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  • Last trip
    Asia <-> N. America, for work / family / homes / brief holidays, primarily via SQ - and a few others (2016)
  • Next trip
    Asia <-> N. America, for work / family / homes / brief holidays, primarily via SQ - and most likely, a few others (2017)
  • Favorite destinations
    Nepal & Tibet (mountaineering expeditions); Africa, Alaska, Andes (climbing); Bali, Burma, New Zealand, Thailand, interior Antarctica, Patagonia, Bhutan
  • Destination wishlist
    Most any place involving mrs. m, family, friends and Singapore Airlines (and finally experienced interior Antarctica, '15/'16 & '16/'17)
  • Best travel tip
    Before meeting mrs. m Asia business trips: Fly with those sensational Singapore Girls, consider Thailand (and vaguely recall booking 'double rooms') .. After meeting mrs. m Asia business trips: Fly with those sensational Singapore Girls, consider Singapore, gently lure (and occasionally tease) Fodorites over to singaporeair dot com; patience, a bit of humour .. (And work/flight schedules permitting, the occasional and most proper 'double rooms')
  • Favorite hotel
    SQ R/F/J at 36,000 feet; Explora, Patagonia; Amankora, Bhutan; Amanpuri, Thailand; The Siam, Bangkok; Amanemu, Japan; Aman, Tokyo
  • Favorite restaurant
    'Book the Cook' at 36,000 feet; and our Singapore residence (thanks to our wondrous housekeeper / cook)
  • Never travels without
    Passport ... a little charm from mrs. m ... (and my lawyer's emergency number)
  • All-time best travel moment
    Before meeting mrs. m: classified. After meeting mrs. m: classified. (Will also add various mountaineering moments in Nepal, Tibet, Alaska, Canada, S. America, and the Continent; and, sunrises atop Kilimanjaro, Fuji-san, Mauna Loa - and good old Ben Nevis.)
  • Interests and hobbies
    Pre-mrs. m: aviation & hotels (work/pleasure); women; high-altitude mountaineering. Now, aviation & hotels (work/pleasure); lower-altitude exertions; mrs. m's lifestyle, partially supporting mrs. m's lifestyle and the cherished long-term goal of gently massaging mrs. m's lifestyle.
  • Quote
    ... In this ever changing world, Singapore Girl, you're A Great Way To Fly ...
  • Website
    singaporeair (naturally), changiairport (more work) & (classified)
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