community who always endeavour to help.
Warmest Regards
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Not to beat this to death, but I have the same jet lag issues flying to Europe that I do flying home from Asia. I do follow all the advice in Kathie's excellent post, including the painful item #4. My voice quivers every time I answer "No, thanks" to the question "Wine with your dinner?" I've tried melatonin and various combinations to try to synch up my body with arrival time, but never been able to escape jet lag. But, going to Asia, I am basically waking up at 5:30/6:00 am just like normal, and everything works from there. On my last trip to BKK a couple months ago, I was in Chatuchak working through my shopping list two hours after landing.

To cjbryant--What is No Jet Lag? I'll try anything to help with eastbound travel!
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As a side note, I noticed we were very lucky with a complete lack of jetlag on both the outbound and homebound legs of the Thai nonstop from NYC. I am not sure if it was the times that the flight left, or the fact that it flies over the pole. But we were in econ the whole way and had no problems, even going to work the day after I got home.
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I think getting yourself prepared for a long flight is half the issue.
Get packed days and days before, have everything organised, cut down on heavy/fatty foods days ahead.
Avoid alcohol. Take some good novels/books with you, crosswords whatever, and most important don't try and 'think about it too much', I think the more you try and 'think about it' the more effect it has.
When you arrive common sense things, relax in the tub, keep food intake low and healthy non fatty foods, relax, calm down, take a spa ( some of the better hotels actualy have special spa treatments ! )
Give your body ( and mind ) time to adjust and relax.
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I suggest you plan on self-guided full day sightseeing for both Thursday and Friday in Bangkok. You can always subtract from a full itinerary. You could plan on spending the day at the pool assuming that you will be wiped out. But if you then find that you have the desire and energy to get going then you won't have a plan. I would also make a plan for going out on Wednesday afternoon, maybe to Wat Arun, or just ride a river boat. You'll be able to relax when you get to the beach.
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Thanx again all. Had hoped on Wed once arriving at hotel to spend a bit of time @ the hotel, then head over to the river just to walk around a bit & get some suppper. That sounds about as ambitious as I think I'll be able to get. Have a couple of drinks after supper and then turn in early. Thurs morn - sleep in a little and then will have schedule a 1/2 day tour w/Tong for the afternoon. Then will go full throttle (love that word) touring with Tong all day Friday!
As usual - Thanx for everyone's advice and opinion. It is always wonderful to get the perspective of those who have gone before. I just hope the Plaza Athenee's pool is as lovely as it looks in photos.
Warmest of Regards
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