Is Jakarta safe?

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Is Jakarta safe?

Is it safe for Americans to travel to Jakarta? I heard the population there is not especially fond of the U.S.
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Is any place in the world safe? Safety is in the eye of the beholder.

Jakarta is a big city with all the big city problems. As everywhere, you should be alert to your surroundings. Yes, there are extremists in Jakarta, as there are in all large cities world-wide. There have in the past been bombings in Jakarta.

In my travels in Indonesia, I have not found Indonesians to be hostile, but have found them welcoming. After the recent election, I expect they will have more positive views of the US. After all, Obama spent some of his childhood years in Indonesia.

Is Jakarta the only place you are interested in visiting in Indonesia? If you are interested in travel to Indonesia, explore some of the interesting destinations there, central Java, Bali, Lombok, etc. Jakarta isn't particularly a tourist destiniation.
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When in Jakarta in October I did not feel at all unsafe, but why go to Jakarta unless it's a jumping off point for another part of Indonesia. I agree with Kathie, if you are on Java, go to central Java to see Borobudur, especially,and the countryside around there. There are not very many things to see in Jakartqa itself.
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jal, I'm an American who has lived in Jakarta for 15 years. Indonesians have always treated me with utmost respect and hospitality. Unless you aggressively seek conflict you will not sense ANY anti-Americanism, especially if you want to talk about Indonesia's favorite-son Barry Obama.

Considering the size and income level of Jakarta, it is remarkably crime free. Compared to large American cities, the incidence of violent crime is very low. Of course, robberies can occur so you want to use common sense. The most prevalent crime victims are intoxicated Westerns wandering alone in dodgy areas in the wee hours.

We advise visitors not to hail taxis on the street. If you need transport, ask your hotel to arrange a car or call a recommended service like Silverbird.

The next few months are the election campaign period and there will be lots of demonstrations and rallies. These can be lively, but are usually peaceful. Avoid crowds.

Traffic everywhere all the time can be dreadful. Be prepared to be delayed.

The risk of being affected -- or Godforbid harmed -- by a terrorist incident is very, very low. The US State Department no longer warns Americans about travel to Indonesia.
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Thank you all. I appreciate your remarks. I have traveled to many places deemed "unsafe" especially throughout Latin America, so I'm used to all the usual precautions regarding crime. I just wasn't sure of the level of Anti-American sentiment in Indonesia. I'm going on business for only 2 days but I may work to change the venue to another more fun city. I'm also getting bad vibes from Garuda the airline that serves Indonesia. They sem very amateurish and disorganized (and I felt like I was making a reservation with someone on a cell phone). I just hope their pilots aren't.
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I wouldn’t recommend Jakarta for tourism but for business it’s good! The facilities are more sophisticated than you would expect. The hotels are excellent – some of the best in Asia – and there are several good restaurants, both Asian and Western. Shopping is great. The traffic is the major downside.

The people are quiet and reserved but warm and helpful. You’ll be well treated. People here really love American culture and will ask you a lot of questions about American Idol and President Obama.

Travel within Indonesia is restricted to Indonesian carriers. Garuda is the “best of the worst” but is generally reliable. Millions of people use it every day. If you are arriving from outside Indonesia, then you’ll have many choices. All of the Asian airlines fly into Jakarta. I’d recommend Singapore or Cathay.

I hope you’ll have a chance to see some more of Indonesia while you’re here. Jakarta is a good place to conduct business but isn’t the country’s best face.
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Chances are they could not tell an American from an Australian.

Of the numerous times I was there, I had one little incident on block M. A guy on a motor bike tried to jerk my handbag off my shoulder. It sound frightening but it was not because he was gentle and careful. When i turned around to look at him, he looked embarrassed and let go immediately.

re:Garuda. Yes, they are amateurish. One time I saw a roach on the wall where my head was resting, I told the air hostess and she laughed.

i used to fly Jal to Bali but they stopped several years ago. That left Air Asia which I have not tried but people on this forum like it. if you do try please report.
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>>>I’d recommend Singapore or Cathay.
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